Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Statement puts Poroshenko in a Rather Embarrassing Position" says Ukrainian News Agency

Kharkiv - New Russia
"Statement puts Poroshenko in a Rather Embarrassing Position" says Ukrainian News Agency

The sad thing is that in the first row sitting scientists, men of venerable age who received education and studied history in Soviet times. And ingratiating clap historical opus huckster - President!
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________________________________ Speaking to students at the Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named after Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian President Poroshenko decided to show off his knowledge of history and once again demonstrate the superiority of the Ukrainian nation to other nations, according to news agency "Kharkov" . 

"This statement put Poroshenko themselves in a rather embarrassing position, because Moscow was founded in 1147. In the second half of the XIII century Moscow became the center independent principality, and in the beginning of XIV century was moved to Moscow residence of the metropolitans that made ​​the city a religious center. 

Therefore, it remains a mystery how way in the city, which was founded in 1147, and by the beginning of the XV century became a major trade and craft center in 1700 was only a swamp, "- says the agency. 

Journalists also point out that by the time Chernihiv, by the way, was a member of Russian state. "All this proves once again that Poroshenko problems not only with history, but with math," - says Ukrainian news agency. 

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk intimidated journalists stating that Russia "rewrites history, as the USSR invaded the Ukraine and Germany. "

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