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Svodka Military events in the New Russia by analyst Boris Rozhina

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Today at 6:36 am

Svodka military events in the New Russia by military analyst Boris Rozhina.

During the day, the most intense fighting continued in the area Debaltsevskogo boiler, where Ukrainian law enforcers unsuccessfully trying to break out. In other parts of the front, in the main, were artillery duels. Ukrainian artillery, traditionally led attacks on mainly peaceful objects, unrelated to the militia of New Russia. So, early in the morning in Donetsk in rush hour Ukrainian security forces dealt with DRG mortar and artillery attack on the bus "Centre", as a result of which, At least two people were killed and another 10 injured. And late in the evening on February 11 Ukrainian MLRS hit Lugansk. 

On the southern front DNI continues to be a hot spot Sea of Azov, where Ukrainian law enforcers after yesterday's virtual attack were repulsed by the militia and Shirokino Sahanki. When This began an offensive regiment "Azov" in the failure of the attack action APU accused who allegedly failed to provide volunteers fuel. Meanwhile, as in the Donbass does not cease cannonade in Minsk started peace talks the leaders of the "Norman Quartet" (Russia, France, Germany Ukraine), which at the end of the day is not yet over. 

Apparently, the parties can not agree on the line, which will be the distinction between the parties, as well as the political status of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic. In the evening on February 11 in Minsk took off the head of DNR and LC Zaharchenko and carpentry.Will the Treaty of Peace, and, most importantly, whether these agreements act, still remains unknown. Military developments in DNI February 11 around 7:20 am in Donetsk came under fire from the bus station "Centre" in the Voroshilov district. The territory of the bus hit a few minutes. 

The shelling bus "Bogdan" burned to the ground along with the driver. Another driver was seriously injured and died on the way to the hospital, eight more people were hospitalized. Also burned and destroyed shuttle trade pavilions. From 9:00 am Ukrainian military haphazardly struck from cannon artillery in the center of the Petrovsky district. Hit the shells fell on homes, there are wounded and dead. 

As of 10:25 went shelling Leninsky district, resulting in burnt house, three people were killed, recorded hit in the DMZ (Donetsk Metallurgical Plant). As of 18:57 Ukrainian military district was shot Putilov. Donetsk Late in the evening, at about 22:00, Donetsk shelling continued. Also was fired Chervonogvardeysky area Makeyevka. According to the Ukrainian side, APU, allegedly completely took control of town Sands and entrenched in the area experienced and thin. Thus, the Ukrainian military seized a key intersection, which allows using of artillery completely to keep the Donetsk airport under control. 

During the day, from Avdeevka and thin Ukrainian military fired from artillery and MLRS by Sun DNR positions near the village of Spartacus and October. As of 22:15 at Yenakievo walked fight, details were reported. In the morning, the Ukrainian military continued shelling Gorlovki by Verhnetorchetskogo. 

As of 16:50 continued shelling the city of APU MLRS from Konstantinovka. Information about the missing victims. Horlovks With 8:58, according to local residents, in Kramatorsk were heard characteristic sounds launch missiles "Tochka-U", according to the startup sound was no more than three. At 13:46 was recorded with the launch of Kramatorsk airfield, type and direction of the rocket launch is unknown. DNI Army on the southern front enhances the combat formations and increases the power to prevent a breakthrough APU to Novoazovsk and Telmanovo. Around 22:00 on February 11 Ukrainian soldiers from MLRS by Volnovakha again fired Dokuchaevsk. 

On the part of the Peace came under artillery fire on positions of the DNI in the district Zaporozhets. During the day, under Shirokino and Sahankoy were collision impact forces of both armies. Polk "Azov" stated that on February 11 during the fighting bp Sahanka was allegedly captured by militia checkpoint. In this case, the soldiers of the regiment complained that life can attack thwarted, because that APU do not give them fuel for refueling equipment.

Nameless village, where the place of combat deployment of Ukrainian 138th separate brigade, was covered with artillery strikes VSN high density. Loss of security forces were not specified, were captured about a dozen Ukrainian servicemen. Checkpoint security forces on the outskirts of the city of Mariupol Illichevsk area with appliances (2 cars, three guns) and half the personnel was destroyed by the host. Debaltsevsky boiler By the morning of February 11 Ukrainian law enforcers have not were able to release the boiler, so at the site formed two task groups MAT: Debaltsevskaya (surrounded) and Svetlodarsk (attempt to remove the environment Debaltsevskoy).

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After overlapping tracks under Logvinova, assault detachments of the army of New Russia stepped up the pressure on the northern outskirts Debaltseve, Kiev siloviki losses in armored vehicles and manpower left several settlements in Debaltsevskom boiler. Work Ukrainian artillery virtually impossible due to crowding of their own forces at the forefront. Assault Unit VSN flanks draw in enemy minikotly creating and identifying artillery positions APU, which are then covered with army artillery units Novorossia. 

