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Igor Hands: If people believe in the New Russia, wish it occurs it means that sooner or later it will happen

Igor Hands: If people believe in the New Russia, wish it occurs it means that sooner or later it will happen

- How do you manage so suddenly relocate their forces from the Slavic Donetsk with minimal losses? Why Ukrainians are not used against your column aviation - in fact this question then spawned readers hysteria on the Internet, there are various "conspiracy theory" ...

The fact that Ukrainian Command believed (sincerely believe it) that we will stay in Slavyansk wait for death. I deliberately created this illusion they have, including through their own statements and diversions, and he constantly worked to strengthen the morale of my fighters and the tabulation of reinforcements in Slavic, although he had already been in semicircle.

Just thought and teams who have exalted significance of the Slav as a kind of banner - that we will be there to fight to the very end, and they correctly perceive and evaluate me. I felt sort of cool Whites and White Guard traditionally thought of as someone who desperately seeks death. But I'm not a White Guard, in fact, though not deny their commitment to a particular ideology and a deep respect for those who fought in the Civil War 1917 - 1921 years.

I'm still an officer, an officer of the FSB, and the rank of colonel was not for beautiful eyes. Of course, I have had some success, skills that allowed me to serve in the security forces, in chastnoti participate in the fight against terrorism. So, naturally, I did not want to lose the most battle-worthy army of the New Russia - m most numerous at that time - and, of course, as a team, I was responsible for the lives of their people. I could not allow the extermination of his brigade. And those who had some idea of ​​the situation, were shocked when we went out.

They then received by a different logic than we do. Always wanted to keep everything that won.Suppose seize some strategic point, they will break our artillery, and again they fed their troops. And so every time. Apparently, it is a feature of national psychology in terms of its army - nothing to give, try to keep everything ("zim scho not - then pidnadkusyvayu").

Despite the fact that since ancient times known saying: "Who wants to have it all in the end will have nothing." So they, after we left Sloviansk thought that we should certainly fight for Kramators'k - although Kramators'k could then be surrounded - as they captured Artiomovsk. I realized that there is no sense to keep Kramators'k and decided as soon as possible to go to Donetsk.

For ukrov it was unexpected. Ab-with-but-Lute! No they did not expect that after such a strong defense Slavianska we come to Donetsk. And for me it was only from a military point of view, the right decision. I reasoned that pointless to keep Kramators'k, while the enemy can quickly seize Donetsk, where the situation was desperate: has already been taken ukrami Amvrosiyivka, and essentially only laziness and absolute incompetence Ukrainian officers are not allowed to block Donetsk.

A defense of the city like a miner, Thorez and partly Snow was not at all assured. More precisely, there were some tiny units coordinate could not resist the Ukrainian armed forces.

I appreciated that Donetsk is the main stronghold of the defense and, above all, we need to keep it, and to do this - to provide a link to the border (Russian). I led an army there and began to organize the defense of Donetsk, and they do not expect. And therefore has not pitched our column.

In addition, we must not forget that the Ukrainian aircraft suffered heavy losses under the Slavonic.They lost more than ten helicopters and two planes rather even three, one reconnaissance aircraft and two combat. In addition, several helicopters and airplanes have received various injuries.

- Your coming to Donetsk - the capital of the breakaway republic - explained internecine conflicts, disagreements that have arisen in it. And after you came to start a political process of stabilization and integration of the armed forces ...

My coming to Donetsk was purely military reasons. Moreover, while I was sitting in Slavyansk, I do not want to Donetsk, because, in my then "Slavic look" in Donetsk was the center of all the intrigues.Keep getting reports from there: there really happening total chaos reigned banditry. Mass of small commanders shared power, organized cleaning, someone overthrown, someone banished ...

Bezler then someone starts to chase, then Khodakovsky something "cleaned" - I do not want to get involved in all this. I would like to deal exclusively with military matters and arrived in Donetsk only for this one. And when I arrived, everyone was expecting that I will fight for political power, I want to disarm some unruly units ...

