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Hillary Clinton corrupted human rights org., Amnesty International to overthrow Ukraine Gov.

Bombshell proof! Hillary paid Amnesty International to prepare coup d’état

Posted by Kevin Barrett 
January 7, 2015

US taxpayers looted to destroy sovereign nations

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, with a report from Thomas C. Mountain

As the American people slide deeper into bankruptcy, their government continues to spend billions to overthrow foreign governments and destabilize or destroy foreign nations. Victoria Nuland’s confession that US taxpayers had contributed 5 billion dollars to overthrow the democratically-elected Ukrainian government, and incite a civil war designed to destroy that country, was just the tip of the iceberg.

And it gets worse. We now have smoking-gun proof that the State Department under Hillary Clinton corrupted the world’s biggest human rights organization, Amnesty International, by paying it to conduct ultra-secret CIA-style destabilization operations to pave the way for a coup d’état in Eritrea.

That means Amnesty International (AI), a self-styled “human rights” organization, is actually a covert arm of the New World Order effort to enslave the world and put an end to anything remotely resembling human rights. These people won’t be satisfied until every human is microchipped at birth and subjected to remote-control torture every time their thoughts even begin to turn against Big Brother.

Memo to AI: If you really support human rights, you should be waging an all-out war against the New World Order and its Euro-American bankster puppets, using every weapon at your disposal. And you should be willing to give your life to defend the independence of countries like Eritrea.

From now on, anyone working for AI should be assumed to be a covert NWO intelligence agent aimed at destroying whatever nation they’re operating in. And they should be treated as such.

Many Americans would be hard-pressed to find Eritrea on a map. But the small African country occupies a critically-important geostrategic location: the spot where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean. Even more important, Eritrea has set an example for other African countries by insisting on independence from the US-bankster empire.

Listen to me interviewing journalist André Vltchek on why the banksters want to overthrow Eritrea and install yet another US-puppet regime

So far, the people of Eritrea have successfully resisted the bankster empire’s efforts to enslave them. Let’s hope and pray they continue to succeed in 2015!

Bombshell Linking Amnesty, HRW to US State Dept Regime Change in Africa

by Thomas C. Mountain

Secret internal correspondence from Amnesty International has been published detailing a plan to instigate regime change in the small east African country of Eritrea funded by a grant from the US State Department under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

This is not a new charge, having first come to my attention in the fall of 2011 when a journalist in London called me one morning asking for my comments on a press conference by Amnesty International denying charges that the Eritrean government was supposed to have made that Amnesty and HRW had been involved in sending a secret mission to Eritrea in an attempt to destabilize the government.

The problem was the Eritrean government had not made any such charges, at least not that I had heard of. Operating on the maxim made immortal by Claude Cockburn, father of the Cockburn clan of intrepid journalists, that “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied” I set off in search for more on this story.

It wasn’t until that evening that Eritrean TV broke the story with excerpts from the Amnesty International document they claimed to have. The next night EriTV broadcast more highlights from the document and then the story just disappeared. It seemed that the curtain had dropped on another episode in the rancorous relations between the Eritrean government and the human rights corporations. Left with nothing hard to go on I could only file this one in the “hope to follow up on someday” file.

Now, three years later, the letter has been published and it really is a bombshell.

“Our intended goal is that by December of this year [2011] the regime of [Eritrean President] Issayas Aferwerki should be shaking and ready to fall”.

This was going to be done thanks to a “reasonable grant from the US State Department” to “bring about [regime] change…as has happened in other African and Arab countries”….

The letter is signed by one Catherine Price, Africa Special Programmes, Peter Benenson House, 1 Easton Street

Priority Status; Stricktly Confidential
Resonance; Urgent
To; Mr. Adams Subi Waitara
Amnesty Tanzania Section.

The letter was to inform him that he had been “appointed to be part of a 4 man delegation to Eritrea beginning 6th to 16th September, 2011”. The letter lists the other members of this very secret group including an Amnesty staffer who was then working for HRW.

The letter goes on to say “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch…have received a reasonable grant from the US State Department…” and that “the main aim therefore of this Mission to Eritrea is to provide funding and to help in setting up websites and computer centers…”

The letter warns about the need for absolute secrecy, “Do not operate, at any time in groups of more than two in the day time…” and “Do not take any photos with normal cameras, except the micro cameras that will be provided for you…”. It informs Mr. Adams that “Mr. Georges Gagnoy, Human Rights Watch Africa Director, will be monitoring the events and activities online from Nairobi, [Kenya] and will offer any emergency assistance should it be needed.”

Deja Vu? Cuba and Venezuela watchers will be reminded of similar programs funded by the US State Department to destabilize the governments of those countries with the goal of “regime change”. The bombshell this letter drops is that for the first time Amnesty International and HRW are caught in writing accepting “a reasonable grant” from the US State Department to do its dirty work.

What makes this letter all the more believable are the links between HRW and the Hillary Clinton mafia that have been the subject of a protest letter signed by several Nobel Peace Laureates. In particular, one Tom Malinowski who goes back and forth between being a speech writer for Hillary and a senior staff member at HRW.

Those of us in the Eritrean support community know Mr. Malinowski all to well for his history of vociferous slanders and other fabrications about Eritrea going back some 15 years or more. It would be all to easy for Malinowski to use his high level contacts in the Hillary Clinton State Department to arrange a “reasonable grant” for his cohorts in HRW and Amnesty International to carry out some undercover dirty work on behalf of Pax Americana.

Amnesty International and HRW are major corporations, with HRW being funded for several years now to the tune of $100 million a year by George Soros who has a long history of working with the US intel community in former Soviet Union republics ie the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia. Neither organization is “democratic” or transparent. The Board of Directors of both organizations elect themselves and answer only to the handful of 1%ers that fund their enormous budgets. No one can really tell you just how much and from where these human rights corporations get their funding from. Has anyone ever seen an in depth audit of either of these outfits multi million dollar operations budgets?

Hillary, Amnesty, HRW and regime change in Africa. Its about time such matters are being brought to the light of day.

Thomas C. Mountain has been living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached when he is somewhere that has access to the internet at thomascmountain at gmail dot com or more successfully by mobile at 2917175665.

About Author

Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

"Russia turns Black-Sea into a "Mighty foothold" The 4th gen. Donald Cook was deaf and blind for 90 min.s

"Russia turned the Crimea into a mighty foothold"

Breedlove: Russia turned the Crimea in the "mighty foothold."

Chief of Allied Forces in Europe Filip Bridlav said that the Crimea to Russia has greatly changed the balance of power in the Black Sea for NATO and Russian weapons now threatens the presence of Alliance ships in the region.

