Wednesday, April 8, 2015

~Nazi Martial Law No. 2541~This is not a Russian Propaganda, These are " Poroshenko's Own Words . "

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poroschenkos Martial Law No. 2541. Censorship, labor service, warehouse ...

On the third April Poroshenko has his law no. 2541 brought about the conditions of martial law in the Verkhovna Rada, dominated by the rebels in Kiev. 
This unlawful, unconstitutional "parliament" of NATO's Ganden it is wave, including the stock for Russians.

The main measures 
  • Support the protection of important objects of the national economy. That "protection" here means control and instrumentation, it is clear from the context,
  • Introduction of compulsory labor service for non-disabled
  • Expropriation of private or municipal property for the needs of the state under martial law and commitment to the defense,
  • Prohibition of peaceful (!) Meetings , rallies, marches and demonstrations and other events
  • Grotesque to read this point calculated by rebels, Maidan- and Odessa-killers:banning political parties and social organizations , which is aimed at "eliminating the independence of Ukraine, the change of the constitutional order by force or against the sovereignty and territorial integrity State violate the security undermined propaganda for war, violence, incitement to ethnic, racial or religious hatred , attacks on human rights and fundamental freedoms, public health;
  • The comprehensive censorship that even domestic in prohibition and foreign broadcasters - like Russian or even "Euro news" manifested - and for even specially censorship Ministry was founded, is now called: regulation of the telecommunications company, printing, publishing, radio and television, theaters and other companies, organizations and institutions of culture and the media, but also the use of local radio stations, television centers and printers for military purposes and work among the troops and the population; prohibition of receiving certain stations and transmission of information via the network;
  • Curfew (Prohibition stay at a certain time of day on the streets and in other public places without special permits and certificates)
  • Restriction of entry and exit , the free movement of citizens, foreigners and stateless persons and vehicular traffic
  • Prohibition or restriction of residence or residence of citizens,
  • Search / inspection of the documents of citizens and their belongings, vehicles, baggage and cargo, and houses,
  • Special scheme for production and sale of certain drugs / narcotics
  • Seizure of firearms and ammunition by citizens and institutions / organizations, military equipment, explosives, radioactive and chemical substances and materials and poisons,
  • Prohibition of residence without the permission of the military or to change the secret service, if one is listed for the service in the military or intelligence,
  • Confiscation of private housing for accommodating members of the military, police, units, departments and agencies;
  • various supply and evacuation procedures and authorizations
  •  Dismissal of the head of companies / institutions because of "poor performance of duty"
  • additional measures to protect state secrets
  • Establishment of detention camps for citizens of countries "aggression against Ukraine" threaten or run.
Yes, you read that right, Oligarchen- and fascists friends! Since in the parlance of Kievan Russia rebels only "aggressor", this law of war aims literally from the internment of the Russian population of Ukraine. This is exactly what we had written on 14. 6. 2014 :
"War Minister Koval wants to set up concentration camps for the population of the Southeast, which he "filtration camps" lists. Authorized by anyone Hull Parliament of the coup leaders had appointed Colonel-General of the border troops, Michal Koval Defence. Regarding hisloyalty to the Nazi ideals he can make everyone else look pale. After Poroschenkos election he signed the plans of the junta. According to him, all young people in the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, including women who are trafficked into internment camps in different regions of Ukraine. This is not a Russian propaganda, these are his own words . "


The coup friends , fascism deniers and Maidan Strippenzieher of Nazi brok- black to Harms-green all the time by "European values ​​and democracy" in Ukraine and the Radical Mafiosi geschwafelt.

So they look concretely.


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