But in the difficult situation I had to do neither the strength nor resources; it was necessary to urgently create defenses Donetsk. Defense of the city to build, but not his own power! Therefore, just two days after arrival in Donetsk, I started to distribute the battalions in the territory: Mospino, brandishing Shakhtarsk, snowy - there we had to quickly send forces to organize the defense and clearing the corridor to the border with Russia.

But a week later, we began offensive operations under robins, Stepanivka and reached the border.Struck its own corridor, although narrow, but it was a ... Up to this point in the DNI did not have a single corridor. All assistance went through Lugansk, through Izvarino (border crossing point on the border of the Lugansk region of the Russian Federation).

While I was in Donetsk, it does not interfere in political decisions beard, and did not want to interfere.Someone accuses me even now that I did not toppled, not disarmed, has not set its own power, t. E. Not behaved like a dictator of New Russia - say, it would be nice and helpful. Once I had seen that it would be not only useful but also dangerous. This would jeopardize the help of Russia. I would be declared a rebel and a usurper - so, looking around, and I made the right decision, without regard to the fact that the situation there was further bad in terms of order and national defense.

- Unlock the mystery of why so suddenly followed your resignation? First came the message that you are wounded, but soon disproved ...

I was not injured, although, frankly, there was a plan in order to overthrow me, but thanks to my excellent protection it has not been implemented. I can not say that I left voluntarily - I was threatened that stop supplies from Russia, and without supplies to fight impossible. The Kremlin has triumphed political line, focused on peace talks, and it required people pliant (in the understanding of those who are involved in this issue). And I, of course, did not show any tractability and because they did not meet the requirements. That was forced to leave his post, but without pressure.

- In the DNI officially stated that you are on vacation and come back in a month ...

It was an outright lie. And, of course, I knew it. He knew that no one will give me back there, that the resignation of the final, but since most of the Slavic team was very good opinion about me - they do not call me a commander, but the "leader" - and for them my resignation was a shock, the Raja of this was invented such lies. Of course, from a military point of view of my departure did not make sense, but because it still happened to announce that my care - temporary, it was more convenient.

- So, there is no chance that you will return? Or the part of the Russian political elite simply will not allow it due to your principles, and, so to speak, your idealism and position in life?

It is not idealism. Idealism me, of course, partly inherent, but overall I'm pretty pragmatic. If I was just an idealist, you will not be able to collect some no army. At the time of withdrawal under my command were more than five thousand people with polovingoy - a very large army for the civil war, all the more so for the Donbass.

None of the then commanders had close under his leadership so many men, nor in Donetsk or Lugansk. The problem still is not that I'm an idealist, namely that, if you look from a practical point of view, I am categorically opposed to that course of action plan that has been defined.

Because I do not think this course is pragmatic - quite the contrary, he antipragmatichen. It leads into the abyss. You can not negotiate with those who fundamentally does not want to negotiate! As a result, we got a truce, which was beneficial only to the Ukrainian side; because ukry were on the verge of total collapse.

Truce them practically saved from total decay and perhaps even the Kiev authorities saved from falling. If our offensive developed further, it would have reached the borders of Lugansk and Donetsk Republic ... Instead ukram given the chance to bring reinforcements to build a new front line - despite the fact that they have not changed their original purpose! They were not prepared to any concessions to any! They were going to fight!

E., Can I have in this case be regarded as an idealist - yes, I'm an idealist in his position, which will undoubtedly have to fight. It was sort of sabotage and deliberate sabotage, and the people who did it, entered the Russian president misleading. They presented the matter as if Ukraine is ready to negotiate. No, Ukrainians only sought to gain time, and nothing more. Time won their questions poreshali and ready to continue fighting.

- In one of your statements you specify the person who is responsible for this revolution - Vladislav Surkov, Assistant to the President of Russia. You said that it is not surprising that the name sounded straight from the mouth of Kolomoisky, who called Surkov head of the "party of peace" in the Kremlin. Other knowledgeable person named as the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov ...

