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NATO's Propaganda: European Union and Ukraine are Wedded to its Nonsense

NATO's Propaganda: European Union and Ukraine are Wedded to its Nonsense
Dmitry Kiselev:

Until now Poroshenko feed the world with its tales about how he - the hero - beat the Russian army - and fearlessly at the forefront for the entire West - let alone money. And he, like David, will hit Goliath break "which attacked the Ukraine," the Russian army and save all progressive humanity from the aggressor Russia.

Next - to play the pass. America takes the words Poroshenko work and make them coherent position of NATO. NATO mechanism is used to form the platform and enter the European Union sanctions against Russia.

In turn, the Ukrainian press already refers to the position of America, NATO and the EU, reinforcing the thesis of Russian troops that invaded the country. Most citizens of Ukraine, according to polls, honestly believe that their country has Russian troops, hysterical, mobilization, patriotic enthusiasm and fear. Last week the Verkhovna Rada officially defines Russia as the aggressor country.

In response to the fear constructed, NATO throws to the Russian border troops, and with them the tanks and armored vehicles, and artillery, and helicopters and warplanes, and the impact fleet.Activated in parallel military exercises near the Russian. The number of reconnaissance flights of NATO at our borders in Europe for the year increased as much as seven times! Bought new military equipment.

Poland, for example, started a program of re-active - and that new helicopters, artillery, self-propelled howitzers and infantry fighting vehicles, combat aircraft modernization, purchase of American tactical and cruise missiles. Some drones plan to buy more than a billion dollars.

Estonia buys new US anti-system. Latvia - British intelligence tracked vehicles. Lithuania - Polish MANPADS. In Poland and the Baltic states are thrown American soldiers from Texas and Colorado.

In parallel, Russian general and Putin personally demonized very much, trying to obstruct the summit of the "twenty" in Brisbane. Russia denied the right to vote in the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe and do not want to listen to, say, the aggressor. The IMF and the EU are very difficult pyzhatsya to squeeze out of himself already in force, in addition, another billion for Ukraine as a victim of Russian aggression.

January 28 we know Victoria Nuland - Assistant Secretary of State for Europe - takes the top note."All NATO countries should contribute to the creation of new rapid reaction force along the eastern borders of the Alliance forces that can quickly respond to the challenges in the trouble spots. We must as soon as possible to establish command centers and control centers in all six countries in the front line, "- said Nuland.

That is already the front line in Europe, the Americans came. If and to the line, then the front itself too. Against Russia. And the front-line state. New terminology and suggests new behavior. It is not somewhere, and on the front, and therefore, in war as in war. But then, where to stay?

If the European Union, NATO and Ukraine will continue to be wedded to this nonsense, then one never knows doprygat before the present war the Russian army with this. Why, if by Chekhov, hung on the wall more and more guns, who by the laws of drama destined one day to shoot?

And on January 29 in Kiev acts Chief of Staff of Ukraine Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko. He says such that completely destroys the structure, where it is based on an invasion of eastern Ukraine Russian troops. Refuting Poroshenko President, General Muzhenko said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not at war with the Russian army.

"Fighting with regular units of the Russian army today, we're not," - said Muzhenko.

This - statement of principle Chief of Staff of Ukraine. It is unlikely that any change in the already raskochegarennoy military and NATO propaganda machine, but wishing it gives food for thought about what actually happens in Kiev is doing Poroshenko. To whom he gives orders to attack? This is detrimental and in whose interests?

And here is the answer we get from Putin. And very accurate. He said this at a meeting with students. "We often say," the Ukrainian army. " In fact, anyone out there fighting? There really is partly official units of the armed forces, but to a large extent and the so-called nationalist volunteer battalions. In fact it is not even an army - a foreign legion. In this case, NATO foreign legion, which, of course, is not intended to Ukraine's national interests. And there are quite different goals associated with achieving geopolitical goals of containing Russia that does not coincide with the national interests of the Ukrainian people ", - said the head of the Russian state.

Putin's words caused a nervous reaction in the West. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg even called them "nonsense." If you think about it, all accurately. "Foreign Legion" not in the sense that on the side of Kiev are fighting aliens. Foreigners are fighting on both sides. On the side of New Russia - too. Not about aliens Putin said. And about the fact that all the army of Kiev, whether military personnel or irregular heterogeneous battalions fighting in the interests of America and NATO as their mercenaries. For their money. And on their side. As legionaries. Just not in the football sense, and geopolitical. But, as in football, legionnaires sometimes play against a team from his native country and Ukrainian army now fighting against Ukraine objectively, destroying it.Not knowing what he was doing, the army does this by inspiration. Or by order. And then the main foreign players - Poroshenko.

For the year from the date of the coup, which he also organized, paid Poroshenko Ukraine and across Europe - as in the West from itself, and in the East - such damage that anyone on the continent and in a nightmare could not prividetsya. But the thing that turned into ruins Ukraine itself, like consumables in a foreign war. Thousands of dead. Tens of thousands were injured.Refugees - not to consider. Living conditions in the devastated cities and towns nightmares.Ukraine collapsed and continues to fall apart. Default - a fact, not just announced. Ukrainian army uncontrollably, cheated and demoralized. In Kiev, the actions of the government of foreigners or of those for whom the interests of the West is more important than the needs of Ukraine.

Speaking of the "Foreign Legion", Putin meant assorted Ukrainian army, actually fighting in the interests of a foreign power. "Foreign Legion" in Ukraine - it's not just the army, but also its current government, wants to turn all the people in the "foreign legion". As you can see, not all agreed with this, that there is a civil war in Ukraine.