According to Bridlav, significant changes primarily related to the deployment in the Crimea Russian long-range anti-aircraft strike systems that directly threatens the presence of NATO ships in the Black Sea. "These systems defeats, beginning with anti-aircraft missiles, which cover almost half of the Black Sea, finishing systems attack ground targets, which stretched along its coast - all this creates a powerful foothold in the Crimea to project force in the region," - said the commander in chief NATO in Europe.

He also noted the "professionalism" of the Russian military in the region, referring to the Russian aircraft flying over American ships coming into the Black Sea. "We have seen different types of interaction in the Black Sea. For the most part it can be called a professional "- said Breedlove. At the end of December 2014 Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Army General Valery Gerasimov said that in the Crimea created a complete defense group, which includes ships, fighter-interceptors and ground-based stationary systems.

According to him, the creation of groups of troops in the Crimean peninsula is a priority for the General Staff.

What they didn't tell you:

This past April, something very strange happened to the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea. In response to having an American ship in their backyard, Russia sent unarmed bomber SU-24 to fly around the destroyer. The Aegis radar on the Donald Cook worked properly and gave proper warning of the approaching Russian aircraft. 

Suddenly all their targeting screens went down! The Aegis radar was completely taken out leaving the USS Donald Cook and turning into a sitting duck! The SU-24 then did 12 simulated missile attacks on the ship flying right over the deck of the ship. All efforts to get the radar working during the attack failed. After the mock attack was over, the Russian aircraft flew away and “Donald Cook” was rushed into a port in Romania.

The Aegis radar system of the US Navy was supposedly the most sophisticated radar in the world. It’s clear now that the Russians have technology so advanced the Aegis radar is now a complete joke and totally obsolete.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Su-24 was equipped with the Khibiny EW system and was able to neutralize the AEGIS phased array radar target tracking capabilities while the ship's crew was unable to re-boot the system. It is not clear whether the jammer affected the radar system itself or only the computer-based component or either both at the same time.

The 4th generation Donald Cook was deaf and blind for 90 minutes.

(Glenn Canady - Veterans today)

-Video in Russian language:

★For Mother Russia!☭

Perhaps a new Maidan will change the situation? Let's See....(VIDEO)

Ukrainians want to arrange a new maidan and overthrow the power of the oligarchs (VIDEO)

28/02/2015 - 15:39

Kiev on the verge of fighting in the center of the Ukrainian capital, active participants who may become soldiers volunteer battalions and the so-called veterans ATO.

People realized that the greedy politicians and oligarchs betrayed all that for which the Ukrainians were standing on the Maidan.

Life has become worse at times. Wages are cut, pensions are not paid, utility rates are rising, normal operation is almost impossible to find.

Poroshenko and now all immersed in the blood of innocent people fascist gang used the revolutionary mood in the Ukrainian society for their own purposes.

They fought not against the system of government, and for that to become key elements of the system.

It so happened that the West has decided to help blinded by the lust for power and money Ukrainian politicians to organize a coup, because it responds directly to its geopolitical aspirations.

But in this whole situation, a simple Ukrainian people, no one thought, and his life has now turned into a living, unbearable hell.

Perhaps a new Maidan will change the situation? Let'S See.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ukrainian Troops Shooting Their Own Surrendering Soldiers!

Ukrainian Army Surrenders To Civilians

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It would appear as though the Ukrainian army has lost faith in it’s own government. A civil war may be next for the Ukraine.

6 Ukrainian tanks and APC’s have switched sides and started flying Russian flags.
Several videos released this week show Ukrainian soldiers lowering their Ukrainian flags and hoisting Russian flags above their APC’s. After being ordered to enter downtown Kramatorsk to crack down on anti-government protesters, they were stopped in their tracks by large groups of pro-Russia civilians.
The soldiers expressed that they did not agree with how the government was handling the situation, and turned their weapons, and even vehicles over the protesters. Many of the soldiers ordered to stop the protests promised to defend the civilians if the military was ordered to take violent action against them.

Residents of Kramators’k captured tanks and forced them to leave without weapons in the village Ivanovka:


The Ukrainian army sides with the people:


Some REAL Truth About The Ukrainian "Civil" War: Ukrainian Troops Shooting Their Own Surrendering Soldiers!

The Ukrainian "civil" war is absolutely nothing of the sort... The liars in the Jew spew media and the liars in our governments are harping constantly with the ABSOLUTE lies that this war is directed against "Separatists", "Russian Insurgents", "Russian Invaders", and "Russian Rebels" in the eastern provinces of Ukraine... The fact is simple here and all readers should understand this fully:  The eastern provinces decided last year in a perfectly legal and binding referendum that they no longer wanted to be part of the Ukrainian nation that the US criminal proxy government in Kiev had turned into a dismal failure.  They did not want to be part of what they saw was a failed state where they would be enslaved to criminal IMF banking scumbags for eternity, and decided and within their rights to go their own way.  The referendum result was overwhelming in favor of separation.  The criminal Kiev US proxy government did not abide by the wishes of these people, and instead have turned the Ukrainian army on these innocent people and have for the last 1/2 year been slaughtering civilians!

One factor that has not been told in the criminal lying media outlets is the fact that the Ukrainian leadership has been brainwashing their soldiers for the last year with the lie that they are going to the eastern provinces to fight both criminal Russian led separatists, and even Russian insurgents themselves... However, when many do get to the eastern provinces and begin fighting, they quickly realize that they are fighting civilians only, and that they are slaughtering innocent and unarmed women and children!   The psychological effect has been enormous on these troops and many become disillusioned by the "war" and many have either refused to fight and kill civilians, OR they have surrendered and/or defected to the "rebel" side.....

Right now, I want to present a startling video that I came across a few days ago... This video is an absolute must see by everyone, because it shows evidence that the criminal leadership of the Ukrainian army has been given orders to shoot their own soldiers that try to stop fighting and surrender to the so called "rebels" in the eastern provinces of Ukraine.... I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves a reality of what this so called "war" is all about, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, this is quite alarming indeed, and shows exactly what is actually happening in the eastern provinces of Ukraine right now... It shows that when the Ukrainian army sees the truth, many definitely question why the hell they are there and others simply stop shooting!!!

The Ukrainian army calls these troops that fire on their own soldiers 'barrier troops', but to me they are cold blooded killers..... I always thought that it was a war crime to shoot POW's????

Is it no wonder that our Jew spew media here does not show this cold reality of exactly what this war in Ukraine is truly all about... They do not want people to see that the Ukrainian army themselves are seeing exactly who they are fighting and have indeed been surrendering rather than slaughter civlians!

