Sunday, January 11, 2015

URGENT! Massive bombardment DNI! The threat is serious!

URGENT! Massive bombardment DNI!

AntiMaydan Odessa | South Front | Novorossia SOUTH
Today at 2:42 pm

Probably for conducting tougher negotiations Kiev authorities want to recapture at least part of the territories and cities DNR LC. 

1. Vladislav Konorev: "Yes, Gorlovka flew very much .. with half 8 and only now become quieter .. All this time volley after volley was for us. It was not grads likely hurricanes. Almost all hitting the residential areas. "
2. Posted by militia, especially for news has : "Briefly, shelling in four districts of Donetsk and Gorlovka ... a lot of destruction, they have killed civilians, disrupted water and electricity (in some areas), barely had time to withdraw from the mine Zasyadko the miners alive , the electricity supply is broken there. We used a lighter thermite, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, cornflowers, Tulips, SAU ... This has not been since the beginning of the war. In the city there is no panic, everything is understood. Everything in its place. Breakthrough no one allow all determined. I do not know how many dead ... They say more than 100 ... Gorlovka got much ((And Gorlovskiy say that 100 is not enough, they have in almost all glass povyletali their obkladyvali even when we heard 4 hours rolled them. We have the same (Donetsk) will soon fly like pissing brooms with the siren, the hospital and back. A lot, really a lot of injured. What about Mariupol. Suburbs treated ours, Granite almost ours. In Mariupol lot dill! Strong defense, but they piss badly if to press harder, themselves piled up. Many mercenaries in that direction. They are armed good, but willpower is weak, any stronger impact - they will run. "

3. Self-Yenakievo: "Well, karoch, you have all the rules. Spatki go. And harosh me in PM zadalbyvat. Well post for what? All equal in Yenakievo okay. Horlovks badly damaged Kuraganka, Bessrabka, holmium, partly Korolenko fascists hollowed hurricane mixed with large-caliber self-propelled guns. At the Komsomolets, according to unconfirmed reports podstanitsiya burned. According to the victims, I can not say anything yet, but I'm sure that they have some since last been in contact with live arrays " 

4. Reports per hour: 0:40. Donetsk. / Complete package "hail" fell on Gvardeyku by s. Water 0: 41. Donetsk. Our artillery responded similarly: a complete package of "city" in the positions ukrofashistov s.Vodyanoe. Second went ..UPD 38: 00:45 (HP) on Petrovsky district suffered artudar MLRS with a south-westerly direction. The situation is tense . 1:00. Mariupol. / From the standpoint of Kalchyk and Sartana ukrofashisty firing on Talakovki. All citizens to take precautions to move away from windows or go down to the shelter! The threat is serious!


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