The situation is quite strongly reflected in the psychological state encircled by causing indiscriminate desertion. Unfortunately, BCH also have losses, fighting in the area Debaltseve continuing and in some areas are fierce. February 11 were street battles in Debaltseve, Popasnaya and Maloorlovke. Militia continued to fire the boiler and attack positions APU with tanks. In the morning, the people's militia ousted Ukrainian security forces from the village of Kamenka. During the day, VSN repulsed several attacks of the Ukrainian military, whose purpose was to open the encirclement. APU also tried to dislodge the militia of the Red Plowman. 

Trinity February 11 remains surrounded by VSN. During the day, the occupied territories held militias kontrdiversionnaya work. Over the past day militia units fought off six attacks by security forces Ukrainian Debaltseve. According to radio intercept missiles at Ukrainian security officials left for the day of battle. 

According to the Ukrainian side, on the eve of the alleged February 10 in Debaltseve sabotage and reconnaissance groups militia attempted to capture the city police department. The police officers, together with the soldiers of the battalion of special purpose Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Artemivsk" repulsed the attack, died as a result of head of the city police department, Colonel Eugene G. Yukhanov, and the attackers disappeared. 

It is possible that reports of attacks DRG militia Ukrainian side is trying to hide the collision between their own offices, which resulted in the death and Colonel Yukhanov. Ukrainian military did not give evacuate Chernukhin, using them as human shields. Trying by all means to keep the strategically important town Chernukhin, Ukrainian security forces deliberately released to the local residents, using them as human shields. As soon as the Ukrainian military see a single machine or a column for the removal of residents, begins firing. According to the MOE LC, in order to take out the remaining civilians from the village, rescuers enough an hour or two, but as long as Ukrainian law enforcers do not give this time. According to some reports, the command of Ukrainian troops left Debaltsevsky boiler. 

At the same time, the soldiers do not give the National Guard soldiers APU surrender militia. So, when trying to cross the front line 30 meters from the position of the BCH natsgvardeytsy guns shot three soldiers APU. When the militia tried to take the bodies of soldiers who wanted to surrender, the security forces opened fire on them. According to the Ukrainian side, in the course of the fighting in the area of the mound Grave Acute killed 19 Ukrainian soldiers, 78 more were wounded. Over what period nazvanytsifry not reported. 

According to the Defense DNR loss of security forces for the day amounted to 82 people. The military developments in LC City Stakhanov February 11 again came under artillery fire of the Ukrainian army. Shells damaged homes and buildings in different parts of the city, more than all suffered Chutino village. On the street Irminskoy (area a closed mine named Chesnokov) as a result of a direct hit were completely destroyed two houses. All residents of broken homes remained intact since had time to go down to the shelter. 11 February heavy fighting continued on the highway Bahmutka. February 11 in a span of 12 to 14 hours, in Lugansk periodically was heard gunfire and explosions from Happiness. 

Were artillery duels between the APU and BCH in the area of Mount Gay. Focused on fire tank units APU was conducted by the positions of the sun Happiness LC in the area long. February 11 siloviki mortar attack was carried out by the Villages Luhansk on positions in the vicinity of the sun LC holiday home Disyulya. In near the village of Lugansk February 11 began fierce battles with artillery and MLRS. While the details are not available.

Late at night on February 11 in the center of Lugansk were heard sounds of exploding shells. The shelling was conducted by the MAT positions near the village of Lugansk, supposedly from "Grad" and "Hurricane" with the use of cluster munitions. According to preliminary data, the shells hit the quarter proletariat Donbass and in the streets of Lisa Chaikinoi. As at 23:59 on February 11 information about the destruction and injuries were reported. Other In the Rivne region around 00:15 on February 11 unidentified persons fired from an unknown device building of the regional military commissariat in Ukraine. 

As a result, there was an explosion. Were the victims, were reported. February 11 through the station Merefa (Kharkiv) took a train with equipment and personnel MAT: passenger cars, on platforms 2-3 passenger cars with Kharkov rooms, anti-aircraft gun of 23 mm, an ambulance, a few trucks , 2 tanks, BMP-2 ("Swallow", "Angel", "722"). Marking equipment - white stripes and white circles. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, Vesna Pusic has confirmed that Croatian soldiers joined the Ukrainian army, and stressed that they have nothing to do volunteer battalions of Ukraine.

 Map for February 10
The minister said that the activities of compatriots in Ukraine should Croatian intelligence and security agency, according to which the Croats are fighting only in the regular army and are not related to any paramilitaries.Earlier, Croatian media reported dozens of Croats, have joined the battalion "Azov". February 11 representatives of the Armed Forces of the United States arrived in Ukraine to discuss the National Guard training fighters. 

During a meeting with the chief of the Army Academy, Lieutenant-General Pavel Tkachuk and their Ukrainian counterparts American guests discussed the future direction of military training and opportunities to maximize the use of this polygon infrastructure of the institution. Emergency Situations Ministry creates another aid convoy to residents of Donbass.

Image result for Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft delivered from Moscow Rostov-on-Don consignment of humanitarian aid totaling over 70 tons

February 11 Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft delivered from Moscow Ramenskoye airport of Rostov-on-Don consignment of humanitarian aid totaling over 70 tons. Flights were delivered medicines and medical products. Their overloaded cars next column Russian Emergencies Ministry, which will deliver humanitarian aid to the LC and the DNR. "

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