Thursday, April 30, 2015

Repeated errors, At the militia HQ appeared documents of the Ukrainian sides Plans

Repeated errors, At the militia HQ appeared documents of the Ukrainian sides Plans

Author: The Voice of Sevastopol 

In the order of the army DNR received documents showing the repetition of the January scenario. Can someone and learns from his mistakes, but the junta. Ukrainian are not looking for easy ways ...

So, at a press briefing on April 30 the deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNI Edward Basurin said that the activity of Ukrainian security officials near the contact line of the script follows the escalation of the conflict in January.

A similar scenario situation developed at the beginning of January this year, as evidenced captured by us in the ensuing fighting documenting The Staff of Ukrainian troops. These are the most versatile instruments, starting with those that determine the order of combat use of the Ukrainian armed forces and ending with the documents relating to the organization of daily activities of various divisions.

These are the cards of individual fire firepower, other documents, which, by the way, among other things marked by planned artillery strikes on residential areas and settlements scheme minefields on the objects of social infrastructure. Among the documents obtained by us also we have some very interesting work cards commanders of Ukrainian units of different levels, and now we analyze them carefully.

Intense fighting in the Donbas resumed January 17, 2015 and continued until February 15, when entered into force "ceasefire" provided Minsk set of measures to implement the peace agreements. The package of measures also includes the creation of a security zone in the Donbass, the beginning of benefit payments and pensions to residents DNI and LC and constitutional reforms in Ukraine in order to decentralize public administration.

Here the current government of Ukraine "forgot" about these commitments ...As Ukraine learned from their mistakes? They always procured for themselves a racketeering scheme from supporters.

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