It is also a fact that our own criminal governments definitely do not want people to be made aware of this being the reality of what is happening in Ukraine... These criminals are pushing hard for a full blown war with Russia, and if people found out that the Ukrainian army is indeed shooting their own soldiers, there will be so many questions to answer and definitely hell to pay...

More to come


China Reams the #US over Anti-Russia Stance

China Reams the #US over Anti-Russia Stance

February 27, 2015, 8:34 am

File Photo: US President Barack Obama with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin [PPIO]
In a clear indication of its strong support for its BRICS partner, China has said western nations must shed their zero-sum mentality and accommodate Russian security concerns over the Ukraine crisis.

The Ukraine crisis is being fueled by games played by the US and the European Union, said a Chinese diplomat on Thursday.

“The United States is unwilling to see its presence in any part of the world being weakened, but the fact is its resources are limited, and it will be to some extent a hard work to sustain its influence in external affairs, ” Chinese envoy to Belgium Qu Xing told state news agency Xinhua.

“There were internal and external reasons for the Ukraine crisis. Originally, the issue stemmed from Ukraine’s internal problems, but it now was not a simple internal matter. Without external intervention from different powers, the Ukrainian problem would not develop into the serious crisis as it be,” Qu said.

China has, earlier, criticized Western sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Qu notes that the eastern and western parts of Ukraine had differing cultural and ethnic traditions historically and that Russian-speaking regions had held long close ties with Moscow.

In what was a clear backing for Russian interests in the region, the Chinese envoy said Moscow is feeling “anxious that the West may squeeze its geographical space by extending influence in eastern European countries including Ukraine”.

Ukraine could be a warning for most countries in the world, says the Chinese ambassador.

“The major powers need to seek a win-win situation rather than zero-sum security,” Qu said.

Notwithstanding Washington’s military prowess, the US is still insecure, consistently increasing its sphere of influence, including moves to enhance the global distribution of ballistic missile defense systems.

The envoy alluded to Washington’s national security review system for foreign investors’ mergers and acquisition activities in the States. But its definition of “national security” was not clear or transparent enough, Qu alleged.

The US “is highly sensitive to its own security, while ignoring other countries’ basic security needs and concerns”, he added.

“The West should abandon the zero-sum mentality, and take the real security concerns of Russia into consideration,” said Qu.

With the EU’s geographical proximity to Ukraine and its energy dependence on Russia, the European Union is more pragmatic than the US over the Ukraine issue, he said.

The lack of US participation in the Minsk agreement, on the one hand, raised the negotiation leverage for EU partners but left room for maneuver.

“Even though a latest ceasefire agreement had been achieved, it is still possible for the Western parties to change the original decisions in the future for the excuse that the United States was not involved in the negotiations,” he said.

The United States and some leaders in Europe have, this week, threatened to impose tougher sanctions against Moscow.

Additionally, the US is considering arming the Ukrainian military.

Without Lips Teeth Feel the Cold? Chinese Support for Russia in the Ukraine Crisis
Publication: China Brief Volume: 15 Issue: 4
February 20, 2015 02:05 PM Age: 6 days
By: Clark Edward Barrett

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang meets with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during Li's October 2014 visit to Russia. (Credit: Xinhua)

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, China has been remarkably forthright in its consistent opposition to the imposition of sanctions against Russia following the country’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and support for separatist movements in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. China, along with Brazil, India and South Africa, abstained from voting on United Nations (UN) General Assembly Resolution 68/262, which affirmed the UN’s commitment to recognize Crimea within Ukraine’s international borders. More recently, on February 2, in Beijing, the foreign ministers of China, Russia and India issued a joint statement condemning interference in the internal affairs of other nations through the use of United Nations General Assembly resolutions, attempts at regime change and the unilateral imposition of sanctions on the basis of domestic law alone in a clear rebuttal of the United States and its sanctions against Russia (Xinhua, February 2). These strong statements in favor of Russia, albeit without official statements of support for its actions in Ukraine, suggest that China is actively formulating trade and economic cooperation deals with Russia to circumvent Western sanctions and in extremis may consider providing emergency aid to Russia should it be requested by Vladimir Putin. Beijing’s support for Russia, evident in increased bilateral state-run investments, ministerial pronouncements and wide-ranging media coverage, appears to be motivated by economic concerns and a desire to preserve Russia as a bulwark against U.S. dominance in the international community.

Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation

Following the imposition of Western sanctions on Russia, and especially as the Russian economy deteriorated in the second half of 2014, the Chinese government stepped in with numerous agreements for economic cooperation to support the Russian economy. Russia’s quest to alleviate its economic distress by finding alternative export markets and investments as well as using its foreign currency reserves to support the Ruble has likely motivated an upsurge in Sino-Russian diplomacy and trade in 2014. Prominent examples of recent Sino-Russian economic cooperation include 49 agreements signed by President Putin during his May 2014 visit to China, including two major deals for Russia to deliver a total of 68 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually to China beginning in 2018 (see China Brief, January 23; Xinhua, May 24, 2014). Xinhua explained that Russia is seeking to “look east” by strengthening its cooperation with China and other Asia-Pacific states in order to compensate for the departure of Western investors following the imposition of sanctions (Xinhua, May 24, 2014).

During an October 2014 visit to Russia, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signed 38 cooperation agreements in energy, trade and finance, including the opening of a new credit limit agreement between the Russian Foreign Trade Bank and China Export-Import Bank. Li also signed a currency exchange arrangement intended to promote the internationalization of the Renminbi, which would reduce Russia’s reliance on the dollar. Tellingly, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce reported the deals under an article entitled, “China Helps Russia Resist Western Sanctions,” which further detailed that between January and September 2014, Chinese oil imports from Russia grew by 45 percent, in contrast to a 20-percent decline in Russian oil sales to Europe over the same period (Ministry of Commerce, October 13, 2014).

Despite the accords signed between China and Russia over the summer of 2014, Russia’s economic condition markedly deteriorated from September to December due to declining government oil revenues and the accelerating depreciation of the ruble against the U.S. dollar. By November, a number of Chinese state-run media outlets began to report that China was beginning to be affected by Russia’s economic weakness. According to Zhang Jianping, director of the National Development and Reform Commission Research Unit on International Cooperation, the Ruble’s rapid devaluation and the reduced spending power of Russia’s population were having a detrimental impact on Russia-China trade. Zhang also stated that some cooperation agreements signed between Russian and Chinese companies had been discontinued due to the state of Russia’s economy. He added that Western punishment of the country might have a negative effect on China’s “one belt, one road” project (yidaiyilu), better known as the “New Silk Road,” which is the focus of significant Chinese financial and diplomatic efforts in Asia (see China Brief, December 19, 2014; Xinhua, December 18, 2014).

