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Yatsenyuk Erupts in a Verbal Tirade: "That's Not True! There is no Proof, no Evidence!"

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Yatsenyuk Erupts in a Verbal Tirade: "That's Not True! There is no Proof, no Evidence!"
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How do you want him to put a bullet in the forehead ... Emotions will be no more than a crush sneakers cockroach. Yatsenyuk could not resist questioning war crimes ATO In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk became hysterical. 

When a German journalist asked about the war crimes of the Ukrainian army, politician cut him off and demanded evidence, saying that Russia was to blame, and "Russian terrorists" specifically kill civilians. 

In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the current government does not pay for their debts and the debts of the former president Yanukovych. "For three years, he has appropriated $ 40 billion, and we now have to pay for its debts," said the Prime Minister. "Our economy contracted by 20 percent.We lost the Crimea, 30 percent of the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk. Industrial production fell by 10 per cent of GDP - 7 "- said Yatsenyuk. 

However, in his words, tax collection exceeded last year by 5 percent. This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian government has done everything to cope with the "petty corruption", says Prime Minister: "We have reduced the administrative apparatus of the state by 10 percent. We have frozen all social programs. 

We released the laws that oblige our tycoons pay more taxes. " "But now, in order to survive, we need a large aid package," admitted Yatsenyuk. He also insists that the West continued to provide military assistance to Ukraine, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine. According to him, it is necessary to "repel Russian terrorists", so they do not move on. The Prime Minister stressed that it is a global security around the world, as well as in Europe. 

"Who can say where these terrorists who train in Chechnya, will be the next time? In Paris? In Berlin? ... They choose new targets - and not only us, "- says Yatsenyuk. He did not rule out that these "Russian terrorists" may appear in Latvia and Estonia. According to the Prime Minister, the only reason for the cancellation was the non-aligned status Ukraine Russia. 

"They [the Russian authorities] violate your airspace. Send submarines, intimidate NATO countries. The reject of NATO membership for Ukraine - is this prospect of security for you ", - explained Yatsenyuk. According to him, the "Russian invasion" of Georgia, on where the West did not respond properly, was the signal for Russia that "they can continue." The Prime Minister insists that Moscow observed the Minsk agreement. 

"Russia wants us all hands behind our back. They [the Russian authorities] want to have the means of destabilization, to foment conflicts within Ukraine - and long-term too. " According to Yatsenyuk, it will not be "frozen" and a "hot" conflict instead. At the end of an interview with a German journalist Konrad Schuller asked the position of the Prime Minister regarding the shelling of the civilian population, in which the human rights organization Human Rights Watch accuses the Ukrainian army. 

Breaking off in mid-sentence the journalist, Yatsenyuk yelled: "There is no proof! No evidence! I would advise Human Rights Watch to draw attention to the situation of human rights violations in the Crimea, where the kidnap of Crimean Tatars! I suggest that Human Rights Watch to look at what is happening in the occupied eastern Ukraine, and show me proof of their allegations that we use cluster bombs! " 

Schuller repeated the question, noting that, according to human rights organizations, the Ukrainian service is not investigating any the rights violation allegations. Then Yatsenyuk erupted in a full verbal tirade: "That's not true! There is no proof, no evidence! Russia is doing it on purpose! They know how to stir up conflicts, how to pay attention to these sensitive issues, and we know that the Russian terrorists shot specifically for civil. " "So you are investigating the charges?" - Once again asked the reporter. "We are investigating them, - said the Prime Minister. - But the problem is that we can not investigate in Donetsk, because we have no access to Donetsk. " 

"The UN also says illegal shelling" - insisted journalist. "I repeat for the fifth time: The Evidence! We are talking about facts, not assumptions! Russian won, too, argue that it is not they shot down flight MH17 »- broke off, Yatsenyuk. 

Last question Schuller sounded like this: "One of the problems of Ukraine are so-called oligarchs?
Revolutionaries on Independence would deprive these billionaires power, but today people like Igor Kolomoisky became even more powerful than before. Kolomoisky controls several Ukrainian volunteer battalions. " 
"These are rumors - said Yatsenyuk. - That some oligarchs took control of a number of volunteer battalions. I do not want to speculate on this topic. " "Our answer is that the president and the government control the situation in the Ukrainian army. Have private armies prohibited. If we get the evidence, each will be judged. Everyone "- concluded his thought Prime Minister.

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