I do not want to go into big politics and debate on the topic of what makes Ivanov, making Surkov. I know only one thing - Surkov really moderator of the situation that we have at the moment. And we have the ongoing war, which gradually turns the Donbass a scorched desert. This, of course, there is his fault, for it was he who led the negotiation process. As you can imagine, to the true purpose can go different ways. He chose the path to a purpose that would allow Russia to suffer maximum damage with minimum result. It is his policy: minimum result - the maximum loss. I do believe that this man deliberately working against Russia.

- So it was not an accident?

No, I think he realized sabotages the order of President of Russia and consciously set Novorossia pass.

- As for the New Russia - there are critics, pointing to the fact that the New Russia is still only in the heads of the militia, politics and elite of Donbass and Russia, and the common people can not see it, because in fact there is not a single government nor the president of New Russia, nor the Army ...

We're going back to the old philosophical paradigm: what comes first - Mind over Matter? If we assume that the primary matter - that Novorossia as such does not exist. No territory, no borders, no monetary unit ... And if on the contrary ... How you called me this morning? Idealist? Assuming that the thought of ruling the world - that there is a New Russia, just as an idea.

Believe me, the basis of any state and any culture is the idea. It will not - there will be nothing. When there is an idea - hence Novorossia appear. If people believe in the New Russia, wish it occurs it means that sooner or later it will happen. This means that it will or will not be created, but, in any case, there is every opportunity for its creation and existence. Novorossia there - of flesh and blood.And in the end can become a state. Or - from my point of view, the ideal option - join Russia.

E. New Russia had no official status, it was the name of certain territories annexed by Russia after the Russian-Turkish wars of the XVIII century. As you remember. For me, it is rather a territorial designation. Whether it can be held as a state - time will tell. But as long as people are going to fight for Novorossiiyu until people are ready for something to fight - it exists.

- But many critics point out that here, people are fighting for the New Russia, and in the Donetsk among themselves can not agree, there are many warring factions ...

Yes, now there is anarchy and Makhnovism - that's a fact. But all takidavayte not forget the fundamental law of any war: war requires commanders - both on the battlefield and beyond. Every war requires a dictatorship. And we are trying to fight a war without going on a war footing. Moreover, it creates an environment in which there is no martial law can not be entered. Accordingly, we get a comprehensive Makhnovshchina. E., The mass of weapons of mass armed men, the mass of outstanding personalities among the commanders, and the complete lack of power with sufficient authority. To restore order in the New Russia, there must be martial law dictatorship is needed.Instead, introduce some "military democracy", expressed in banditry.

- Local dictatorship in war-torn areas of small ...

Well, yes. I would say, not a dictatorship and arbitrariness ... Anarchy - a military anarchy, among other things, created thanks to our Vladislav, forgive me, Lord, Yurevich Surkov, who struggled to let the union republics Donetsk and Luhansk in the integrity of the state is necessary, as i spoke.

And instead, it creates some scattered, fragmented respublichki. Within which there are also centers of power. For example, Kozitsin Ataman (leader in Anthracite) declares that he is a member of Lugansk republic is not included because it has a kind of a separate "Cossacks", and builds there an alternative power system.

And so it will continue, unfortunately, about as long as will be recognized secular principles. Even in ancient Rome during the war introduced a dictatorship. In ancient Greece - the same thing. And no one ever spoke against it. And all this in the classical democracy.

- It is strange that this has not been done ...

Yes it is just wrecking! This is expressed by a brief and succinct word - "sabotage." I will allow myself one observation. I once worked with a special archive documents of the Central Committee of the CPSU and confidential materials to sabotage on Sormovskiy shipyards. After that, when I say sabotage in the USSR was not that the executions were in these cases without trial, innocent - these people I laugh in the face.

I worked with these materials, studied documents: Triennial shipyard launched the seven ships and all seven were drowned during the descent! Perhaps there was no direct sabotage, and was negligent, careless ... But when shot director, commissioner and chief engineer - put in their place new ones. And all the ships became normal launchable.

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