Liu Huaqin, the deputy director of European Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Research Institute, claimed that the ruble’s instability presents significant risks to Chinese companies that invest in Russia, such as Fuyao Glass and automotive manufacturer Geely, and that as of December some Chinese companies were already suffering. Liu asserted that the ruble’s devaluation and the fall of world oil prices is a deliberate part of the West’s punishment of Russia and that the greater competitiveness of Russian exports to China resulting from ruble depreciation is insufficient to mitigate the damage caused by Western sanctions. Liu concluded that it “may be necessary to adopt appropriate measures such as helping Russia through the crisis” (Xinhua, December 18, 2014).

Beijing Debates a China-led SCO Bailout for Russia

Liu’s statement presaged a more serious Chinese discussion of greater support for the Russian economy. Although the underlying factors of Russia’s economic problems in other countries have in the past been solved through a bailout by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), U.S. dominance over the institution suggests it would likely demand the cessation of Russian involvement in Ukraine and the restoration of the status quo ante bellum as a prerequisite of aid. This leaves the Chinese government as the remaining viable option for Russia should assistance be required.

On December 18, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang, dismissed Western claims that Russia’s economy was on the brink of collapse, adding that China believed Russia—with ample foreign currency reserves, a comparatively small debt-to-GDP ratio compared with most other G20 nations, a rich energy and good industrial base—had taken steps to stabilize its foreign currency market and would overcome its present crisis (Xinhua, December 18, 2014). When asked whether China would support Russia through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Qin answered: “Presently the world economic recovery is slow and the SCO was not only intended to guarantee regional stability and security but also to provide a serious development platform for members…the SCO has a common wish, which is to strengthen pragmatic cooperation between members, commonly promoting the economic stability and growth of individual member states and the region at large” (Xinhua, December 18, 2014). Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi late asserted that China has consistently offered mutual support and assistance to Russia, and if Russia were in need, “China will do everything in its power (lisuo nengli) to help and supply necessary aid” (Phoenix, December 20, 2014).

Chinese solidarity with Russia was also expressed by Premier Li during a December 2014 SCO heads of government summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, where he met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to Li, due to the perilous state of the world economic recovery, SCO members should “cross the river in the same boat” (tongzhuogongyi), a statement which Chinese newspaper Guancha interpreted as a signal that China was prepared to directly assist Russia (Guancha, December 20, 2014). Li also expressed his wish that Russia would widen its cooperation with China in energy, industry, high-speed rail, finance and development of Russia’s Far East (People's Daily, December 16, 2014). Commenting on these developments, Cheng Yijun a research fellow at the Development Research Center under the State Council, claimed that, “if the Kremlin decides to seek assistance from Beijing, it is very unlikely for the Xi leadership to turn it down... This would be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate China is a true friend, and also its great-power status” (Guancha, December 20, 2014).

Russia’s Ambassador to China, Andrey Denisov, thanked China for expressing its opposition to Western sanctions and stressed that Russia only desires support from China, not assistance. Denisov maintained that discussions about Russia’s economic situation should be centered not on aid but on mutual reciprocation and advantage, such as in trade and the settlement of contracts in local currencies (Global Times, December 30, 2014).

Chinese Media Cynical About Goal of Western Sanctions

Besides Chinese ministerial pronouncements about assisting Russia, Chinese state media have also provided insights into China’s strategic calculations in relation to the Ukraine crisis. Following Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli’s visit to Russia on September 1, 2014, the People’s Daily published an essay by the deputy Director of the China Institute of International Studies, Su Xiaohui, who claimed that the Sino-Russian energy relationship is not at all a stop-gap measure (quanyi zhiji), and is instead based on mutual profit and advantage. Furthermore, China and Russia’s cooperation is beneficial in developing Russia’s Far Eastern region, which is relatively backward and will bring improved roads, power stations and general infrastructure in keeping with Russia’s national revitalization project. Su rebuked those in the West who might criticize China for supporting Russia during sanctions and argued that China has always opposed such measures and instead prefers diplomatic solutions to global disputes (People’s Daily Oversees, September 4, 2014). An editorial titled “China and Russia Have Already Joined Hands to Shape the New World Order,” published in International Finance News (a subsidiary of the People’s Daily) claimed that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are a reaction against U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) humiliation of the country following the Soviet Union’s collapse. Moreover, the editorial connects the Ukraine crisis with maritime disputes between China, Japan and the Philippines, both of which, the newspaper asserts, were instigated by the United States as part of its pivot to Asia and attempts to encircle China (International Finance News, September 29, 2014).

However, some Chinese scholars do not agree that China should be prepared to offer loans to President Putin’s Russia. Wang Haiyun, the deputy director of the Sino-Russian Relations Research Group under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, claimed that Chinese public opinion is evenly divided on the issue of Russian aid, with one group advocating support for Russia and the other contending that helping would only place a burden on China (Global Times, December 21, 2014). Wang maintains that both of these opinions are extreme since definitively backing Russia would accentuate U.S.-China conflict and draw fire onto China (yinhuo shaoshen), which would not be in China’s strategic interest. On the other hand, not concerning itself with Russia would constitute a lack of foresight, since a Russian economic collapse precipitated by sanctions would affect many countries (including China), and ultimately both China and Russia would face renewed U.S. strategic pressure. Criticism has also been leveled at Russia’s poor management of its economy, which has left it vulnerable to sanctions. Zheng Yu, a Russian specialist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, censured Russia for failing to reform its economy noting that Western sanctions are merely exacerbating a deeper economic malaise caused by the preponderance of oil in Russia’s economy. The formation of energy oligopolies, have impeded the productivity of non-governmental industries and scientific progress making Russian non-oil products uncompetitive outside the Commonwealth of Independent States. Zheng contends that this situation, more serious to Russia than the global financial crisis in 2008, might be beneficial in the long-term by compelling the Russian leadership to embark on a comprehensive program of economic reforms (Global Times, October 23, 2014).


Clearly, Chinese ministerial pronouncements and state-run articles indicate the variance of Chinese and Western views toward Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its place in the international community. Chinese media discussion of possible assistance for the Russian economy suggests that Beijing clearly views maintaining a stable and capable Russia in China’s long-term geopolitical and economic interests. Accordingly, the Chinese leadership has taken major steps to facilitate the expansion of Sino-Russian trade and investment, which are vital for Russia in its efforts to avert serious economic distress caused by sanctions and its near-total exclusion from Western capital markets. Moreover, indications exist that the Chinese leadership appears willing to provide emergency assistance to Russia should it be required and that Beijing is seriously contemplating the best way of administering any possible aid to protect Russian pride and help Putin save face in such an event. In addition to securing its northern neighbor against Western encroachment, China will also derive economic benefits from liberalizing investment opportunities in Russia’s Far East while also gaining diplomatic capital in Moscow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Poroshenko begged For Weapons from the United Arab Emirates

Poroshenko begged For Weapons from the United Arab Emirates

February 24, 2015, 15:46

Poroshenko agreed with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates on arms. It is reported Advisor Interior Minister of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada deputy Anton Gerashchenko on his page on Facebook.

