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Defense Ministry: Media in #Ukraine on RF communication with the collapse of #MH17 - #Lies

Defense Ministry: data media in Ukraine on RF communication with the collapse of MH17 - lies

Topic:The collapse of the Malaysian Boeing near Donetsk 

MOSCOW, March 19 - RIA Novosti. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov called unprofessional stuffing messages Ukrainian media about the alleged presence of destruction of evidence in the sky over Ukraine Malaysian Boeing MD-17 Russian anti-aircraft missile system "Buk".

Malaysian Airlines aircraft Boeing 777, en route from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur, crashed on July 17 in Donetsk region. On board were 298 people, including 196 citizens of the Netherlands, were all killed.

Can not fail to surprise the statement of SU SBU that his subordinates "collected and otsmotren 5.5 billion web pages, 700 million of which are recognized as" relevant for this case, "the Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

2015 © AFP / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

Konashenkov said that can not surprise yesterday's statement by the head of the investigation department of the SBU Basil Vovk that his subordinates to a disaster "and collected otsmotren 5.5 billion web pages, 700 million of which are recognized as" relevant for this case. "

"Simple math allows you to find that colleagues Mr Vovk has watched more than 23 million pages per day - about 700 pages per second. Is it possible physically, decide for yourself. Personally, I think that is so openly lie to the whole world simply indecent. Although a such antics SBU all in general have long been accustomed, "- said Konashenkov.

According to him, "a series of amateur stuffing in the media field," continued the material resource controlled by the SBU "" Share photos allegedly found striking elements and states that such elements belong exclusively to the Russian SAM "Buk M1-2".

"Absolute nonsense. Submunitions form" I-beam "that appear in the photo, from only one missile - a rocket SAM" Buk-M1 ", which just are in service in Ukraine. But submunitions" Buk-M1-2 " are small parallelepipeds, no I-beams are not there and can not be. So this "exclusive" portal framed their own curators, "- said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

He expressed the hope that the technical and investigative commission will be more professional approach to identify the causes of the tragedy.

Earlier in the Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office has denied messages Ukrainian media on the findings of experts investigating the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing, which stated that the aircraft was allegedly shot down from a Russian rocket launcher "Beech".

Previously, a number of Ukrainian media, particularly popular newspaper "Today" and channel "TSN" referring to the report of the Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation (NOS) stated that the investigators concluded that the shelling of the flight MH17 installation "Beech".

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Here is the laughing stock Bullshit They expect you to believe....

19.03.15 18:39

In the ruins of a Malaysian "Boeing" found fragments of "Buck" - the Dutch media. PHOTO SHOOT

In the ruins of a Malaysian "Boeing", shot down by terrorists over the occupied territory 17 July 2014 found fragments of missiles anti-missile system "BUK".

According to Tsenzor.NET about this in his Twitter wrote journalist Christopher Miller. He said: "In the ruins of a Malaysian" Boeing "experts found fragments of the missile system" Buck. " Read on "Tsenzor.NET": Conclusions of the Malaysian "Boeing" all country publish at the same time - SBU Article Dutch RTL Nieuws publication also states that experts from Warsaw, London and Munich were transferred to seven found debris, four of which were fragments of the plane, and three - missiles "Buck." The publication claims that up to now then there were only a few signs, but international forensic experts from three different countries have shown that we are talking about a rocket. "For the first time there were real evidence that" Boeing "was shot down by a missile. This is evidenced by forensics who bought RTL Nieuws ", - says the publication. The publication published pictures of fragments, and also noted that the wreckage of the rocket can be recognized Cyrillic letters, including letter "C". Also read: submunitions, struck "Boeing", exactly the same as stuffing warhead modern Russian anti-aircraft missiles - Butusov

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