Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine legalize Buying out of the Army Mobilization...& Property Seizures

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine legalize Buying out of the Army  Mobilization...& Property Seizures

Ukrainian MPs plan to establish the amount of the official repurchase of a compulsory military service, that it was "not to be ashamed, of and will be regulated in the legislative field procedure." This is reported by local media today. 

According to legislators, this decision will allow those who really know how to make money an easy out, and instead of serving military service buy a personal finance contract. The Profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on National Security and Defence offers a set amount for the repurchase of this military service, equivalent to an annual or five-year financial support contractor. This was on the sidelines of the Ukrainian Parliament, said MP from the "Popular Front" Andrew Teteruk. 

"Today will be a meeting of the Committee of National Security and Defence, on which we will report to the head of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, who in turn will use additional solutions for the mobilization bill" - quoted by a deputy portal 112.ua. "It is the constitutional duty of citizens to defend their country. Two thousand dollars - is just a ridiculous amount and does not correspond to reality. 

What Mr Birch would like to offer over the figure, will be a five-year or annual financial security contractors pay, and not the $ 2 thousand. It should be a fairly substantial sum, which will allow only people who really make a lot of money able to pay it off. They should not be ashamed of it as it will be a regulated procedure of the legislative field, "- said Teteruk. It should be noted that previously deputy Rada Simon Semenchenko also proposed to define the amount of the repurchase of the army, equal to $ 2 thousand. 

As before it was War or prison. Meanwhile, Ukraine in 2015, will have three waves of mobilization. The corresponding documents, president Peter Poroshenko signed on January 14. He did it in the presence of regional governors of Ukraine. Earlier, First Deputy Chief of the Defence Planning and mobilization of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Vladimir Talalay said that evasion of military service in Ukraine is "a serious problem". In this regard, he proposed to introduce criminal responsibility for the offense to imprisonment for a term of two to five years. 

"If a citizen has openly declared his unwillingness to perform military service, criminal liability for it is supposed to be from 2 to 5 years in prison. For lighter violations - administrative responsibility, "- he said. The fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine will start on January 20, two more are planned in April and June. During mobilization is intended to draft around 50 thousand men. At the same time, as stated by Ukrainian military, if it becomes necessary to call more into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it will be for both men and women. 

A seizure of vehicles said Talalay is also needed for the army in the area of ​​military operations in the Donbass. From Ukrainian enterprises of all forms of ownership will be seizures of vehicles. "We plan in the next wave of mobilizing to seize thousands of vehicles and private equipment. It will be sent to specialized distribution centers throughout Ukraine, as well as engineering bases, so that we can take this technique out there quickly, if necessary, to serve and then have a right to carry out tasks, "- said Talalay. 

Equipment will be withdrawn not only from state-owned enterprises, but also private entrepreneurs. "Withdrawal of technology is expected in all kinds of enterprises," - said the representative of the General Staff, adding that the cabinet has set certain limits on the number of seized vehicles. "They are set to prevent the total destruction of farms and businesses. The technique is that all will be taken for free, but if it will be destroyed in the fighting, the government could compensate its value, "- said the decision of the Ukrainian government Talalay. 

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