As the Gerashchenko, during the meeting Poroshenko with the supreme commander of the UAE, Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Al Nahyan in an appropriate dorovorennost.

The talks were held in the capital of an Arab state where Poroshenko arrived to participate in the international exhibition of arms IDEX-2015.Weapons and delivery volumes were not disclosed, stressed Gerashchenko.

Previously, the EU refused to supply weapons to Kiev, the US government still considering this issue.

In addition, as reported by Tass source in the Ukrainian delegation, presidential security service of Ukraine Poroshenko unofficially banned Russian journalists to participate in a meeting of the President with the media at an arms fair IDEX-2015 in Abu Dhabi.

"Allowed to participate only members of Ukrainian, Western and regional media. Of course, this is not an official ban, "- said the official.

National Council Awarded LC Chapter DNR Zaharchenko rank of Major General

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)
Today at 4:45 am 
National Council Awarded LC Chapter DNR Zaharchenko rank of Major General and HIM Awarded the Order.
The Deputies of the People's Council of LC Today Awarded by the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko rank of Major General LC and HIM Awarded the Order of Valor Level I, Trend Reports. Lugansk Information Center from the scene. THUS, parliamentarians supported Previously Expressed in this Respect the Proposal of the Head of LC Igor Plotnitsky. The NA LC Alex Karjakin in His speech Said - High Military rank conferred Zaharchenko for His Services DURING A joint operation Forces LC and DNR on Elimination Debaltsevskogo bridgehead.

Brainstorming: Soon we will be in Poltava and Kherson.

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
Brainstorming: Soon we will be in Poltava and Kherson.

Report from the Brigade "Ghost." "Alex Brain gave a tour of the positions of the militia and said he was ready to die for the truth, if it is necessary to win duet New Russia. The commander said that the struggle against fascism will not stop until until Novorossia not find freedom and the occupants will not be expelled from its land. " 

Brainstorming: Soon we will be in Poltava and Kherson.

"John McCain is deeply ashamed that the US does not help to kill more people in Ukraine"

DONBASS  "Berkut"
Today at 4:30 am
"John McCain is deeply ashamed that the US does not help to kill more people in Ukraine"

» American Conservative American military aid only add fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian crisis, and even more harm to the population of Ukraine, writes columnist magazine The American Conservative Daniel Larison, commenting on a recent statement by Senator McCain. "John McCain is deeply ashamed that the US does not help to kill more people in Ukraine," - outraged Larison recent statement of US Senator. 

Earlier, American politician John McCain in an interview with US television channel CBS said that he "ashamed for my country, its president and himself "and he had" broken heart "because of the fact that the United States has not yet made ​​a decision on arms Kiev. According to columnist American Conservative, send American weapons to Ukraine is likely only lead to an escalation of the conflict, increasing the number of people affected and greater losses Ukraine territories. 

"People who like McCain thinks it is necessary to help, will only get worse from all of these actions, and the US will partially be responsible for this result "- said Larison. McCain shame only when the United States refuse to actions that will lead to more death and destruction, Larison said, adding? that in the last 20 years has been a leading supporter of Senator policy US military intervention in the affairs of other states. 

"If the US does not add fuel to the fire, so that more people have died, then he (McCain -ed.) in mourning tears his clothes," - sure the author. According to him, McCain probably feel better if the United States will "throw" the problem of weapons, regardless of what happens with the people he so desperately wants to "help". From the point of view Larison is the best example of why the recommendation McCain on foreign policy should always be ignored. 

What is agreed at the talks in Minsk talks "Norman four" held on February 12, passed amid a sharp deterioration of the situation in the Donbass, provoked by Ukrainian law enforcers, who, having increased strength steel storm position militias.

Following the meeting, the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany adopted a series of measures, involving, in particular, the cease-fire in the Donbas from February 15, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the establishment of safety zones.Read the full text of the document, " How is the Minsk agreement announced ceasefire, according to the parties to the conflict and observers observed throughout the contact line, except Debaltseve. 

Under this city, according to militia, the so-called boiler were about three thousand Ukrainian security services, while in Kiev denied environments. The last few days in the area Debaltseve, one of the largest transportation hubs in Ukraine, were clashes with security forces militias. Developments - in the plot RIA Novosti "

Igor Hands: If people believe in the New Russia, wish it occurs it means that sooner or later it will happen

Igor Hands: If people believe in the New Russia, wish it occurs it means that sooner or later it will happen

- How do you manage so suddenly relocate their forces from the Slavic Donetsk with minimal losses? Why Ukrainians are not used against your column aviation - in fact this question then spawned readers hysteria on the Internet, there are various "conspiracy theory" ...

The fact that Ukrainian Command believed (sincerely believe it) that we will stay in Slavyansk wait for death. I deliberately created this illusion they have, including through their own statements and diversions, and he constantly worked to strengthen the morale of my fighters and the tabulation of reinforcements in Slavic, although he had already been in semicircle.

Just thought and teams who have exalted significance of the Slav as a kind of banner - that we will be there to fight to the very end, and they correctly perceive and evaluate me. I felt sort of cool Whites and White Guard traditionally thought of as someone who desperately seeks death. But I'm not a White Guard, in fact, though not deny their commitment to a particular ideology and a deep respect for those who fought in the Civil War 1917 - 1921 years.

I'm still an officer, an officer of the FSB, and the rank of colonel was not for beautiful eyes. Of course, I have had some success, skills that allowed me to serve in the security forces, in chastnoti participate in the fight against terrorism. So, naturally, I did not want to lose the most battle-worthy army of the New Russia - m most numerous at that time - and, of course, as a team, I was responsible for the lives of their people. I could not allow the extermination of his brigade. And those who had some idea of ​​the situation, were shocked when we went out.

They then received by a different logic than we do. Always wanted to keep everything that won.Suppose seize some strategic point, they will break our artillery, and again they fed their troops. And so every time. Apparently, it is a feature of national psychology in terms of its army - nothing to give, try to keep everything ("zim scho not - then pidnadkusyvayu").

Despite the fact that since ancient times known saying: "Who wants to have it all in the end will have nothing." So they, after we left Sloviansk thought that we should certainly fight for Kramators'k - although Kramators'k could then be surrounded - as they captured Artiomovsk. I realized that there is no sense to keep Kramators'k and decided as soon as possible to go to Donetsk.

