Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The President of Ukraine may be subject to lustration

February 3, 2015, 23:32

The President of Ukraine may be subject to lustration

Adopted in the autumn of 2014 Law on lustration CAN be changed in the Ukraine. This WAS Announced by Justice MINISTER Pavel Petrenko on One of the Ukrainian TV Channels. Under the new Changes, the MINISTER Said, checking Will be Held ELECTED Officials, Including the president and members of parliament.

"If we Talk About Changes global, then it Will go About Enabling the use of the lustration Process, Including the Electoral positions. This is the Position of Ukrainian Experts. Perhaps it Will be Introduced "- quoted by RIA Novosti Petrenko.

Currently, A Mechanism That Would not Conflict with the Constitution of Ukraine. It is Possible That the body lustration Public Commission Will Get the Status of Independence. Plan to register and "Individual Institutions of Amnesty."

Currently, the Law on lustration does not apply to WHO Officials are ELECTED by the people. The Decision to Modify the Regulations Adopted after the Venice Commission Experts have criticized the Ukrainian Law "On the Cleansing power."

Law on lustration (cleansing power) was signed by President of Ukraine on 17 September 2014.

Under this law falls 1 million Officials, Civil Servants, Law enforcement Officials. The President of Ukraine signed the Law, But did not Rule out That it May be AMENDED in the Case of comments from the Venice Commission and the Constitutional Court.

Lustration of power - One of the main Requirements of the Maidan. ACCORDING to the request of the Potential Candidates in the "Government of National Trust" Should not be included in the list of the hundred Richest people in Ukraine do not have Held Senior positions in the executive branch, to be an employee under Yanukovych administration and to be involved in human rights violations and corruption.

Photo: Eugene Kotenko / RIA Novosti

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