Monday, February 16, 2015

Ukrainians are not up to "Exceed" someone else in the World

#Ukraine above ... what?

February 16, 2015

What does the slogan "Ukraine is above all", which for many years trying to form the basis of Ukrainian statehood and national identity? What is its origin, above what it was trying to be Ukrainians and how is it different from the slogan "Germany above all"?

A brief strong slogan, received the status of a state or party motto, as a result can reformat the minds of millions of people. Simple and accessible truth made in it, it becomes the common denominator of psychology society. To see this, it suffices to recall the slogans "Workers of the world, unite!", "Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood "or" Germany above all "- they are a certain way" charge "whole nations. There is a motto like old German, and modern Ukraine - "Ukraine Hope truncated." And should talk about it in more detail - about what the meaning behind it.

At first glance, any more or less educated person recognizes in Ukrainian "went out" (slogan - Ukr.) Literal tracing from the German "Germany above all." In fact, in turn, this "extinguished" entered at the same time with another slogan greeting "Glory of the nation" - in the thirties, the years of rapid flourishing nationalist ideologies in Europe from Norway to Spain. Of course, ignore the legislator ideological fashion of those years - Germany - did not succeed, and there was no such purpose the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, a long time and worked closely with the German secret services since the Weimar era. Rather, on the contrary, wanted to do something nice "chiefs", and puzzle over their own "creativity" are not necessary.

The similarity of the two slogans, however, is proving to be very superficial. To see why, go a little further first lines of "Song of the Germans" authorship August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben:

Germany, Germany above all,

Above all else in the world,

If it is to protect and repel

Always stick together like brothers!

From the Meuse to the Memel,

From Echa to Belt.

In the 40s of the 19th century, when they were written the words of this song, the scattered German principalities going through a difficult period of territorial claims on the part of France and Austria. Decades passed, France was defeated in the war of 1870-71, the principality united in the Second German Reich, and only then the song has gained real popularity, which peaked in the era of the Third Reich. No hidden meanings is not here: the song - an appeal to the geopolitical competition with powerful neighbors. "Above all in the world" - is the proud claim to geopolitical dominance and the first place among the world powers. We can assume that in the first half of the 19th century, a small divided German states was not to claim the world, and "the world," the author put for rhetorical exaggeration, but then, as they say, appetite came during a meal, and pretentious line began to sound more and more impressive .

Having received such an introduction, it is already possible through different eyes to look at the Ukrainian tracing paper (or rather, version) of a German slogan. "Ukraine is above all" - but who or what? Their neighbors? Certainly not: the German Third Reich (or the Kaiser's Germany) said that his country above all else in the world, had it right weighty because standing behind him a strong industry and a strong army, rich culture and well-functioning state machine . "Above all in the world" - yes, it is a challenge, but a challenge not unreasonably believed the Germans themselves. And what of the above in the thirties had a handful of Ukrainian nationalist went underground? Oh, nothing! Therefore, the specific claims of geopolitical competition even with someone act was premature: the slogan "Ukraine above all in the world" sounded so ridiculous parody of the Teutonic menacing growl that "in the world" had disappeared by itself.

And then there was a curious transformation. From a geopolitical motto has become a defiantly immoral. Let's do a simple thought experiment: we substitute "Ukraine" is another word - the most innocent. For instance, tea. "Tea is above all" - what happened? And it turned out absolutely a quote from "Notes from Underground" by Dostoevsky: "If I had to choose all over the world fail, or I drink tea, I would say that it is better to fail around the world, and I to drink tea." As stupid and immoral will sound, and all other statements with "above all" - whether it's an ode in honor of chess, money or football. Because our brains automatically seeing on one scale duto-weighty "above all", the other immediately seeks to put something more substantial: humanism, beauty, decency, tears of a child, and so on - and useless."Ukraine is above all" a priori should outweigh all these concepts. To even question does not arise where a priority.

Thirties and forties, when the slogan "Ukraine is above all" gained popularity, eventually became fierce infighting among Ukrainian nationalism. First of all nationalists began to kill one another ("Bandera against" Melnyk "), as well as inducing fear reprisals for their" food base "- Western peasantry. In this context, it was not until the geopolitical competition and expansion - a piece of land to keep under your feet. And the slogan became a justification for any punitive atrocities - they are for that purpose, that above all else. The motto became samouspokoitelnoy indulgence for the executioners.

What has changed since 1991? Oh, nothing. Ukrainian nationalists as fate would have received a country that, in the full sense of the word, there is no "Ukraine" was not - as had not been "Ukraine" land of Polish and Ruthenian peasants in the area of ​​the OUN. "Ukraine" to be created only on this site. "Ukraine" so far - not a given, and the purpose. Which is "above all" and justifies the means.

Is it any wonder this persistent spread of this slogan in recent years, as with all the more acute unfolding conflict between supporters of "immoral Ukrainians" and a large part of the population of the former USSR? As before, the Ukrainians are not up to "exceed" someone else in the world - it even in the long term there are no opportunities - but to build a state in which one will be "above", and others - on the remaining places, they seek not to cease.

Gregory Ignatov

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