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Boris Rozhina (Colonel Cassad) Briefly on "blue helmets" that the junta wants to drag Ukraine.

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Boris Rozhina (Colonel Cassad) Briefly on "blue helmets" that the junta wants to drag Ukraine. 

ABM "blue helmets"

1. Of course the "blue helmets" not spelled out in the Minsk Agreement and stuffing ideas about the need for the introduction of UN peacekeepers clearly shows that the junta is not going to perform Minsk Agreement (which is not surprising, given the fact that before the junta has violated almost all his promises and achievements agreement). In goodwill Poroshenko and its owners believe except that very well, naive people. 

2. The main motive of the invasion, as the representatives of the junta give away, it is not primarily to maintain the ceasefire, namely that the establishment of border control and LC DNI with Russia. At this point, the junta has no control over the border, all that is necessary, to the territory of New Russia enters quietly, no significant obstacles to no flow of humanitarian aid, nor for PX. According to the Minsk Agreement, the issue of border control should be decided in consultation with the local authorities and the DNI LC and after a series of detached from the realities of Ukrainian conditions. 

3. At the same time, both the US and the junta regularly put forward requirement to transfer control of the border, as one of the basic conditions of systematic ultimatums. As it became clear in the summer, the control of the border and flows through it, is one of the key markers to assess the real, not declarative policy of the Russian Federation in the Donbas. Since control of the border is now one of the key factors of Russian influence on the events taking place in the Donbas, it is natural that the opponents of the Russian Federation tend to withdraw this item from the tools of the Kremlin. 

4. The Kremlin immediately caught where the wind blows (especially after a proposal to place the "blue helmets" are not on line divorce heavy weapons instead of the OSCE mission, and directly on the border with the Russian Federation) and it is made ​​clear that this is not negotiated and is a violation of the agreements already reached. It is highly unlikely that Russia will transfer control of the border junta or Western peacekeepers, not securing a necessary position in the Donets Basin in the logic of the frozen conflict. Trying to beat all of the junta and throw the idea of "blue helmets", is an attempt to avenge the defeat at Debaltseve trying to drive Russia into the trap of peacekeeping logic, as Russia's refusal of admission peacekeepers (for whatever reason) will be treated the Western and Ukrainian propaganda as a waiver of peaceful resolution of conflict and sabotage the Minsk process, although de facto all exactly the opposite. Russia their conditions quite clearly marked, even though the other party is not going to carry them out. To Russia refused such offers guaranteed, simultaneously attach conditions to include "peacekeepers" in any case was not the soldiers of the Russian Federation, as Russian "aggressor country." 

5. Therefore, Russia is likely to slow down or simply block the idea with the introduction of UN peacekeepers, insisting on the work of the OSCE missions whose work in relation to the border, did Russia and the People's Republic is not shy at the same time possible to obtain some arguments in relation to the subject of the shelling of residential areas and ceasefire violations. For junta just need one time or another to break the Minsk Agreement, will lead to a systematic extension of unacceptable or unrealistic ideas, which should serve to discredit the Russian diplomatic and charges of violating the agreements of the "Norman Quartet."Of course all of these ideas will be coordinated with the United States and obtain the necessary information and diplomatic support. In general, the whole idea is manipulative and is part of the ongoing diplomatic war around the Donbass. 

LJ "totalitarian HORN

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