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"Any effort of Kiev joining NATO, assume Minsk agreement null and void," said Denis Pushilin

Kiev is not going to abandon the military solution to the conflict
Today, 15:04
"Any effort of Kiev joining NATO, assume Minsk agreement null and void," said Denis Pushilin

Representatives of the DNI and the LC said that if Kiev will attempt to join the Russian unfriendly alliances like NATO, they are willing to put an end to Minsk arrangements. Requirements militia valid, but no war party, nor Western mentors Kiev world does not need. Especially that Ukraine is still cherishes the opportunity of joining NATO. 

Against NATO and ATO Representatives Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic threatened to abandon the Minsk Agreement, if Kiev will continue rapprochement with NATO. "Any feeble effort Kiev to NATO or any other anti-Russian military alliance is unacceptable to us. In this case, we will immediately suspend cooperation with Kiev and Minsk, we assume agreement null and void ", - stressed in a joint statement envoys republics contact group Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Dane.

In addition, the LC and the DNI intend to seek the abolition of "all decisions of political and military leadership of Ukraine to declare and conduct of the so-called anti-terrorist operation.While there are all these shameful and criminal decisions and orders that led to thousands of deaths and terrible destruction, no genuine reconciliation impossible, "the statement said. 

Recall DNR envoy in Minsk contact group Denis Pushilin previously stated that a political settlement of the conflict in the Donbass possible Only in the case of non-aligned status of Ukraine and non-participation in military alliances. Recall the President of Ukraine Poroshenko signed a decree on the refusal of the country's non-aligned status at the end of last year: "Over the next five or six years, the people of Ukraine will be determined on membership in NATO," - then said, adding that the adoption of the 2010 decision on non-aligned status of Ukraine was a strategic mistake.

Earlier, French President Francois Hollande stressed that his country is still "did not want to see Ukraine in the ranks of NATO." "I must say this clearly, all the countries, we must speak the truth, including the fact that we are not willing to take. This is the position of France, "- said the president. Then February 12, President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that the issue of his country's membership in NATO was not discussed at the talks in Minsk in Normandy format. At the same time adviser to Defense Minister Alexander Danyluk admitted that his country is unlikely to be adopted in the North Atlantic Alliance, and therefore should lead their own "union security" on the post-Soviet space. 

"We can get another legal Ukraine" "Who is the relevance of NATO membership large enough, - said Denis Pushilin. - That the rhetoric that we hear from Kiev, the actions that we can observe from the Council of Ministers, cause us serious concern. The law on removal from non-aligned status of Ukraine only confirms it. " The interviewee explained that it is not just about the North Atlantic Alliance: adherence to any "anti-Russian military alliance for us to be a strong signal to break relations with Kiev and Minsk agreement can then stay outside," said the envoy DNR. 

He added that the so-called ATO is not included in a single plane that is in the process of peaceful settlement. "This is an extremely illogical, therefore cancel ATO would be appropriate, it will accelerate the peace process in the field and will lead to further dialogue at the level of politicians and diplomats - said Pushilin. - We set ourselves the task - to achieve (cancel ATO), as we will be heard Kiev, time will tell. " DNI envoy stressed that the republic's leadership is not interested in increasing the territory by force. "We have long been saying that for ourselves important than military means to expand the territory of the DNI and the LC, and political discussions. 

In addition, now, after the Minsk Agreement, the question is to amend the Constitution of Ukraine, and we can get a completely different, the legal country, and then the question of clear boundaries can be traced to some extent removed ", - concluded Pushilin. "I do not have independence for such solutions, " "Subject to join NATO in the last year more and more updated - agreed with the deputy director of the Center of Ukrainian Pushilin and belorusistiki MSU, CEO of NCFA" Ukrainians of Russia "Bogdan Bezpalko.  

For a long time existed in the constitution of Ukraine's non-aligned status has been canceled, which opens up the possibility not only for Ukraine's joining the military-political bloc, but also the mechanisms of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO, including the placement of any restrictions troops on the territory of Ukraine. " The question of NATO reflects the contradictions between Kiev and Donbass in the foreign policy level, so that sooner or later it will still lead to disengagement of Donbass and Ukraine, the expert said. According to him, in Minsk arrangements there is only one true position - the cease-fire. 

"The rest of the agreement on the special status of Donbass, amnesty cooperation with the Russian Federation unenforceable," - said the source. However, he does not see the real prospects in the demand to abolish the militia so-called ATO. "Kiev is not going to abandon the military solution to this conflict, especially since there are a number of structures that overtly focused on the war from the start and did not hide his disappointment Minsk arrangements even in such a convenient form for Kiev", - said the expert. According to him, such people interested in the war, too. 

And it is not only individuals, but also organizations, parties or external actors to which you want to navigate. "Politicians in Kiev do not have the autonomy to make such decisions, they are too dependent on Western partners" - recalled the analyst. The militia primarily require cessation of military operations from Kiev, mainly artillery shelling of cities and missiles "Tochka-U" to prevent that they can not even militarily, the expert said. "The militia and will not qualify for any new territory, except that the Donetsk and Lugansk region in their administrative boundaries will have a special status, either in Ukraine federal or unitary in Ukraine", - concluded the expert. 

"You can not combine the two in one" " DNR requirements and LC are quite clear. Ukraine's aspirations to NATO are not satisfied with the southeast of Ukraine. For Novorossia it would mean the elimination of the grounds for their viability. If we imagine that Ukraine joins NATO, any prospects of Donetsk and Lugansk eliminated as such, "- said an assistant professor of political theory at MGIMO Kirill Koktysh. According to him, the issue of Ukraine's accession to NATO is still relevant. "In Minsk negotiations were not recorded any liability Kiev at the persistence of non-aligned status and legally non-aligned status in Ukraine canceled. 

Therefore, to say that Ukraine is no longer aspire to NATO, wrong, "- said the source. "Requirements militias cancel ATO quite appropriate. The peace process is just that implies. You can not combine the two in one. As part of the peace process can not call those with whom you are negotiating, terrorists. One or the second - added Koktysh. - Military action by the militias suspended, and this naturally leads to the top of the dialogue in the political and economic sphere, "- said the expert.

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