Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Typical Odessa" a lot of unique historical content!

"Typical Odessa" - is not only a warm atmosphere, excellent subscribers and their own style, it is also a lot of unique historical content!
Because we want to know: "What is your favorite historical album"?
Facts about Odessa (BPE In ..
Odessa industry in ..
All-Russia industrial and agricultural exhibition in Odessa - Russian (with the participation of foreign exhibitors) Trade Fair, organized by the Odessa Branch of the Imperial Russian Technical Society and the Imperial Society of Agriculture in South Russia, held in the city of Odessa in the summer of 1910. Conceived originally as a regional, she became one of the largest exhibitions conducted in Russia in the early XX century.The exhibition was the active participation of foreign Exp
Odessa and the first Russian ..
The album is dedicated to the events of the first Russian Revolution
9 (22) January 1905 - 3 (16) June 1907
During the terrible years of the Great ..
The album is dedicated years of the Great War (World War 1) and the Russian Revolution of 1917 with subsequent events.
Odessa and Great Oteches ..
Odessa in Nazi PCC ..
This album contains pictures of our city and the lives of the citizens in it for the period of the German Nazi occupation. From 16.10.1941 to 09.04.1944 year.
Odessa, we sweat ..
Odessa sea
Odessans, early 20th century
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