Saturday, February 28, 2015

Perhaps a new Maidan will change the situation? Let's See....(VIDEO)

Ukrainians want to arrange a new maidan and overthrow the power of the oligarchs (VIDEO)

28/02/2015 - 15:39

Kiev on the verge of fighting in the center of the Ukrainian capital, active participants who may become soldiers volunteer battalions and the so-called veterans ATO.

People realized that the greedy politicians and oligarchs betrayed all that for which the Ukrainians were standing on the Maidan.

Life has become worse at times. Wages are cut, pensions are not paid, utility rates are rising, normal operation is almost impossible to find.

Poroshenko and now all immersed in the blood of innocent people fascist gang used the revolutionary mood in the Ukrainian society for their own purposes.

They fought not against the system of government, and for that to become key elements of the system.

It so happened that the West has decided to help blinded by the lust for power and money Ukrainian politicians to organize a coup, because it responds directly to its geopolitical aspirations.

But in this whole situation, a simple Ukrainian people, no one thought, and his life has now turned into a living, unbearable hell.

Perhaps a new Maidan will change the situation? Let'S See.

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