Tuesday, February 3, 2015

GENOCIDE Continues ... How many more tears and Blood be shed ?

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)  Today at 10:30 am
GENOCIDE Continues ... How many more tears and Blood be shed?
... Five people Were Killed in the shelling of Refugees from the Nazis Debaltseve - Ministry of Defense DNR "Militants National Guard Under INTEND to Open Fire on civilians, Preventing Them from Leaving the combat zone, "- Said at A Briefing Today DEPUTY Commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps DNR Edward Basurin. 

ACCORDING to HIM, the Security Forces deliberately Residents "do not Let out to Forge Our ​​Actions." "So, Today About 13 hours, A Convoy of eight Civilian cars and two Vans tried to Leave Chernukhin Provided by the host of the DNI gumkoridoru" - he Said.HOWEVER, in this column, "WAS fired on the soldiers of the National Guard Battalion Under Them. Kulchytskyy of APC and Small Arms. "" 

As A result of A Terrorist act in the first column of A car on Fire with Civilian people are there. Killed five people. The remaining Vehicles Were forced to go back to Chernukhin " - Summed Basurin. In Uglegorsk local Residents Were Able to evacuate the relative safety of the combat zone. It is noteworthy That the Inhabitants of the City until Which Recently WAS occupied by the Ukrainian Army Evacuated it in the DNI, and not on the Territory of Ukraine. Just Tells of Major Damage to the City as A result of previous fights. 

People Began to Leave the City early in the Morning. At first, we ran into column A of Refugees Already in the Outskirts Gorlovki. Jam clogged with fogged windows Inside and white sheets, Shawls and scarves on Antennas and mirrors.Things These people have not Almost WAS - fled WHO WAS what, up to A Limit Ramming into cars. Then They Began to Fall Army "Ural" with the Kids in the cockpits. 

The first Staging Post in FRONT of the Plant One of the Mines. Here Militia check Documents - in the left City A lot of Ukrainian Military, Hiding in basements, apartments and houses Abandoned. People here no One hurts - Quickly Viewed passport and forth in Makeyevka WHERE Refugees Will Distribute feed and the PLACE of temporary Residence. - Downtown, you CAN Say no, - says One of the Refugee Lyudmila. - The day before Yesterday just smashed it with A "Grad" from Debaltseve. Corridors What? We are running away. Running out of the Basement and teak. 

We Live on the Edge, so did not know anything. And there is no connection.There WAS no Light, no PLACE to charge your Phone. - With Uglegorsk we ESCAPED, - says the Man. - Well ... there is Fire. From Uglegorsk nothing left. We Burned the Third Floor, Second in the hole. And Croutes "Grad" us as Debaltseve They want. - In the Village of Grozny Under Uglegorsky Parents left, I do not know how to Remove Them - A woman crying, Valya. - All beaten. 

Three days have Lain on the Floor in the apartment. Then he ran to the Basement, basements crawled there.Five days Could not Leave, we Were not allowed out of the House, shot. I do not know WHO WAS it, the Ukrainian Flag hung from Them. On the Run Entrances and shoot with A gun. Twice A Shell hit Our House. - It WAS Terrible? - Ask patsanchika in the FRONT SEAT, "Gazelle". - No, - he Shouts. Little boy Seems to have Suffered A Concussion. - I WAS Hiding with His Mother in the Basement. - Stankevskogo, 7, there were some old people in the house, they do not come down from the third floor, disabled, - shout at us from the body of "Gazelle" ESCAPED Refugees. - So Let Poroshenko Survive so, as we are now. 

To His Children and All have Experienced. The Silence is unusual - Military support: up to One hour of the day Will act ceasefire. We Pass Along A dozen Kilometers to the Edge of Private buildings Uglegorsk. Around the Road All the fields are mined, and They are Already working engineers, Land Studded with iron spokes with red Triangles at the ends, put mine on Them Discovered. In the middle of A Minefield in A Puddle of melted snow Standing office chair, Neither logic nor imagination is not enough to Understand - WHERE he HAD Come. At first Uglegorsk houses, broken into Dust near the Railway Crossing, an endless queue of people waiting for loading, hung His Darkness. And people continue to Run out of Town on the only Open Road. With nodes, Bales, checkered "Shuttle" bags, Which has Long Been Turned into A visible symbol of misfortune, Poverty and Suffering. 

The Turd, juicy champs, and this mush are people in expensive Shoes, Fur coats with Wet Floors - put on by themselves the Most expensive Weekend. All That Could Carry by themselves. Elegant girl is in A Bird cage cat, poorly dressed old woman, with Step builds on each node of the things. Everything That WAS Hidden Inside Probably Already Soaked with liquid water and mud. By the Turn of Refugees, One by One Pass Trucks. People here just before loading, throw Bicycles, prams and trolleys. Underfoot Revolve Dozens of little Abandoned Dogs. 

