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Why so much hate? | Putin Dared to Oppose the United States Hegemony...

Why so much hate? | Putin Dared to Oppose the United States Hegemony...
by Robert GIL
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reading and listening to all the media and politicians, Putin should be a monster, he does not respect basic civil liberties, practices political assassinations, despises the golden rules of a liberal economy that is supposed to serve as a framework for international relations, etc. In short, it's as if Putin did not replace Stalin in the representation of stereotypes conveyed by the Western media. Melody, the political and media complicity in this symbiotic relationship of manipulation of information, serving the economic interests of their sponsors.

In fact, the rage of this misinformation is based on Western frustration against the will of a man, based on a new generation of Russian officials decided to pull Russia out of the deep crisis of the late twentieth century. The immediate consequence is that the huge predatory projects planned by the Big Business West following the collapse of the communist regime were, despite an excellent start, found quickly blocked by a man Putin. Hence the hysterical campaign in the Western media.

Any opponent to Western hegemony automatically entitles  the qualifier as a "terrorist", since it has the potential power of resistance. Difficult to Putin on one of these lists. So, the easiest way is to pass it to a criminal. That alone ... and Autocrat assassin. Yet this is a man who has been duly elected head of his country in a legitimate government. And surveys, including those overseen by the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) in 2007, showed (already) an average rate of satisfaction of its citizens, compared to its share of 70% on average. There are not many on this planet ... and horror: there is a high idea of independence and the future of his country ... It is true that it has everything to annoy. Our "Al Capone" directing the "International Community", and protecting the worst dictatorships in Africa, South America or the Middle East, are tired! ... Putin? ... A nightmare!

The strategy of the West, to the fall of communism was to break the former Soviet Union into a multitude of states to maintain conflicts at its borders to paralyze, and plunder the enormous resources of its sub- ground by installing and protecting corrupt government. Following the example of what is done best in other latitudes. It almost succeeded, as clearly shows Joseph Stiglitz: economic instability associated with corruption and organized the creation of a mafia serving as an intermediary to Western interests, caused a violent regression Russia. This great country was on the brink of anarchy ... With Yeltsin, Russians experienced a dizzying descent into the abyss. In his time the Los Angeles Times compared Russia to a mouse trying to roar.

In fact, accelerated privatization, imposed by the West via the World Bank and the IMF had not intended to create or develop a middle class, but to buy, by multinationals for a pittance the most of the country's wealth: oil, gas, mining (iron, coal, gold, diamonds, etc.).

Thus, under Yeltsin, whole sections of Russian resources have been sold off to the mafia, with commissions, some later, preparing to transfer their newly acquired possessions by a comfortable margin, especially in the gas and oil to large multinationals. Russia would thus see most of his wealth bought cheaply and owned by foreign interests. Classic pattern of privatization in most developing countries do not have the critical mass to resist. But Russia is not Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Gabon ...

The successor to the government "ultracorrompu" Yeltsin, the first task Putin was to end this widespread looting of the country. We had to muzzle the big mafia in league with foreign multinationals. Some of the mafia have been arrested, tried and pending transactions blocked.Putin is also a man who put an end to US hold-ups on oil. By arresting 25 October 2003 Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Siberian airport as he wanted to sell his Yukos to Exxon. What made ​​the Anglo-Saxon screaming the name of "economic liberalism" of human rights and other indignation "democratic" ... The reaction was going to be brutal. The "great friend" of the post-September 11, Putin would immediately become a marked man.

In this cleaning, one of the brightest and most efficient employees Putin, Andrei Kozlov, was murdered. He withdrew the licenses of 95 Russian banks specialized in the bleaching of the plunder. He was about to dissect the implications of multinational energy companies in the looting and embezzlement. Despite this underground war and destabilization operations organized by the West, with a smear campaign internationally, Putin and his team hold on.

Many of these gangsters top flight took refuge in the West, especially in London, where, protected by the City (financial community) that governs the country, they live high life. This "protection" reached heights previously unknown. Example: One of the richest , Boris Berezovsky, whose fortune is estimated at about $ 2 billion, in exile in London, enjoys the status of "political refugee" as a "political opponent" ... He even publicly announced at the time he was ready to support a reversal of the Russian government by force! Russia will request his extradition for a multitude of embezzlement, especially at the expense of Aeroflot airline. Of course, London, who does not hesitate to send his British nationals at Guantanamo refuses extradition on the grounds of respect for human rights .... Imagine a billionaire gangster uttering the same threats against Blair or Obama, or any other head of state elected legally, then it would be a refugee in Russia.Unthinkable! But otherwise, yes.

Russia, under his leadership, gradually renegotiated every assignment contracts with multinationals, in a ratio of equals. An emblematic case is the mining of Sakhalin project of more than $ 22 billion that Russia has renegotiated as with oil companies, including Shell, with the consortium of international banks (200 banks). Rising prices of oil and gas, coupled with Putin sanitation actions have allowed Russia to repay, in advance, all of its external debt. What could be better? All this made ​​highly unpopular Putin in the powerful "international financial community" ...

Putin knows that, to destabilize the Western special services are prepared to murder their own agents in Russia ... To accuse then to murder his opponents. When it was over 70% of Russia are for you, there is no need to assassinate opponents "media" (journalists and other figures of composition ...) whose salaries are paid, most on the payrolls of the secret services Western, via associations "cans". He knows too well the struggles of the shadow ... For we never speak against thousands of people that Obama's drones run every year without further ado!

Putin is not perfect. It has its flaws and shortcomings like everyone else. But it led to the rapid recovery of the economy of Russia, which had been looted by US agents following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He raised the standard of living, increased pensions, reduced poverty and improved education and health care, which explains the public's satisfaction rate, which currently tops out at an impressive 86% ...

Putin is the man who restored the Russian population! Following the breast capital policy, tax breaks, birth grants, births recovered to 2 million Russians in 2013, after being lowered to less than a million in the 1990s! Putin is also the man who restored the military power of Russia with a military budget that is close now 3% of Russia's GDP, and that changed the geostrategic situation.

Putin dares to oppose the United States and the proxy war he leads in Ukraine aims to counter Washington's plan to break the Russian Federation, to encircle China, control the flow of resources Asia to Europe and to rule the world. Putin's Russia is not communist or socialist, it's a right-wing nationalist country that dreams of capitalism, able to conduct an independent foreign policy, under the seal of its own monetary policy, refusing to obey Washington's directives ... it's mainly there the crime alleged against Vladimir Putin.

Attention I'm not a superman Putin nor my "model", while attention to amalgam that some will be faster, but I am surprised that some people, after all, rather more intelligent, are left away by old primary reflexes and scream wolves to the media side and policies that dismember us day after day ... and finally, think carefully: is Putin who placed his country near the bases of NATO?

Thank you especially to George Stanechy and various Web sources

"I, Barack Obama (...) I think that the situation in Venezuela (...) is an extraordinary and unusual threat to national security and foreign policy of the United States (...) so I declare a national emergency to to deal with this threat. " Obama, Nobel Peace Prize and a specialist in war


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