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Ukrainian Forces Continue to Bombard the Frontline Civilian Settlements.

Summary of military events in the NewRussia 
Ukrainian Forces Continue to Bombard the Frontline Civilian Settlements 
April 23 the situation on the fronts of New Russia has not changed significantly. The situation is generally stable tension. "Hot spots" have not changed - it Sands Bahmutka, Shirokino. Also combat activity was observed under happiness.
Ukrainian security forces continue to bombard the frontline settlements. Most goes to the northern and western regions of Donetsk and Gorlovka, although other cities and villages periodically receives reports of shootings, mostly mortar. It should be noted that in its systematic attacks are rather disturbing character to support the degree of tension and yet do not cause significant damage to civilian objects and people.

Military developments in DNI

Night of 22 to April 23 in Donetsk passed relatively quietly. As of 8:30 in the city was quiet, no fighting took place. After 9 am in Donetsk there is increased activity of movement fighters Army DNR and military equipment. According to the residents, for the passage of civilian traffic were blocked Illicha and some streets in the Kalinin district. According to the official version, the city went planned exercises to combat skills in urban areas.
At 23:25 on April 23 on the south side of Donetsk in the neighborhood Trudovskoy reserves (Petrovsky district), in the direction of the settlement Marinka was shooting battle with artillery.
Around 9:40 in the vicinity of the airport in Donetsk could hear the sounds of battle. During the day from the airport periodically sounds of heavy artillery work. Shooting at the air harbor area was conducted with Avdeyevka direction.
During the day in the sand periodically arose mutual mortar duels between Ukrainian militia and security forces. Evening of April 23, about 21:30 in the village began meeting engagement.
On the morning of April 23 large colonies of Ukrainian art passed through the Konstantinovka in a southerly direction.
From 9 am on April 23 in the village of Spartacus struck up a fight. Details were reported.
In Avdeyevka at 9:10 on April 23 was heard powerful cannonade. The direction from which the sounds were not reported.
April 23 from 17:00 resumed shelling Gorlovki. Ukrainian security forces fired on the south-western, western and northern outskirts of the city. Continually attacks until late evening. About the destruction and damage information is not available.
Residents Slavianska reported that in the area of ​​the Valley of Naked placed Ukrainian MLRS "Grad" and mining fields on the outskirts of the Slavic.
Around 10:00 on the stretch-Elenovka Yuzhnodonbasskaya Donetsk Railway Ukrainian security forces of grenade was fired locomotive. Dead and injured is not. In Donetsk railway locomotive called the shelling a terrorist act, as the locomotive was not militia.
As reported by the Ukrainian side, near the settlement Gnutova around 19:00 there was a fight. Details were reported.
Shirokino, Gnutova
In the area of ​​local Shirokino continued fighting with the use of mortars, small arms, grenade launchers. The intensity of the fighting - high, but no significant changes of the front.
Ukrainian side stated that on April 23 around 18:00 to them were allegedly captured militia fighters who were traveling in three vehicles for exploration to Mariupol, but only up to the settlement reached Birch. Ukrainian representatives argue that as a result of the detention militia fighter was killed, one wounded and six captured. The Defense Ministry DNI this message has not yet commented.

Military developments in LC

As reported in the militia, in the night of 22 to April 23 between units of the People's Militia LC and Ukrainian army took place near the meeting engagement Happiness. The battle lasted for 4 hours. No other details were reported.
On the track Bahmutka continuing attacks. As of 12:50 Ukrainian military fired mortars and tank shells militia positions near the village of Donetsk, roadblocks №31 and 29 and grooves.

According to the People's Militia LC, Ukrainian security forces fired on April 23 car with civilians in the village at the entrance of Lugano. The shelling has made a hundred meters from the checkpoint. According to preliminary data, the car hit a mortar shell fired by the Ukrainian position. The incident resulted in no injuries.
Around 21:00 Lysychansk gunfire was heard from large-caliber weapons. According to locals, the Ukrainian security forces attempted to shoot down UAV militia, the results are not known.


In the settlement Hog in Kharkiv region on April 23 were seen 2 railway trains with personnel APU.
Security Service of Ukraine on April 23 announced the arrest of six people who allegedly relate to "a stronghold" and "Kharkov guerrillas." SBU incriminated detainees suspected of terrorism and sabotage. Photos and videos of detainees SBU has not yet provided.
Verkhovna Rada considered the bill on April 23 military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine foreigners and stateless persons. In turn, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko signed a law on strengthening accountability for war crimes. The Criminal Code is supplemented by an article which defines the responsibility for the abuse of power by military official parties.
The number of ad hoc monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine has now reached 700 people. Of these, 429 are observers, but by the middle of May, is expected to increase their number to 500 people.
April 23 daily briefing, the Acting Head of the press service of the State Department Marie Harf said that the United States was able to identify the Russian troops in Ukraine, but can not bring accurate data on their numbers and the method of obtaining such data. "Russian troops well camouflaged so that they do not know. There are many ways to do this, but we still were able to identify, "- said Harf.
April 23 Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered in the Donbass 25 th in a row convoy. The composition of the cargo included food and medicines. In addition, on the day of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany Russia gumkonvoy delivered 40 tons of gifts for World War II veterans. Also delivered 60 tons of textbooks for schools and universities of the People's Republic. In total, the convoy brought 1.4 million tons of cargo.
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