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Who, Where and How Kramatorskaya was shelled answered: a full Investigation

Who, Where and How Kramatorskaya was shelled answered: a full Investigation
Posted 20:14; February 11, 2015

Please explore the detailed data on crime in Kramatorsk committed by the junta. The material presented photos and videos from the event, which can be traced the chronology of what happened.

Version of blogger Emeli Sage:

A few hours ago was fired Kramators'k. According to the Ukrainian side (at the time of this writing) killed 11 people. In this case we can clearly establish that the missile on the photo could not fly from the position occupied by the militia.

Here's another photo.

We see that the direction of arrival of the missiles almost perpendicular to the direction of the road. Now look at the map.

In both directions perpendicular to the street, at any distance no militia. Therefore, with the question: who shot? - There was a lot easier than in the case of Mariupol along the firing position can be DSR and positions Militia.

Voiced the position that shot with Gorlovki (ie, in the direction of the street) is not supported.

I will mention one important detail: the photograph blank without warhead. Here for example as a result of the fire looks castles in Donetsk.

In the photo from Kramatorsk we see a stand two meters from the landing and did not see a single broken window.

Now for the video of fire at the airport. There is clearly not firing blanks.

I would like to express my gratitude to the woman to make a video, but when it works MLRS better not to stand near the window.

On the tower and corner of the house was able to determine the approximate point shooting.

Between the tower and the landing point shooting. Approximate affected area is marked in orange. I determined the location of the tower. On Yandex-map shows a long shadow.

Let's go back to the original image. The affected area remote from the base of MAT (which is clearly visible in the picture to the south of the takeoff and landing strip) is not less than a kilometer. Ie shot so as not to get on base. And the expansion of small-fired Gorlovki (and this 50 km).

Would be very interesting to see the photo touchdowns, so it will be possible to establish the direction of fire. Nevertheless, it is clear that the rocket at the beginning of Lent and landing on the video - it's two different volley different shells and probably with different guns.

Also pay attention to evidence of local residentsWhich publisheskramaha1 . The most important of that note two things: from the airport take out the equipment and in the western suburbs of Kramatorsk are teaching.

We will wait for further details and news on the topic. They allow more likely to need to call fire.

In a previous article it was found that there were at least two volleys. What about one of them, it was clear right away, because they were touchdowns photos with location. These missiles can fly only from the standpoint of the APU. With a second volley (which formed a kilometer from the airport), it was difficult, there was no photo. And here are the photos appeared.

Here is another photo.

Is eastern outskirts. Both times can be clearly seen. The projectile came from the houses. Ie from the west. This APU, the militia there can not be in principle.

Once again mention kramaha1 , whichRecalling the localsreported that on the western edge of Kramatorsk are teaching. Such is attached map.

And tagged direction is consistent with the photographs.

From homes to base APU airport mile. On the part of the APU claim that the base is lost. Published these photos here.

If the airport and something flew, then this is the third volley. To say something, need photos that can be somehow tied to the card. But the available two volleys clear by whom they side.

Why implemented shots I have not much clear. Volnovakha after a few days it was a meeting of the European Parliament. Two days after the meeting of the PACE was Mariupol. Tomorrow starts the meeting of the leaders of the four Norman.

Let's see what will come out in the end this tragedy. But to be honest, looking at it all becomes frankly scary. Something frequent provocations with the death of civilians. And then there's "Tochka-U" recently shot. The intensity and scale of these provocations will only increase.

Version of blogger dragon_first_1:

Dear readers! Sorry, but today the cards will not. More specifically, they will, but only fragments.

How Come?

You will understand at the end of the post. Today, your obedient servant, tried to understand, to the question posed in the title. Let's start with an extreme issue:

The answer to this question will help us to find photos published yesterday in the Ukrainian media, as well as videos posted inhabitants of Kramatorsk.

Without going into the details of the methodology by finding a place to kotorgo filmed this movie, but after binding it to the terrain, it is possible with a high degree of probability that the main impact area more unexploded ordnance (or rather their submunitions) was KRAMATORSK airfield and adjacent districts garage, cottage and country for the city.

The scheme number 1:

We see that the submunitions lay very fragmented, covering a large enough area district. And yet, the video and the scheme does not give us a clear answer to the question "What?"

