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Residential neighborhoods Lugansk fired cluster munitions - OSCE

February 4, 2015, 1:17

Residential neighborhoods Lugansk fired cluster munitions - OSCE

Residential areas Lugansk January 27 fired cluster munitions 300 mm caliber with a north-westerly direction. This was reported in a special situation reports OSCE experts surveyed the affected areas of the city, in which civilians were killed. The shelling was carried out using heavy multiple rocket launching systems "Smerch".

In the courtyards of houses damaged during the shelling, the representatives of the OSCE mission found missiles, engines, wings and container parts specific to cluster munitions. "Some parts found on site - 1.5 cm white metal fragments and fragments of bombs the size of 3 to 6 cm - are characteristic of cluster munitions. Observers classify them as part of the missile "Smerch" 9M55K caliber 300 mm ", - quotes the document TASS. At the site were also found funnel typical of this type of weapon.

Azimuths residues buildings from missiles "Smerch", observers found that the fire was from the north-north-west.

Lugansk has been subjected to fire in the evening on 27 January. Under artillery fire hit the street Timiryazeva Stepan Razin, 4th and 5th Railway lanes. Later fired Chapaev streets and Soviet. As a result of the incident injured 16 civilians.

Photo: Valery Melnikov / RIA Novosti

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