Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"John McCain is deeply ashamed that the US does not help to kill more people in Ukraine"

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"John McCain is deeply ashamed that the US does not help to kill more people in Ukraine"

» American Conservative American military aid only add fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian crisis, and even more harm to the population of Ukraine, writes columnist magazine The American Conservative Daniel Larison, commenting on a recent statement by Senator McCain. "John McCain is deeply ashamed that the US does not help to kill more people in Ukraine," - outraged Larison recent statement of US Senator. 

Earlier, American politician John McCain in an interview with US television channel CBS said that he "ashamed for my country, its president and himself "and he had" broken heart "because of the fact that the United States has not yet made ​​a decision on arms Kiev. According to columnist American Conservative, send American weapons to Ukraine is likely only lead to an escalation of the conflict, increasing the number of people affected and greater losses Ukraine territories. 

"People who like McCain thinks it is necessary to help, will only get worse from all of these actions, and the US will partially be responsible for this result "- said Larison. McCain shame only when the United States refuse to actions that will lead to more death and destruction, Larison said, adding? that in the last 20 years has been a leading supporter of Senator policy US military intervention in the affairs of other states. 

"If the US does not add fuel to the fire, so that more people have died, then he (McCain -ed.) in mourning tears his clothes," - sure the author. According to him, McCain probably feel better if the United States will "throw" the problem of weapons, regardless of what happens with the people he so desperately wants to "help". From the point of view Larison is the best example of why the recommendation McCain on foreign policy should always be ignored. 

What is agreed at the talks in Minsk talks "Norman four" held on February 12, passed amid a sharp deterioration of the situation in the Donbass, provoked by Ukrainian law enforcers, who, having increased strength steel storm position militias.

Following the meeting, the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany adopted a series of measures, involving, in particular, the cease-fire in the Donbas from February 15, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the establishment of safety zones.Read the full text of the document, " How is the Minsk agreement announced ceasefire, according to the parties to the conflict and observers observed throughout the contact line, except Debaltseve. 

Under this city, according to militia, the so-called boiler were about three thousand Ukrainian security services, while in Kiev denied environments. The last few days in the area Debaltseve, one of the largest transportation hubs in Ukraine, were clashes with security forces militias. Developments - in the plot RIA Novosti "

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