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On the situation in the #Donbas... Briefly about the Importance of Colonel #Cassad

On the situation in the Donbas on April 25th. Briefly about the importance of Colonel Cassad
Аpril 25th, 2015

Today the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko announced that VSN return heavy equipment into position. "The militia forced to return heavy weapons to their former positions, to respond to attacks on Ukrainian insurgents" - he said in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine

"If we set aside our weapons and the other side will shoot at us, we have to meet. Is not it logical? Therefore, heavy weapons are returned to their old positions, "- said Zakharchenko.
According to him, Kiev has not fulfilled any item Minsk Agreement, and most importantly - do not establish direct contact with the local authorities.
In response to the introduction of the peacekeeping contingent in the Donbass Zakharchenko said that "foreign operations are unlikely to prevent the fighting." DNR leader added that forces proclaimed republic able to solve problems arising in the region on their own.

In general, the situation is exacerbated in the Donbas

1. Our military sources report that the junta is likely to cause 2 hits by several BTG. The main task - to capture the first stage at VSN large settlement. Attack on Spartacus was svoebrazny breakdown of the pen. Not to pull on such cases vacationers now sealed front, so as not to give the junta to achieve the initial stage of the offensive operational success.
A further increase in the intensity of the fighting is expected in the near future, the army in mid-April in a state of high alert.

2. Personnel. MO DNR still headed Cap by Kononov situation is in limbo. Bezler, Petrovsky and Kozitsin still in Russia. Most likely return Bezlera. The rest, including small opportunity to return is not yet available, however, the expected escalation of hostilities can change the situation.Intelligence DNI included in the staff of the Republican Guard. According to General Kondratova, stuffing about what supposedly Republican Guard should consist of 50% of Russian volunteers - it's fake. To date, more than 90% of staff are former citizens of Ukraine.
According to LC - the formation of teams there is slower than in the DNR. In Dremova now with supply more or less normally, at the Brain still supply problems due to continuing low-level conflict with carpentry. There are interesting information on the murder Bednova which until check - maybe Batman simply framed within the backstage 'interdepartmental struggle' and the application of military counterintelligence LC that Batman was the elimination of Stand for carpentry, not so fabulous option. In general, there certainly should be checked.

3. Regarding the document distributed by the junta with a complaint UCV DNR where supposedly said that militias from East squeeze humanitarian aid in the snow. As you know, I'm not a fan of Hodakovskogo and its activity, but in this case I can report that there obvious slander or misunderstanding - employees of power structures Snow said that the disappearance of humanitarian aid was the place to be, but not at East affairs. There's actually still ongoing investigation into the activities of the former commandant of Snow Godovantsa, for which the number of a few dozen machines and depressed assignment gumanitarki.Osobenno jarred episode when the commandant of the kits for the veterans gave his people together, accompanied by the greeting card. And these episodes missing.

4. As part of the ongoing fight against crime continues cleaning the army and security forces. Held it quite strongly, but so to speak kvdratno-cluster method on the one hand clean explicit bespredelschik, on the other hand strongly enough clean 'former', which climbed to power after it became clear that Ukraine will not be here and it is necessary to arrange life in the DNR. So now in the ranks of the security forces DNI, you can meet people who say a year ago called to fight separatism or fled to the occupied territory of the junta. How many of them actually reforged, and how much potential skins - this is a task for the MGB DNR. Regarding the same crime, doing business on the front-line units in the theft and illegal coal trade, bypassing government DNR.

Its already traditional stuffing made and Poroshenko

Today, he again told the press that the Ukrainian army is one of the most able-bodied and willing to "liberate" the invaders seized the land. But it added that the first attack will not work.

Poroshenko reiterates that Ukraine is steadily performs Minsk agreement, "so offensive Ukrainian first APU will not go" 

Asked whether the strengthening of the Ukrainian army to give hope for the liberation of Donbass in the near future, the President said: "I hope that in the Soon we will see the Ukrainian territory liberated "

Which in Russian means continued provocations on the part of the APU, the intensity of which will increase, based on the response to the BCH. as well in the near future we can expect the new wave ... and Kramatorskaya.

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