Saturday, March 14, 2015

American Minister of Economic Development announced a big sale in Ukraine

American Minister of Economic Development announced a big sale in Ukraine
Minister-American announced a big sale in Ukraine

Kyiv, March 13 (PolitNavigator, Basil Ablyazimov) - US citizen Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko announced the beginning of the extended privatization of the remaining state-owned enterprises, according to Interfax .

Ukrainian authorities plan to privatize everything that is possible. This is clearly stated by Minister of Finance of Ukraine, a US citizen Natalia Yaresko. "The privatization of everything that can be privatized, and plan to start later this year," - she said.

According to the Minister, Ministry of Economic Development and traders, which is headed by a Lithuanian Aivaras Ambromavichus now developing a new program for managing state-owned enterprises. The document must be completed by the end of April.

As noted by Natalia Yaresko, now in Ukraine there are 3,300 state-owned enterprises, most of which, in her opinion, a loss: the state does not receive any taxes from them, no dividends sure Yaresko. That is why they should be privatized, that is transferred to private hands. To the list of unprofitable, apparently Yaresko has carried a number of power companies, and Odessa Port, Turboatom, Vinnitsa "Crystal" and other unique businesses.

According to her, the successful sale of licenses for 3G mobile operators - is evidence of the success of privatization in Ukraine. How does it believes the sale of the license and elimination of state enterprise management, the finance minister did not explain.

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