For ukrov it was unexpected. Ab-with-but-Lute! No they did not expect that after such a strong defense Slavianska we come to Donetsk. And for me it was only from a military point of view, the right decision. I reasoned that pointless to keep Kramators'k, while the enemy can quickly seize Donetsk, where the situation was desperate: has already been taken ukrami Amvrosiyivka, and essentially only laziness and absolute incompetence Ukrainian officers are not allowed to block Donetsk.

A defense of the city like a miner, Thorez and partly Snow was not at all assured. More precisely, there were some tiny units coordinate could not resist the Ukrainian armed forces.

I appreciated that Donetsk is the main stronghold of the defense and, above all, we need to keep it, and to do this - to provide a link to the border (Russian). I led an army there and began to organize the defense of Donetsk, and they do not expect. And therefore has not pitched our column.

In addition, we must not forget that the Ukrainian aircraft suffered heavy losses under the Slavonic.They lost more than ten helicopters and two planes rather even three, one reconnaissance aircraft and two combat. In addition, several helicopters and airplanes have received various injuries.

- Your coming to Donetsk - the capital of the breakaway republic - explained internecine conflicts, disagreements that have arisen in it. And after you came to start a political process of stabilization and integration of the armed forces ...

My coming to Donetsk was purely military reasons. Moreover, while I was sitting in Slavyansk, I do not want to Donetsk, because, in my then "Slavic look" in Donetsk was the center of all the intrigues.Keep getting reports from there: there really happening total chaos reigned banditry. Mass of small commanders shared power, organized cleaning, someone overthrown, someone banished ...

Bezler then someone starts to chase, then Khodakovsky something "cleaned" - I do not want to get involved in all this. I would like to deal exclusively with military matters and arrived in Donetsk only for this one. And when I arrived, everyone was expecting that I will fight for political power, I want to disarm some unruly units ...

But in the difficult situation I had to do neither the strength nor resources; it was necessary to urgently create defenses Donetsk. Defense of the city to build, but not his own power! Therefore, just two days after arrival in Donetsk, I started to distribute the battalions in the territory: Mospino, brandishing Shakhtarsk, snowy - there we had to quickly send forces to organize the defense and clearing the corridor to the border with Russia.

But a week later, we began offensive operations under robins, Stepanivka and reached the border.Struck its own corridor, although narrow, but it was a ... Up to this point in the DNI did not have a single corridor. All assistance went through Lugansk, through Izvarino (border crossing point on the border of the Lugansk region of the Russian Federation).

While I was in Donetsk, it does not interfere in political decisions beard, and did not want to interfere.Someone accuses me even now that I did not toppled, not disarmed, has not set its own power, t. E. Not behaved like a dictator of New Russia - say, it would be nice and helpful. Once I had seen that it would be not only useful but also dangerous. This would jeopardize the help of Russia. I would be declared a rebel and a usurper - so, looking around, and I made the right decision, without regard to the fact that the situation there was further bad in terms of order and national defense.

- Unlock the mystery of why so suddenly followed your resignation? First came the message that you are wounded, but soon disproved ...

I was not injured, although, frankly, there was a plan in order to overthrow me, but thanks to my excellent protection it has not been implemented. I can not say that I left voluntarily - I was threatened that stop supplies from Russia, and without supplies to fight impossible. The Kremlin has triumphed political line, focused on peace talks, and it required people pliant (in the understanding of those who are involved in this issue). And I, of course, did not show any tractability and because they did not meet the requirements. That was forced to leave his post, but without pressure.

- In the DNI officially stated that you are on vacation and come back in a month ...

It was an outright lie. And, of course, I knew it. He knew that no one will give me back there, that the resignation of the final, but since most of the Slavic team was very good opinion about me - they do not call me a commander, but the "leader" - and for them my resignation was a shock, the Raja of this was invented such lies. Of course, from a military point of view of my departure did not make sense, but because it still happened to announce that my care - temporary, it was more convenient.

- So, there is no chance that you will return? Or the part of the Russian political elite simply will not allow it due to your principles, and, so to speak, your idealism and position in life?

It is not idealism. Idealism me, of course, partly inherent, but overall I'm pretty pragmatic. If I was just an idealist, you will not be able to collect some no army. At the time of withdrawal under my command were more than five thousand people with polovingoy - a very large army for the civil war, all the more so for the Donbass.

None of the then commanders had close under his leadership so many men, nor in Donetsk or Lugansk. The problem still is not that I'm an idealist, namely that, if you look from a practical point of view, I am categorically opposed to that course of action plan that has been defined.

Because I do not think this course is pragmatic - quite the contrary, he antipragmatichen. It leads into the abyss. You can not negotiate with those who fundamentally does not want to negotiate! As a result, we got a truce, which was beneficial only to the Ukrainian side; because ukry were on the verge of total collapse.

Truce them practically saved from total decay and perhaps even the Kiev authorities saved from falling. If our offensive developed further, it would have reached the borders of Lugansk and Donetsk Republic ... Instead ukram given the chance to bring reinforcements to build a new front line - despite the fact that they have not changed their original purpose! They were not prepared to any concessions to any! They were going to fight!

E., Can I have in this case be regarded as an idealist - yes, I'm an idealist in his position, which will undoubtedly have to fight. It was sort of sabotage and deliberate sabotage, and the people who did it, entered the Russian president misleading. They presented the matter as if Ukraine is ready to negotiate. No, Ukrainians only sought to gain time, and nothing more. Time won their questions poreshali and ready to continue fighting.

- In one of your statements you specify the person who is responsible for this revolution - Vladislav Surkov, Assistant to the President of Russia. You said that it is not surprising that the name sounded straight from the mouth of Kolomoisky, who called Surkov head of the "party of peace" in the Kremlin. Other knowledgeable person named as the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov ...

I do not want to go into big politics and debate on the topic of what makes Ivanov, making Surkov. I know only one thing - Surkov really moderator of the situation that we have at the moment. And we have the ongoing war, which gradually turns the Donbass a scorched desert. This, of course, there is his fault, for it was he who led the negotiation process. As you can imagine, to the true purpose can go different ways. He chose the path to a purpose that would allow Russia to suffer maximum damage with minimum result. It is his policy: minimum result - the maximum loss. I do believe that this man deliberately working against Russia.

- So it was not an accident?

No, I think he realized sabotages the order of President of Russia and consciously set Novorossia pass.

- As for the New Russia - there are critics, pointing to the fact that the New Russia is still only in the heads of the militia, politics and elite of Donbass and Russia, and the common people can not see it, because in fact there is not a single government nor the president of New Russia, nor the Army ...

