Saturday, March 14, 2015

RESIDENTS NEED HELP Novorossia Volunteer Group "Russian World" is True to ITS Obligations

New Russia
RESIDENTS NEED HELP Novorossia Volunteer Group "Russian World" is True to ITS Obligations

We continue with your help, to help people affected by the War. Since March 13 another "Gazelle" with the products purchased by our movement came to the ruined city of Debaltseve. Precious cargo WAS Most Necessary: ​​10 bags of potatoes, 4 bags of carrots, cabbage 4 bag, 4 bags Buriak, 3 bags of rice, three bags of millet, barley 3 bag, 2 bags of wheat. People Come out of basements, shelters, Returning to normal Life, and with Them the Hope for peace in the Donbass. 

Thanks to All WHO are not INDIFFERENT! Let's All Keep this Flame of Hope, and more!

DETAILS TO ASSIST number cards Sberbank of Russia: 4276520011672157****************************** ************* 

WebMoney: WMR R409518897651WMU Visa Wallet +380954333234 

ALL concerned people - Ask for your help for the needy pensioners, Children, Refugees ACCEPTED ANY HELP EVEN 10-15 Rubles 

REAL HELP RESIDENTS Novorossia hungry and freezing Children and the Elderly Will be happy ANY ASSISTANCE
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