However, the number 1 on the video clearly seen consistent movement of a series of explosions - first in the distance, then closer and closer to the point of shooting. Direction of movement - from the southeast to the northwest. To the city center.

Here e is called directly when recording video. This courtyard houses on the street corner. Palace, 47, and Jubilee, d. 23.

Let's try to establish more precisely the place shooting number 2 using photos posted on the websites of the Ukrainian media. Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3:

Photo 4:

Photo 5:

Photo 6:

Photo 7:

Photo 8:

So, the exact address of the fall of the projectile on the video number 2 - this street. Palace, between houses number 26 and 34. Photo 9:

Here is a diagram number 3:

The same place, but bigger: Scheme number 4:

Pictures from the video recording number 2, and the movie itself give us the opportunity to reasonably likely to identify ammunition.

For example, by comparing:

Here is a photo of a similar ammunition captured in Syria: Photo 9

This photo has not from Syria: Photo 10

Dear reader! You probably already guessed where the photo was taken number 10?

And here's another photo of ammunition fallen at Kramatorsk Street. Palace, between houses number 26 and 34.
Larger: Photo number 11

Similarities with the previous two pictures do not notice?

Let's just say. The photo №№ 9, 10 and 11, as well as in Figure 1 (below) - Ammunition for multiple launch rocket systems "Smerch" caliber 300 mm, labeled for 9M55. Figure 1:

Minimum firing range so a missile - 20-25 kilometers (depending on the version). Maximum - 70 kilometers.

The projectile can be fused as one-piece high-explosive warhead and cluster submunitions.
When gear cassette warhead it may contain 72 shrapnel, or cumulatively over 600-fission.

One launcher "Smerch" has 12 guides for such missiles. Damaged area - 672,000 square meters with one salvo setting. Accuracy (scattering) - 0.3% of the firing range

Now the question is: how to shoot?

You see, dear readers, any self-respecting ammunition fired from a gun or MLRS installation at an angle close to 45 degrees, flying along a path, a mark which resembles a parabola with two branches. Ascending branch (red) will be flatter and downward (blue) curve is steeper.

Figure 2:

Rocket, thanks to the stabilizer in the tail section, behaves on the descending branch of the trajectory as an arrow shot from a bow.And if it gets into the ground, then it is stuck at an angle which is determined by the tangent to the trajectory of the point of incidence.

In this case, the slope of the projectile body will always be in the direction from which he came. Plus or minus a few degrees. even if the hit occurs in the concrete slab.

Where are directed angle of the projectile, which fell between 26 and 34 houses on the street Palace? Look at the photo again. The direction from which the projectile flew shown by the red arrow: Photo 12

Photo 13:

Photo 14:

As you can see, the projectile flew almost the target houses №№ 26 and 34 on the street. Palace from the yard and just a little bit does not reach the roadway. Plot the crash site of the projectile and the direction of its flight to the space image.

Figure 5:

Come to a very simple conclusion: the projectile came from the south-west.

Now carefully impose the resulting scheme is at stake fighting regularly posted on the pages of this blog.

And then measured into a south-westerly direction from Kramatorskaya maximum and minimum firing range MLRS "Smerch". Obtain the area where produced volley. Figure 6:

Explanation: The calculus of the line of fire - a thick blue-yellow arrow. Green arrows - possible spread of shells, plus the possibility of error in the calculation. Brown dotted circled technically feasibleDistrict location starting positions MLRS "Smerch", shoot yesterday Kramatorsk. The nearest point VSN from him - not less than 35 km.

By the way, dear reader! Similar action on the calculation of the trajectory of the projectile in terms of shooting video number 2 at the fall of another projectile (courtyard houses street. The Palace, 47, and Jubilee, d. 23), you can hold yourself.

If you do it in good faith, you will be surprised of the results of its coincidence with my conclusions!

Now to answer the question "Who shot?" Should have only a modicum of common sense. For, we calculated the area from which the volley at Kramatorskaya, located in the hinterland, which has long been firmly in control of the forces ATO. While at the same time in the 35 (thirty-five!) Kilometers from the nearest army units DNR and LC. Sincerely, Dragon first.

Sources: Emelja Sage. dragon_first_1

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