Friday, February 20, 2015

German Foreign Minister commented on the proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine

German Foreign Minister commented on the proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine

 February 20, 2015,

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the European Union will consider a proposal Kiev sending the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, if the President of Ukraine Poroshenko officially requested to do so, however, the minister said that this should be respected in Ukraine truce.

At the same time, the minister spoke guardedly about the decision of Kiev to ask the UN to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine. According to Steinmeier, such a mission assumes steady adherence to the ceasefire. At the moment, the situation "very fragile", continued the head of German diplomacy, noting that the peacekeeping mission has meaning only if the parties to the conflict have given their consent.

However, Steinmeier said that if Poroshenko officially invited to go to the Ukraine international peacekeeping missions, that "this proposal will certainly be worthy of careful consideration." This idea, according to the German Foreign Minister, sounded another meeting in Norman format, but was not included in the final documents, reports Deutsche Welle .

"Everything takes time. We need to see how this is possible, "- said the minister, speaking of a possible peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. It is also necessary to reach an agreement about what the state could take part in it, he said. But first, according to Steinmeier, should consider improving the work of the OSCE, whose staff should monitor compliance with the ceasefire.

At the same time, the intention of Kiev caused an evasive response in Brussels. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini declined to comment on the subject.

The representative of EU foreign policy Catherine Ray noted that the first priority is to implement the agreements Minsk. She also said that the EU is ready, if necessary, to provide the OSCE mission in Ukraine more support.

Authorized by the Government of Germany intersocietal cooperation with Russia, the countries of the "Eastern Partnership" and Central Asia Gernot Erler, in turn, said sending peacekeeping troops of the United Nations and the European Union to Ukraine impracticable."This mission is complicated because for it also requires the consent of Russia", - said the politician. However, he does not count on the approval of this idea from the Kremlin.

As for the UN peacekeeping force, that Moscow could use its veto in the UN Security Council, said Erler. He also noted that before the peacekeeping mission will be prepared, will be held the week, and in the conflict zone are already affiliated with "recognized by both sides" of the OSCE. "I do not think in the short term can be an alternative to controlling the functions of the OSCE," - said the politician.

Skeptical about the possibility of sending international peacekeepers to Ukraine also expressed former Minister of Defence of Germany, Christian Democrat Franz Josef Jung, deputy chairman of the faction of the Social Democrats in the Bundestag Rolf Myutsenih and MP from the Left Party, Wolfgang Gerke. The deputy head of the ruling faction in Germany the CDU / CSU, Franz Josef Jung, in particular, said that the world needs now is not a new idea, and ensuring compliance with the agreements Minsk.

Recall, on Wednesday the president of Ukraine Poroshenko proposed National Security Council to discuss the introduction of peacekeepers into the country. NSDC, in turn, decided to appeal to the UN and the EU on the deployment of the police mission in Ukraine.

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