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January 26, 2015 

Published in the New Russia 

Vladislav Shurygina gave extremely interesting details about the "military trade workers." Since some time, after the recognition and acknowledgment of Zhuchkovskogo General Petrovsky was in charge then it all became an open secret, that such details from the participants and ownership of the subject, will appear more often. 

Men from the north We know for a long time. Ever since the war in Chechnya, which was probably why this conversation took place: ... Let's just agree on this, the number of questions, organizations and other "adjusting factors" we will put in the data reserve the brackets as follows. Russia in this war did not take part and does not participate to this point! Therefore, we call our structure "group
" North Men"," and I continue to call "a man from the north this." I will answersome questions that now are really very important for the future of New Russia, and all you who have "slave owners" as leaders ... our opponent. 

I am about him in high regard. How not cool yes, but the Ukrainians - is basically the same as ourselves. The same breed, the same ethnic composition. Of the strengths of persistence, and perseverance. Especially elite units Airborne, airmobile, " Special Forces ". 

Already defeated and already not fight it. Offered to surrender, lay down their arms and go - refused. Climb a breakthrough, without a chance. Therefore, and died without an account. So that we were no casualties, just covered with artillery and everything. It has been a couple of times - just passed not to arrange the shooting. Knew that all equipment already lost on the road. Why the extra corpses? It's someone's sons, husbands, fathers ... Of the weaknesses - command, command and control, disorganization. Their whole army of some vinaigrette. APU, the National Guard, volunteer battalions. No unified command. 

This division on the main offices is their big mistake. We have seen it even twenty years ago in the first Chechnya. And they are on the same rake only now climbed up and jumped. They the experience of others is not a decree. His blood is necessary to wash. Throughout the war they fill with battalion commanders, and there is already someone in that much. One says "Go!", The second says "Stand!", And the third at all "waste!". In order APU themselves more. Still felt the former Soviet school, "system" The accumulated decades. The interaction between the armed services, the organization of the fight, a reaction to the changing situation. But all this is frozen in the early 90s of the last century, and left. Felt that their army, they do not engage. 

The system remains, but the school had lost command and control. For combat arms: Airborne and "special forces" as elsewhere, the most battle-worthy. But their was battered in the battles and replenishment already much weaker than those who started the war. But their motivation high. Mainly due to corporate "courage." We're "special forces"! We're Airborne! In this case, our "northerners" was wild to see the burnt "Armorer" with exactly the same landing emblems, as we do, Airborne flags, portraits Margelov. But the enemies! Some Surrey ... Infantry - very weak! Most mobilized with desire to fight "zero", commanders often without any experience of command. Supply virtually any. Lived almost graze. Hungry, dirty, lousy, rotten in the form of - zombies! 

Only a few battalions were dressed in decent shape and ammunition, but the combat capability it is not added. Tanks - as an independent branch of service in this war is absent. In general, as a means of fire support of infantry. Therefore, the application went in small groups - up to a company. Hence, the level of losses - is extremely high. Infantry instead protect tanks and interact with them, pushed them in front of him. When saturation militia means VET it ended sadly. Artillery - the most "advanced" arm in MAT. Yet, like it or not, the Soviet artillery school was and remains the best in the world. 

The quality of teaching in post-Soviet artillery schools still remains very high. Ukrainian artillery quickly gone from slaboobuchennyh bullet in white light like a lot of money, gunners to the main factor of this war. In fact, artillery drags on the brunt of the war, offsetting weakness and frank infantry and a low level of command and control, and even a whole bunch of problems. Everything is compensated tons of shells and rockets, which are produced in the territory of Donbas. In the last week of our stay on the Ukrainian arms artillery stations appeared artillery reconnaissance, and she began to engage in effective kontrartilleriyskuyu struggle. The National Guard. Highly motivated, but poorly trained and poorly armed troops. 

Common name "battalions", but their number varies from two hundred fifty to seven hundred people. Commonly used as a light infantry or stripping occupied areas, but very weakly coordinated with the APU, so bear heavy losses. In a difficult situation prone to panic, may without the consent of the command to leave the position and retreat. High Command badly. Between ATO headquarters and troops just abyss. They are his troops as strangers paper soldiers run - operation figured out the problem set and go! Let's result! Does not work, the loss? You do not know how to fight! Ukraine is not Koch! Forward! And the fact that the task of initially unattainable, that the calculation of forces and means was not carried out and does not correspond to the problem - or anyone not Torquay. 

