Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The talks in Minsk: "Putin was in a good mood, Poroshenko had to be calmed."

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The talks in Minsk: "Putin was in a good mood, Poroshenko had to be calmed." 

In Minsk ended the first round of negotiations, "Norman Quartet." After two and a half hours, Vladimir Putin left the room in a good mood: passing by journalists, he playfully snapped his finger on the yellow microphones Georgian TV channel "Rustavi". Angela Merkel at the time gestures and words called for calm overheated Poroshenko. Ukrainian leader nodded in agreement. For the meeting "Quartet" the Belarusian side of pre-designed and well-built beautiful script. After the arrival of the guests were to gather in one room, drink tea, and then go to couples sharing photographs.(Journalists are even specially built "live" corridor and several times declared readiness minute). After photographing in the schedule were listed talks in narrow format, and then in a wide, then negotiation of the final document with the contact group to continue sitting in another room, and finally sign it. 

According to the "MK", ​​the Kremlin had no objection to the proposed format of the Belarusians. However, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, as earlier in the Kremlin, offered not to waste time on trifles, and without leaving the journalists, to start discussing controversial issues. At the same time Alexander Lukashenko to participate in the "Norman format" is not allowed. 

He expected the end of the first round of talks in the next room. Although members of the Russian delegation urged that "come for the world, not war" and ready for a reasonable compromise, calm dialogue failed. In the slightly ajar door journalists saw Vladimir Putin and Poroshenko, standing, heated debate about something with each other, and Merkel and Hollande with mournful faces sitting on the couch. Shortly after this scene, the Ukrainian president darted out of the room. Reporters really thought it was that policy lost their nerve, and negotiations "four" on this end, but after a few minutes he escorted returned .... Gromadsky TV reported that Poroshenko get in touch with the General Staff of Ukraine - perhaps he did this call just to "break." 

Finally, after two and a half hours after the arrival of the heads of the four states in Minsk, Belarus held the promise protocol joint photographing. To a place to shoot the leaders were not in pairs, and the Quartet. At the same time Putin and Hollande were clearly relaxed and smiling. And Merkel gestures calls for calm marched beside her Poroshenko. Joint shooting took exactly a couple of minutes (some who were in the suburbs correspondents did not even realize that it took place) and there were no posturing: everyone stood by himself, and thought of something else. After that, the delegation of the four countries went upstairs to continue the negotiations in the extended format - together with the foreign ministers. 

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