Monday, January 26, 2015

We don't have terrorists in Donbass - all terrorists and Nazis are in Kiev Govt. Command

Civil war in Ukraine.
Horror in the center Europe...

We don't have terrorists in Donbass - all terrorists and Nazis are in Kiev Govt. Command
That's what happens when ardent nationalists came to power in Ukraine and they receiving support of the European Union and the United States.

People in the Donbass don't want join to the European Union and don't support Kiev nazis.

  • Why Kiev can not solve everything peacefully ?!
  • Why Kiev don't search snaiper from Maydan?
  • Why Kiev don't search killers from Odessa which was burn people alive?
  • Why after Maydan the money come to war but not to Ukrainian economic upgrade?
  • Why Poland forgot Rzeź wołyńska and support ukranian Bandera adept?
  • Why government of Europe mourn about 17 french people, but nobody mourn about every day killing people from Donbass?
  • Why government of Europe give money to war?
  • Why your (EU and USA) private military companies and mercenaries come to kill us?

Only residents of Donbass after Maidan (overthrow of President Yanukovych by nationalist groups) showed courage and said "No We Against to Nazism in Kiev" and after that Ukraine's new government start there a war against the population of Donbass.

Across Ukraine passes forced mobilization of soldiers (ordinary people) for the war in the Donbass. Although officially the war has not been declared. There is no enemy. It is called "anti-terrorist operation."

People in west and middle Ukraine are afraid to speak out against, otherwise they will be sent to war in Donbass as soldier or imprisoned, or will be tortured in the Security Service of Ukraine.

There is no freedom of speech.

We don't have terrorists in Donbass - all terrorists and monsters in Kiev government.

May be the main target of all last events in Ukraine is - isolation and crash of Russia and we (ukrainians) is only expendable material?

Help us! Support us! Our government is killing us!

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