We're going back to the old philosophical paradigm: what comes first - Mind over Matter? If we assume that the primary matter - that Novorossia as such does not exist. No territory, no borders, no monetary unit ... And if on the contrary ... How you called me this morning? Idealist? Assuming that the thought of ruling the world - that there is a New Russia, just as an idea.

Believe me, the basis of any state and any culture is the idea. It will not - there will be nothing. When there is an idea - hence Novorossia appear. If people believe in the New Russia, wish it occurs it means that sooner or later it will happen. This means that it will or will not be created, but, in any case, there is every opportunity for its creation and existence. Novorossia there - of flesh and blood.And in the end can become a state. Or - from my point of view, the ideal option - join Russia.

E. New Russia had no official status, it was the name of certain territories annexed by Russia after the Russian-Turkish wars of the XVIII century. As you remember. For me, it is rather a territorial designation. Whether it can be held as a state - time will tell. But as long as people are going to fight for Novorossiiyu until people are ready for something to fight - it exists.

- But many critics point out that here, people are fighting for the New Russia, and in the Donetsk among themselves can not agree, there are many warring factions ...

Yes, now there is anarchy and Makhnovism - that's a fact. But all takidavayte not forget the fundamental law of any war: war requires commanders - both on the battlefield and beyond. Every war requires a dictatorship. And we are trying to fight a war without going on a war footing. Moreover, it creates an environment in which there is no martial law can not be entered. Accordingly, we get a comprehensive Makhnovshchina. E., The mass of weapons of mass armed men, the mass of outstanding personalities among the commanders, and the complete lack of power with sufficient authority. To restore order in the New Russia, there must be martial law dictatorship is needed.Instead, introduce some "military democracy", expressed in banditry.

- Local dictatorship in war-torn areas of small ...

Well, yes. I would say, not a dictatorship and arbitrariness ... Anarchy - a military anarchy, among other things, created thanks to our Vladislav, forgive me, Lord, Yurevich Surkov, who struggled to let the union republics Donetsk and Luhansk in the integrity of the state is necessary, as i spoke.

And instead, it creates some scattered, fragmented respublichki. Within which there are also centers of power. For example, Kozitsin Ataman (leader in Anthracite) declares that he is a member of Lugansk republic is not included because it has a kind of a separate "Cossacks", and builds there an alternative power system.

And so it will continue, unfortunately, about as long as will be recognized secular principles. Even in ancient Rome during the war introduced a dictatorship. In ancient Greece - the same thing. And no one ever spoke against it. And all this in the classical democracy.

- It is strange that this has not been done ...

Yes it is just wrecking! This is expressed by a brief and succinct word - "sabotage." I will allow myself one observation. I once worked with a special archive documents of the Central Committee of the CPSU and confidential materials to sabotage on Sormovskiy shipyards. After that, when I say sabotage in the USSR was not that the executions were in these cases without trial, innocent - these people I laugh in the face.

I worked with these materials, studied documents: Triennial shipyard launched the seven ships and all seven were drowned during the descent! Perhaps there was no direct sabotage, and was negligent, careless ... But when shot director, commissioner and chief engineer - put in their place new ones. And all the ships became normal launchable.

Interview of Igor Strelkov big Serbian weekly "seals"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Britain stands in a very unusual position: "We came into this Ukraine crisis like lunatics"

Britain stands in a very unusual position: "We came into this Ukraine crisis like lunatics"

 February 20, 2015,

The House of Lords in a special report criticized the EU intervention in the affairs of Ukraine, stated the lack of competent analysts in Brussels and advised to continue to listen to the views of Moscow, while supporting sanctions against Russia as a whole. It is possible that the lords just a shame: Britain's role in the problems of the world is not the same as before.

The upper house of the British Parliament accused his government and the European Union in the "catastrophic misunderstanding" of the situation in Ukraine. The members of the Committee on EU Affairs issued a report in which, inter alia, states: "The Committee believes that the European Union and therefore to blame for Britain that they have entered into this crisis, not realizing, like a sleepwalker." 

"The lack of strong analytical resources in the United Kingdom, and the EU has actually led to a catastrophic misunderstanding sentiment (Ukrainian society - approx. VIEW) before the crisis," - said, in turn, head of the committee of the upper house of the British Parliament for EU Affairs, Lord Christopher Tagendhet.

"The events in Ukraine in the same way as the events in Hong Kong, developed by the US and the EU - voluntarily or under pressure - should be US policy"As a result, according to the report, during the crisis over Ukraine British government "has not been able to play such an active and prominent role in this matter, which it could play." Ie dissatisfaction with the British Lords is primarily due not so much to "the lack of strong analytical resources" as insufficient zeal London. Ukrainian settlement of the crisis involved France, Germany, Russia and even the recent rogue - Belarus. Incitement - the United States, Poland and the Baltic States. But Britain stands in a very unusual position for himself a detached observer, occasionally acting contradictory statements.

Perhaps, some analysts blame in this situation is, but on the whole the British political establishment blame primarily themselves.


After transforming the country from the "empire on which the sun never sets" in a small island state with strong centrifugal tendencies in Britain had a few behaviors. It was possible to bet on European integration, but distrust of the Spaniards, French and Germans evolved on the island over the centuries, it has been difficult to overcome. Could do neocolonialism: the formal political freedom former colonies continue to implement them in the economic and cultural expansion, that is, to build a kind of a "liberal empire", but this would require an effort comparable with the usual colonial conquest, and even more serious.

As a result, Britain has taken the third way, gradually becoming a satellite of its former colony - the United States. If Margaret Thatcher spent relatively independent policy even though the Anglo-American relations were then called "extraordinary" that Tony Blair has received well-deserved nickname "poodle Bush" - as Britain lost its independence in foreign policy.

In the romantic movie "Love Actually", filmed in the era of Blair, the British prime minister raises voice against the American president, for which he receives applause and a surge of people's love. Popular culture, tend to reflect what is happening in the mass consciousness. Another thing is that the film is about love, and discontent with the British prime minister has caused not US policy, and the fact that the American president stuck to his secretary.

However, on the eve of his retirement Blair went across the US demands and announced a sharp reduction in the British group in Iraq, for which he earned an article in The Washington Post with the headline humiliating "Our British poodle jumped off the leash" . Its author, that is very significant, was not an American, and a member of the House of Commons, Sir Malcolm Rifkind - former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence of Great Britain.

The current British Prime Minister Cameron also called "American poodle", and together with French President Hollande. Revived the term Member of Parliament George Galouey due to hasty agreement the EU to impose sanctions against Russia.