Kiev throws into it more cannon fodder. Although the degree of hysteria in the country is such that many are sent to the fratricidal war themselves, enrolling in the so-called volunteer battalions.Their names - "Aydar", "Donbass", "Azov", "Dnepr" - at the hearing. How many of them? And the more they became famous?

Yevgeny Rozhkov continue:

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine surrounded by hundreds of people in camouflage and mountain tires. Soldiers of the battalion "Aydar" protest against charges of smuggling and atrocities against the dissolution of the volunteer units. Formal occasion - the loss of print!

Soldiers unhappy and require personal defense minister. They accuse him already in their shelling and without waiting for an answer, break out the door. After such generals still capitulate. "Aydar" while promising not to touch, although it claims to volunteer battalions accumulated weight.

That's just one intercepted letter from the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, where are numerous - namely 12 000 600 facts: abduction of arms and ammunition to the front line. And most of this came across it aydarovtsy. Once the support of the revolutionary Maidan, so they say in Ukraine itself, now to Kiev these battalions - criminal ballast.

"Since these battalions Ilovaisky boiler Kiev authorities are trying to throw to the front in the mountain, there to grind more, feeling the potential threats and competition on their part. But it was a lot of statements from some of commanders that our function is not to fight in the trenches, and cleaned area in the rear, "- said Vladimir Kornilov, a political scientist, director of the Center for Eurasian Studies.

"Aydar" and "Donbass", "Azov", "Dnepr", "Lions" and "Poltava" - all territorial volunteer battalions had accumulated 37. collect them quickly. Mainly because of the Maidan tens and hundreds. Every major policy, especially in the oligarch, his battalion was necessarily to address the different issues. In an ambitious Igor Kolomoisky several. Something like this begin to form in the 90s and in Russia, but was quickly suppressed.

Among the so-called volunteers in Ukraine - ultranationalists, neo-fascists, the followers of Stepan Bandera and mercenaries from abroad. The task assigned to this internationalist legion - TURNING extend the influence of power, supported by Brussels and Washington, to the east of the country.

But resistance is more serious than expected. Then they began to arm indiscriminately - and madmen and criminals. Later it turned out that, for example, the battalion "Mining" led many times convicted extortionist and rapist Ruslan Onishchenko. It is not surprising that the attack they went seldom preferred to engage in "cleansing" in the rear.

"Volunteer battalions served as peculiar Sonderkommando teams combing the area by removing citizens who seemed suspicious, which were, according to the same aydarovtsev are associated with militias. They simply tortured and then shot "- said Igor Korotchenko, a military expert, chief editor of" National Defense ".

Document from the Attorney General Yarema mail. Her hacked "CyberBerkut." This is a closed internal report on the atrocities of punitive that were fixed on the ground. "Soldiers of the 24th battalion of territorial defense unlawfully entered a private house in the village of Sandy Starobelsk district. At gunpoint, the soldiers tied up the owner, put bag over his head and was taken to an unknown destination. After that, he poured gasoline and set on fire, and stabbed in the left leg, "- the document says.

And where was the battalion "Azov" known pedophile and radical Ljashko, press it became massively find the body with signs of torture. Other Azovtsev at the same time were busy looting - clean office. On the set of surveillance cameras - Member Moseychuk - deputy commander.Together with "colleagues" he hacks rooms, exploring the cabinets, take everything of value that comes handy - safes, computers, printers and even furniture, and then, slowly, "washes" the stolen bottle of wine.

Shooting of "training", more like an orgy - for internal use. And for voters - the emergence Ljashko on background "Grad", aimed at peaceful areas.

Today "volunteer battalions" - a new mission. They are increasingly being used to combat deserters. This is evidenced by the deputy head of the SBU and the order and confirm the testimony of prisoners.

In the same series themselves battalions brewing dissatisfaction with the actions of the military in Kiev. About this blurts on a cot in the hospital wounded Dmitry Yarosh. "If we suddenly saw that the effectiveness of command and control is not increased, we would have created a" parallel General Staff ", which would cooperate with the General Staff, but make their decisions. And there can be a lot of weapons and power. And we have already begun to work ", - said Yarosh.

In the Internet there is evidence that he himself thought leader "Right sector" engaged in civilian raiding and loot money transfers to offshore. In any case, the unauthorized armed ten-volunteer army - now a big headache for President Poroshenko.

"These bandits, plumbers, mechanics, just the unemployed who took up arms, it will not give. They either release him from the dead hand or give custody, under the influence of forces ", - said Vladimir racing, editor in chief of the online portal" Kiev Telegraph ".

In addition, almost all the battalions now represented in parliament. Each battalion has a mandate.They were armed with bayonets coup and another way to put pressure on the authorities simply do not know.

"Hour" X "- and it is quite possible - it's a coup, or physical removal of Poroshenko and the arrival of a new, more bloody leader of Ukraine. Volunteer battalions and will be called upon to play this role - the role of storm troopers who erected on the Ukrainian political Olympus new shape ", - says Igor Korotchenko.

Poroshenko now constantly forks. West shows that he - a peacemaker. And, turning to his "war party" where Yatseniuk and Turchynov, sits behind the wheel of the APC and announces a new mobilization. He is trying to rein in the governors, oligarchs, but flirts with their pocket battalions, fearing Maidan number three. In fact, the Maidan are increasingly talking about the people's impeachment.

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