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Ukraine & US Double Cross the EU

Ukraine & US Double Cross the EU

George Soros admitted that Russia has strengthened its position in the world. This is a well-known American financier said, speaking at the end of last week at a private dinner - the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"The ability of the West to provide financial support to Ukraine is a key test of strength" decaying Europe "opposed" resurgent Russia. " If 25 years ago the Soviet Union collapsed, and Europe combined, but today the situation - quite the opposite, "- reports the words of a famous billionaire investor and The Wall Street Journal.

Can somehow relate to Soros and his anti-Russian views, but the fact that he is a great financier, can not be questioned. Therefore - to his position worth considering if he cries out to Europe and panics, so bad case of the West.

The world economy is becoming increasingly pronounced a new trend: the industrial and financial center of the world is moving towards Asia and Russia. Yet to speak about serious success early, but the potential is there, and it scares the West. At this fright and displayed an urgent task of the day: to ensure the victory of Ukraine in the war against its own people. Of course, we need financial support, and such amounts to be enough and the war, and in order to fill the pockets of Kiev authorities.

But it seems that loans were late. Shortly before the last occurrence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass Soros visited Kiev. Being an expert in their field, it is certainly easy to assess the situation in the Ukrainian economy. Judging by the fact that the question of future financing of Ukraine is not considered, assessed correctly. Apparently, the situation is so bad that Soros adventurer known value for money in all post-Soviet fascist regimes and welcomed last year's coup in Kiev, recognized the senselessness of the idea.

According to his estimates, the resuscitation of the Ukrainian economy in 2015 will need at least $ 50 billion. Of course, such a sum Kiev nobody will. Even last year, when the US and the EU had for the new Ukrainian government hopes were allocated no more than $ 8 billion. Therefore, the word "only a miracle can save the" realistic.

But the "miracle" seems to be in no hurry with their occurrence. Finance appealed to the EU to help Ukraine, but something happened that for a long time could not get Russian Europeans suddenly "saw the light" and see the true picture of what is happening in the Donbas. Civil society organizations and the media in one voice that the Ukrainian government is at war with its own people, while respecting all the laws of warfare.

The logic is simple: it's time to save European taxpayers' money, the more that everybody understands: the debt Ukraine will never return. And besides, once again the failure of all the plans of the West.

President Poroshenko and other Ukrainian politicians often repeat that assistance "abroad" the country needs, because they are "waging a war for Europe." Only their own importance Kiev junta to overestimate the war are not they, and through them. West took advantage of Ukraine to implement its goals: to tear Ukraine away from Russia and NATO's eastward advance. The fate of the Ukrainian people - the "players" in the global chessboard - interested in the least. And Kiev politicians instead to cooperate with Russia, including in the process of Eurasian integration, ie, to do what is beneficial for the national economy, succumbed to the temptation of the "European choice".

As conceived by the West, the Ukrainians have to fight, and that the conflict should be prolonged. Funding, of course, also expected. US does not hide the fact that only the preparation and conduct "Maidan" has taken more than $ 5 billion, not to mention the war. Just West could not even imagine that a significant portion of the solution on the expanse of "independence" and explain what happened to the money, it will be impossible.

For Europe, the more American partners Kiev Ukrainian land, as well as the Ukrainian people, absolutely alien logos. About any "common European space" and can be no question. Fraternal people of Ukrainians believe Russia only. A mentality, values ​​of Europe other, it is not able to think and perceive the world as Russian. This is the problem: the strategy of war, written by the West, totally ignores the features of the "enemy".Apparently, the Kiev authorities believed that "Donbass - is Ukraine." Therefore, for many foreign mercenaries fighting in the Donbass, meeting with indigenous Russian population has become shocking. "Feel the back view of the enemy" - is not for the weak Western psyche.

It can be predicted that the Ukrainian armed forces in the Donbas not last long, especially the financial support for the war by the West every day waning. However, to cut off funding entirely Europe can not - she got into the American trap. According to Soros, if Ukraine "will be lost", this would entail the collapse of the European Union.

The latter, in fact, sought by Washington - not in his interest a strong united Europe. So he makes the EU states drag myself Ukrainian burden. Loans granted to Ukraine, of course, will not be invested in the intensive care unit of the economy, and leave "the war." At the same time, if you do not give a $ 20 billion immediately, the collapse is inevitable. Here's a surprise prepared for the European partners the White House, when the decision to deceive Ukraine "happy European future." The aim was, of course, the purpose and lick Russia - to slow down the pace of economic development, to temper the ambitions of the sovereign dignity, to belittle the political role on the international stage. But it is, ladies and gentlemen, is an impossible task, and can overstrain.

Anna Tereshina

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