"The events in Ukraine in the same way as the events in Hong Kong, developed by the US and the EU - voluntarily or under pressure - should be American policy," - said it in October 2014.
In addition to voluntary refusal of Britain from its own foreign policy in favor of the US, the cause of the weak participation of London in Ukrainian affairs became difficult to overcome them (or rather - delayed) threat to the very existence of the state. All the forces of the political elite were thrown at countering a referendum on Scottish independence . By concentrating and bringing together unionists managed to defeat the separatists, whose position is received less than 45% of the vote. That is all the time Britain was not until Ukraine.

Trying to catch up

Now internal problems subsided, so London is trying to do what he always did - to intervene in the conflict loudest on the planet. And, perhaps, would have to agree with British lords - the level of intelligence of the proposed actions of the British politicians, mostly very low.

Yesterday's loud statement by the Minister of Defence of Great Britain that Russia is in Europe a more serious threat than the LIH, has already caused a backlash. "The statements of Mr. Fallon, of course, are beyond the diplomatic ethics - said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich. - This is absolutely intolerable characteristic that he gave something recalled last year's speech by US President Barack Obama, who has put Russia among the three main challenges of his country. "

Press Secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, in turn, noted that "the one who could say such a thing, hardly understands the substance of which he speaks."

The funny thing is that the statements Fallon categorically denied even those he was trying to "protect" - the Baltic countries. Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas accused the British of "alarmism". The same is said and Estonian colleague Sven Mikser Fallon: "there is no reason to panic." Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius and does shamed Fallon: "I think that such statements should not be. Where information is available, it is possible to exchange with colleagues through diplomatic channels. " Finally, the Minister of Defence Raymond Vejonis directly stated that he disagreed with his British counterpart, and now the threat of Russian military aggression in the Baltic countries do not.

Probably poodle who besieged the mouse should feel about the same as Fallon.

Escapade Defense Minister was not the only attempt of the British to intervene. Prior to this, London Moscow refused to participate in the exhibition of military equipment DSEI 2015. According to analysts, this decision is a big blow to the organizers of the show, and not by the Russian military-industrial complex, which is primarily interested in the markets of Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.As noted in an interview with LOOK editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko, the British did Russia "muck on the basis of short-term considerations."

It is significant that in the UK there are experts whose opinion differs from what is happening in the US policy of escalation. For example, the former head of British intelligence MI6 John Sawers in an interview with The Guardian called learn to coexist with modern Russia. "Russia has rejected Western values, but we are dealing with the Russia that is, not the one you would like to see," - said Sowers.He also criticized the policy of the West in Libya: "When the crisis erupted, we did not feel entitled to sit and watch as the crumbling Gaddafi rebels, demanding an end to the dictatorship. But we did not want to carry out a ground operation. The result - the growing chaos used fanatics. "

Unfortunately, pragmatists like Sowers in London not so much.Many British politicians complexes associated with the collapse of the empire, combined with the historical memory of the "great game" against the backdrop of suspicion in relation to the European Union at a subconscious understanding of its wholly subordinate role in relations with the United States. On the whole psychological cocktail superimposed education in public school for boys. About how it happens education, can be read, for example, in the books of Stephen Fry.

Speaking of Stephen Fry. On the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi, he wrote an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, in which Vladimir Putin likened to Hitler and warned about the terrible dangers threatening gay-Olympians.During the Olympics, as we know, no one was hurt LGBT people, which gave occasion to remember about"Godwin's law" , according to which a person by comparing the opponent to Hitler, a priori lost in the dispute.

Thanks to the British minister Fallon and his American predecessors, it seems, it is time to upgrade "Godwin's law" and to add to it compared to LIH.

In general, it should be remembered that the Pax Britannica was in the distant past, and the opinion of the UK in the modern world does not weigh more than the position of Estonia and Latvia. The leaders of the Baltic countries is already well aware.

German Foreign Minister commented on the proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine

German Foreign Minister commented on the proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine

 February 20, 2015,

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the European Union will consider a proposal Kiev sending the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, if the President of Ukraine Poroshenko officially requested to do so, however, the minister said that this should be respected in Ukraine truce.

At the same time, the minister spoke guardedly about the decision of Kiev to ask the UN to send a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine. According to Steinmeier, such a mission assumes steady adherence to the ceasefire. At the moment, the situation "very fragile", continued the head of German diplomacy, noting that the peacekeeping mission has meaning only if the parties to the conflict have given their consent.

However, Steinmeier said that if Poroshenko officially invited to go to the Ukraine international peacekeeping missions, that "this proposal will certainly be worthy of careful consideration." This idea, according to the German Foreign Minister, sounded another meeting in Norman format, but was not included in the final documents, reports Deutsche Welle .

"Everything takes time. We need to see how this is possible, "- said the minister, speaking of a possible peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. It is also necessary to reach an agreement about what the state could take part in it, he said. But first, according to Steinmeier, should consider improving the work of the OSCE, whose staff should monitor compliance with the ceasefire.

At the same time, the intention of Kiev caused an evasive response in Brussels. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini declined to comment on the subject.

The representative of EU foreign policy Catherine Ray noted that the first priority is to implement the agreements Minsk. She also said that the EU is ready, if necessary, to provide the OSCE mission in Ukraine more support.

Authorized by the Government of Germany intersocietal cooperation with Russia, the countries of the "Eastern Partnership" and Central Asia Gernot Erler, in turn, said sending peacekeeping troops of the United Nations and the European Union to Ukraine impracticable."This mission is complicated because for it also requires the consent of Russia", - said the politician. However, he does not count on the approval of this idea from the Kremlin.

As for the UN peacekeeping force, that Moscow could use its veto in the UN Security Council, said Erler. He also noted that before the peacekeeping mission will be prepared, will be held the week, and in the conflict zone are already affiliated with "recognized by both sides" of the OSCE. "I do not think in the short term can be an alternative to controlling the functions of the OSCE," - said the politician.

Skeptical about the possibility of sending international peacekeepers to Ukraine also expressed former Minister of Defence of Germany, Christian Democrat Franz Josef Jung, deputy chairman of the faction of the Social Democrats in the Bundestag Rolf Myutsenih and MP from the Left Party, Wolfgang Gerke. The deputy head of the ruling faction in Germany the CDU / CSU, Franz Josef Jung, in particular, said that the world needs now is not a new idea, and ensuring compliance with the agreements Minsk.

Recall, on Wednesday the president of Ukraine Poroshenko proposed National Security Council to discuss the introduction of peacekeepers into the country. NSDC, in turn, decided to appeal to the UN and the EU on the deployment of the police mission in Ukraine.