The staffs below the same. In general, the fundamental difference between the APU from the Russian army, which caught my eye - is the ratio of the soldier. In Russia, even in the most heinous nineties, during the war and the officers and generals of his soldiers valued and cherished as they could. Generals of that period all Russia remembers - Troshev, Shamans, Pulikovskiy, Rokhlin. And the Ukrainians? In the area of fighting was sitting alone commander of the Southern Operational Command, former commander of the Eighth Corps, General Homchak, taxied under Ilovaiskaya onset. And the dovoevalsya to full circle, from which, taking advantage of the ceasefire agreement, fled with the remnants of the staff and a couple dozen fighters. 

Then began to tell tales about the fact that Russian PEYRELEAU him four times more than he was a soldier. Yup! Well, that is if there under the command of General were a total of six thousand, the Russian, it turns out, there were already twenty-four thousand! Whole body! Imagination at Homchaka like Munchausen. However, other Ukrainian military leader, General Litvin with the threat environment just threw the troops fled from the "pot" and now, as far as I know, promoted to commander of the operational command. Ukrainian soldiers to command - no one! Sent into battle like a flock, and what will happen to them, how many will die, how many will - no one cares. 

The main problem to be solved. And if we defeat, so in general it is better that no one came, and then the defeat was not any. And people will write off as deserters. But consider that in the Ukrainian army given up silly. In it invested billions of dollars in the Ukrainian budget and foreign loans. Military assistance to Ukraine comes from a dozen NATO countries, and its own defense industry begins to revive. Now Ukrainian army started delivery of modern Western intelligence and communications equipment. Ukrainians loss to Poland and Germany retrained for NATO weapons. 

This means that soon it too will appear. On the Ukrainian landfills and training centers provide courses NATO and American instructors. Re-organized logistics. For the six - seven months APU will (if there is political will, help from the West and some other conditions) to go "reformatting, or, if you like - go to a different qualitative state. Draw conclusions from the defeats, change of command, to reorganize and then we will see another quality opponent. Therefore, to savor the last victory is just silly. About opponent can forget. We will not see him anymore. This is the past ... About militias 

The strong point of the militia, of course, is highly motivated. People are fighting for their homes, volunteers for the idea. Fighting valiantly, with passion. Stojko. Losses are as something for granted. Do not panic. Learn quickly. Before entering, I organized the training of specialists, and so, I had could only dream of such soldiers! People learned to literally fully. Artillery calculations, tank crews literally for days grasped something that usually takes a week. Absolute authority of commanders. For their commanders will go anywhere. Unlike MAT, where the nomination for any office is a complicated bureaucratic process often is not associated with any candidate's ability, but only with the proximity to the authorities or membership of a political group, to command positions militia put forward the most courageous and capable fighters, despite the rank and seniority. 

Natural selection, so to speak ... For combat arms. Infantry - perfectly motivated, but the level of training is poor. However, this is compensated by the courage and initiative. Tank units distributed among the troops. Trained well, but, as well as tank units APU used for fire support of infantry. In contrast to the APU militia cherish their tanks and infantry cover, so losses of military equipment incomparable. Artillery - highly trained, well-organized, which took a full course of training. Is responsible for this "northerners" and they did their job well. 

Operational command of the militia as well staffed by professionals who have special military training and experience of warfare in other hot spots. The headquarters is quite able to organize and conduct effective operations scale division - the case, but here and start weaknesses militia. The main weakness of the militia called the word "Makhnovshchina." At the time of my exit from the territory of the DNI is no unity of forces defending was not. And you have to give yourself a report that no "Army of New Russia" no. Instead, it has dozens of units of varying sizes, weapons and organization. Announcement of Donetsk militia regular army in fact nothing has changed. At the same time, often the number is not only and not so much an indicator of combat capability, as an indicator of the "weight" of a warlord in the controlled territory. 

As a consequence, each warlord alone solves the problems of supply of his party. Everyone is looking for, or arranges their channels receipts "humanitarian aid", and each builds its relations with "PX". And the "bigger" these channels than voluminous supply, the higher "rank" field commander, and the large territory it controls. The saddest thing is that this access to supply and control of the area are the main obstacles join forces. After all, some of the money on ammunition, food, communication, salaries and bonuses militias - all this for the most part "duty" to "earth" as cars, homes, stores and more. And good when it is done at least "amicably" - official taxes on local business, but more often just "spin" - robbery, quite simply. 

When I was there, "dungeon" for stubborn "sponsors" were almost obligatory attribute of most large staffs militias. To unite under a single beginning, then lose weight and lose supply channels and control over "the earth", which feeds almost all warlords. That is to lose a major source of contentment. But even worse is that under the guise of militia in the territory of New Russia are "Indians" - dozens of ordinary gangs who terrorize the local population literally. Under the flags of the DNI they create a complete mess - robbed, raped, murdered. There are entire villages that came under the control of "Indians" bespredelschik. And fight with them is not particularly conducted. Warlords not up to them, they are on their own territory share power and find out the relationship, and the police and prosecutors in the DNI and LC are not. 