For the Militia, WHO Directs the loading is stuck wandering unimaginably dirty Shepherd purebred-A without collar. sensitively holds the Ears, Sometimes A Rack catch every word of the new Owner. Ovchar Seems Lucky in this Terrible scrapes. we have enough hands: - The guys from Russia? TV? You CAN Tell the Camera That we are Alive? We Surround on All Sides, Greetings to Convey to Relatives in Moscow, Tyumen, Sevastopol, Belgorod, Moscow, Kharkov, Odessa. 

Terrible roll Surviving and living. People WHO ESCAPED from this hell, WHO CAN as you share with us Their Experiences. - Yesterday Our friends left, we Were Afraid, Because shot in the back, - says the girl. - In the Basement Were my brother WAS Killed, Killed my brother! - Crying young woman with A Child. - The Children sat in A Cold Basement! Six days did not Get out. - Give Yanochka in Belgorod region, we Live in Crimea Pass Also, we Survived - toiling Elderly woman. - Mr. Poroshenko, sit down at the table Negotiating. 

For the sake of Our Children, Our Elders for. It is impossible to tolerate. - It is A City of the dead! We have Six days did not Eat, did not drink, Went crazy - Almost Shouts another woman. - Such A Genocide Against the people, just Kill. Kill Six days to us. My hands are shaking. We beat All the Bells, Ringing in the Press, Saying - Children here. Only Children Saved us, thank you to Them. But Still, what A corridor. Shot from the Side ... Ukrainians are not allowed on Their Side, there Will not Escape. We are for Them as Captives, Though Somewhat to blame. - When Natsik A boarding out, Caused the Fire itself, - says the Man. - And the City WAS Covered with "Grad" with Debaltseve. And All Destroyed. 

In the afternoon, starts Hitting artillery, throwing projectiles Directly through the Crowd of Refugees. Nobody squats, does not even Look up at the sky. Seen and not what navidalis fill. We Were Militia Runs: - Guys, if you CAN, go away from here, Quickly.Now fly. Hear? Somewhere away from us Begins to tear. Moving - A PLACE to put it mildly, Adjust, more than Real Concerns. Over the heads of people in the truck floats folded wheelchair, be Transferred to the hands Terribly unnaturally pale Man with Straight legs. For us comes from One Militia Commander with the call Sign "Gogi". in June, we ran with HIM through the cellars Semyonovka Under Slavic, When Our Group WAS hunting Tank. Such dating to old Age is impossible to forget. 

Gogi says the City That Takes the Worst thing That CAN be Represented in such A Situation - "Layer cake". Encircled from terrbatalonov rightly Afraid of Captivity, Military deserters, the residual Group is not going to Give up, angry snipers firing on Which All living things, Indicating the Presence of APU has Long Been Lost in the City. And it Remains in the Basement of the locals, Because of Which there just has not Abandoned Grenade DURING cleaning. - The Situation in the City is Heavy, - says Gogi. - Last Night WAS taken more than Three "Ural" A dozen civilians and cars.Strange That Ukrainian Troops They are not exported. And When They Began to Retreat, on civilians nobody Cared. 

A lot of seniors, retirees, people WHO CAN not Move. Helped Them. In the Morning, another 150 people Gathered. Many Come here by themselves. The city has up to 200 people, there is no Accurate Count. We check All the houses, not so much for Ukrainian soldiers as - in search of survivors Peaceful.Regular Attacks, Chaotic, WHERE They want to go - is unclear. Shoot at Residential Sectors. We Reached the end of the Private Sector to put the car in A Ditch. Gogi commands: - It ran twenty meters, there is A window for A sniper in the nine-Sitting Still. We Run, making Wild LEAPS - underfoot Clubs Barbed wire, Shrapnel Ripped wires, cords from Burned tires. To the left of us - zapoloshno shooting and Explosions WOG, "Sparta" Continues to "clean" the City's Neighborhoods. 

Rare stray bullets whistled somewhere High above His head. Classy Hotel WAS Offensive zone in the Army DNR. Partially Burned, Partially Destroyed. Designer lights Forged some Monstrous power Knotted. To "Alpine Hill" Among the moss and stones are pieces of human Flesh in scraps of camouflage. Three Ukrainian tankman not ran A few meters to the Entrance to the Basement. In recent months we've Seen Dozens of Children, old men and Women, Also did not Run to the Shelter Killed at the Entrance to the Basement, porch or Driveway ... On the chest of the dead Man A Notebook is, the wind Stirs the Page - They are All empty. And the City Uglegorsk Also now empty. 

Darina Titova

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