Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maidan, as dreams will only dig another hole!

News of Donbass

Maidan, as dreams will only dig another hole!

What a strange thing is happening with raging within Ukraine and those who are enraged with her, that is, with Maidan madness! All that stuff that they wanted and were willing to do for us, now never comes to them: 

1. They called him a poisonous Russian slop bucket, and they have chosen Poroshenko, and they immediately began to slop bucket themselves with him. 

2. They called us a padded jacket, and then it turned out that their soldiers are so poorly equipped that in the winter they have to wear those same quilted jackets, the sample 70s. 

3. They, for some totally inexplicable reason maliciously dreamed that Russia would collapse (why it was necessary?), And as a result of Donbass and the Crimea want to get away from them. 

4. They called our president gadili and shitting on him, and they themselves entrenched in government buggers. 

5. They rejoiced in the deaths of the Russian people in the Donbass, but they themselves have killed tens of thousands in the Donbas warriors. 

6. In 1996, Russia was forced to sign the infamous Hasavyurtovsky "peace." How, then, giggling from abominable pleasure Ukrainian russophobes! Well ... justice prevails! Now Geyropa calls on Ukraine to sign peace with the DNI and LC. 

7. Recently maydauny openly gloated over the fact that we burn wood in Khakassia, and how it ended for them? They fired Chernobyl! This is terrible even to think - the fire at Chernobyl! They kind of put it out, but would not it yet another and a clear sign that it is impossible to wish evil to someone, because evil back? 

Probably, if you dig in the memory, it is still possible to remember something, but what? Would have given reasons are not enough to think about? Maidan, curses come home to roost! By the way, since we are talking about the signs, it is worth mentioning that the entire modern history of Ukraine is full of them. Here we have to remember how Yushchenko at the inauguration of peace doves not fly - Well, in any did not want to fly. 

Like predicting that the world is the matter on this earth will not end because of bad rulers. During the laying of wreaths at the monument to the Unknown Soldier in Kiev, wreath, falling from the stand, Yanukovich hit on the head. The wind blew and a wreath on the head ... (And it's at the monument to the unknown soldier! Was not that a sign that Ukraine must preserve its own history? And what do we see now? 

Yatsenyuk says that Russia attacked Germany. Bandera was elevated to the rank of heroes. It's an insult to the fallen soldiers of the Second World War and live!). But when Yanukovych was at the porch of the Verkhovna Rada, is literally in front of his face themselves began to close the doors of parliament ... The situation was saved by two soldiers of the guard of honor - grossly violating the protocol, young men rushed forward, I pushed the door to the walls. The sign over! No, those people came to power there, all of them from the beginning, consistently betraying Russia, Ukraine led to disaster, ruin ... About Poroshenko, in general, a different story! Everyone saw how the soldier fell as he passed by him, and his own son in the church prayer service lost consciousness. 

No one remembers that the Ukrainian delegation at the Passover in Israel for the second year in a row fertile fire goes out, and it has to be light again. It seems that already forgotten in Ukraine Vasyl Chervoniy fascist - "great" fighter with the Moscow Patriarchate, the ex-mayor of the city of Rivne, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, which Yushchenko introduced to the title of Hero of Ukraine. The very Chervoniy Basil, who did not want to let the Patriarch Kirill to Ukraine, and to this end gather signatures for a petition to ban the entry into its territory of the Patriarch. 

Basil Chervoniy who robbed the church, beat priests and flock together with their soldiers with iron bars, all of a sudden , no reason, no reason at all killed by lightning. Is not that a sign to stop and stop maydaunam bear malice? Well, such a "trifle" as vipers bite warriors battalion "Azov". These "great" soldiers coped brilliantly with the murder of civilians, but they were attacked by a viper.

Not one or two or three people bite, and almost the entire battalion. maydauny citizens, lovers of the vertical jumps, you still think this is a coincidence? You still do not understand that God himself against you? Stop malicious and kill! This will his country will never recover. This will only invoke vengeance on his head and on his unhappy country. 

Marina Lalin

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