Therefore, for a sufficiently large number of volunteers, and in August it was around about twenty thousand soldiers, their combat effectiveness is low. Militia good fight in the city, steadfastly defend, but because of the "land of psychology" and almost complete in coordination conduct a modern mobile warfare almost can not. Outside the cities and towns only militia led exploration and hold checkpoints on key roads, leaving without cover whole areas. Ukrainian command by the middle of July to clarify this weakness, then razvedreydami their BTG groping such "gaps" in the defense militias and local pursued offensive, wedging deep in defense militia. By mid-July, in fact, the entire territory of the DNI and the LC was like chunks "lobed" such attacks. 

Again, the only means of "northerners" turn these penetrations in the "boiler" for the APU, the militia themselves here only "cleaned out" after our work area, but smashed the retreating small detachments defeated APU. North Wind It is often said that "northerners" militia rescued from destruction. Like, reinforcements arrived when the APU to victory remained almost a matter of hours. This svidomye nonsense! The situation in mid-August was heavy but not critical. At this point, the APU used almost all their reserves, were bogged down and heavy fighting in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, near Ilovaysk and on the outskirts of Lugansk in the area Novosvetlovka-Lutunino. Forces to cut the territory of New Russia in the APU was gone, but the war is increasingly immersed in the bloody chaos - in the combat zone were the most densely populated areas of Donbass. 

The expense of civilian deaths went to a hundred. It was necessary to stop this massacre and to force Ukraine to the cessation of hostilities and peace negotiations. For this operation has been developed, and we have transgressed to its implementation. Except for minor flaws, then everything went without a hitch. The enemy could not just open our nomination and deployment, and found our presence only when we entered with him into direct contact. APU and could not open our forces and therefore to Ukrainian reports still walk the most fantastic figures. Some Ukrainian military leaders agreed to the fact that the territory of Ukraine has become as much a hundred thousand "northerners" that there is complete nonsense! 

No global challenges "to reach Kiev" we have not had. If you reduce everything to a single formula, the defeat and to create conditions for a cessation of hostilities and the start of negotiations. On the "Northerners" I am pleased with the actions of "northerners". I can say that they have demonstrated a high level of preparation and coordination. Worked fine intelligence, coped well with the objectives of the staffs at all levels, In fact, "northerners" demonstrated the kind of warfare that the west is called "network-centric war." Constant movement, constant exploration, early detection and timely goals of fire damage. Suffice it to say that, despite the very limited area area of ​​combat operations, "northerners" almost never engage with the APU in direct interaction, were not fighting, they say, "eye to eye", defeating remotely. 

Only a few times, they say, tied fights. The only case where a number of "northerners" were held captive by the APU, was the result of violations of combat documents and sloppiness junior commanders. On the "pot" under Ilovaiskaya. The blame for this destruction and huge loss lies entirely on the command ATO and the Southern sector - at first they just a "hole" drove the whole group, not covering the flanks. Then, bogged down in urban combat, instead of getting around the city, began pulling off under a new BTG, so, apparently, wanted to raise a flag over it. Well, when you got hit in the flank, and the bill went to watch, just confused, began to wait for instructions from "above", while the "pot" is not slammed. 

After that, no clear command we have not already seen. Inside the "pot" of methane bearing losses, the National Guard battalions and MAT, and outside the command did not even try to organize the blockade of his troops. And it was weird! We, frankly, preparing for what will keep the external front, but they do not even twitched. The impression that there struggling pretend that under Ilovaiskaya nothing happens and everything will somehow will resolve. Well resorbed ... We had an order - as far as possible to avoid more victims. Therefore, almost immediately to the commanders surrounded parts brought our ultimatum - to all who lay down their arms and leave the equipment, guaranteed life in and out of the boiler to his. 

Now "encircled" everywhere voice that de, they were deceived, they were promised a corridor, but instead gouging artillery. This, again, nonsense! Was a specific ultimatum - leave in place all heavy weapons and equipment, and vehicles in a certain order you leave. Instead, they started playing in the steep Rangers. Build a column for a breakthrough - with tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns. All that they could not take out, began to burn and disabling. We are behind all this closely watched. Exploration constantly report. Again came to them - not tricky! Do you want to live, condition, leave as defined - in the afternoon, without heavy equipment, as agreed and under control. 

All released! They again "Yes! - Yes! "But as dusk, rushed for a breakthrough, well, in fact, received. Almost no one left. Such a senseless loss of life, I could not imagine. Road death of some sort ... Why was not taken Mariupol? Most likely, just not enough time. But for me personally, one of the main problems was that it would take us, "northerners", with all the problems - loss of full "flare" of our participation, and all the "charm" of the storming of the city - the destruction, loss of peace residents. 

The Ukrainian side in Mariupol Mariupol and under were up to a thousand of every kind "siloviki". Militias same at that time barely enough for the nomination of checkpoints and organization of front-line offensive - in fact, intelligence, in which, moving forward militia "groping" centers of resistance, and then we moved up picks open these artillery units. In the open field, this tactic was effective, but in a big city already could hardly work. Therefore, for me personally, a truce was, to some extent, relieved. Yes, take the city like, but objectively assessing the strength, I knew it was not going to be very easy. Even on the environment and effective blockade forces lacked. Time or at the wrong time? It's hard to make such an assessment. Of course, we could more significantly expand the territory controlled by the militia. 

At the time of the stoppage of active hostilities almost all the available command ATO were either part of the heavy fighting, or were defeated, and to cover the gap, formed after the defeat of the boilers was just nothing. I think that fighting will last another week, and in front of Kiev would have stood up to his full height prospect of a military catastrophe, and only Ukrainian military commanders and political leaders knew the real state of affairs and to adequately assess the threat. 

But still, I think that the primary responsibility for the current state of affairs lies with those who held talks in Minsk. Position negotiators Donbass were far more profitable and stronger than in Kiev. Kiev, in fact, was forced to the world, and he beat them at that time was nothing. We had to accept any conditions, otherwise you could lose a lot more. On the other hand, Russia is under tremendous pressure from the West, and every day of the war only intensified it. It is clear that there is also put pressure on negotiators. As a result, signed what was signed. Oh, and perform signed, the Ukrainian side almost immediately did not hurry. 

What's next? In my opinion, today there was a "provocative" Kiev situation. Russia completes the withdrawal of its troops from the border areas in the RPE. And the threat hanging over Kiev seven months, ceases to be such. The combat capability of groups more or less restored. Defeated part again staffed with personnel and equipment. To carry out reforms in the rear. Established combat training. A technical equipment areas of concentration and the key nodes of Defense. And now to the political leadership of Ukraine and the command ATO faces a dilemma - to leave in the winter, to accept defeat in the spring and summer of the company, or try to warm in recent weeks to achieve at least some local victory but to balance its August rout. 

Plans a local operation indicates a sharp increase in group hanging over Lugansk, where intelligence reports now focused not less than six BTG, up to fifty to sixty tanks and guns and MLRS. Another group is concentrated in the region of Donetsk airport. There revealed to thirty to sixty tanks guns and MLRS, and up to two thousand infantry of different formats - from the "special forces" APU to "the National Guard." Shootings and constant attempts to squeeze Ukrainian militia units from the area of ​​the airport may well be used as an excuse to attack the local to the area. In my opinion, the most appropriate time - before election day. 

So as a result of the onset can be easily converted into a political "public relations", or immediately after them - to distract people from the results. But the constraint is though formal, but compliance with the terms of the ceasefire, as well as the fear that this attack, as well as the previous ones, will be destroyed and will end in defeat, as in Kiev there is no confidence in overcoming the consequences of the war crisis August- September . If until the second decade of November exacerbation does not happen, then we can expect the care of the conflict in "hibernation" - positional confrontation with artillery duels and vigorous activity reconnaissance and sabotage units. 

This period - until April next year, each party will use to strengthen its armed forces and to prepare for the new spring - summer company. But this is a very distant prospect. TML - Zinc PS. I think in the future will disclose other details imperceptibly, but effektivnoy work "employees PX" when poduvshy for a few weeks "north wind" led troops to heavy military junta disaster. Hopefully now my August post 1820.html will be more clear. 

Then you can only talk so now we can talk a little more, and after a few months or even years, will tell more. Certainly hard to keep quiet. when you know about such things, but people puzzled asked where then took a new BTR, or "what is there in the video flickers" but it is necessary to understand that the information war and military secret, require about certain things to keep quiet until a certain time. 

In fact, those who fought in the Donbas or those who provided logistical channels there, sooner or later learned that is not shown on TV and in the "Internet" on the "Voentorg" and his work. These are the actual features of "hybrid" or "network-centric" warfare that Russia now develops when news coverage and support, becoming one of the important parts of the military planning. 

The Americans in this great master, Russia in many studies just at them and the war against Georgia, and the Crimean Spring and "Voentorg in New Russia ", show that from a purely military point of view, our army is making good progress, although there are errors, the various flaws and shortcomings. And most importantly, officially no Russian troops on the territory of the DNI and the LC was not.

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