Sunday, January 11, 2015

"#RightSector Nazis" Plan to Continue Provocations in #Novorossiya Despite #Kiev

"#RightSector Nazis" Plan to Continue Provocations in #Novorossiya Despite #Kiev

Posted 11 January 2015 - 20:36

Adventure "Right Sector" refused to bow to the service under contract to the country's armed forces, said the adviser to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov. Despite what Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko think, they have no control of the violence being perpetrated in the Donbass conflict.

"I personally offered the right quadrant a diagram for full legalization. In particular, it was suggested a variety of options for compulsory service under their contract, but they chose to give it up, "- said Biryukov.

Pravoseki offered his own version - to become legal, to preserve the autonomy and nobody obeyed. Adviser to the President noted that this proposal is "science fiction."

"The statement of the right sector of the fact that they do not obey the Ukrainian Defense Ministry - a sign that the organization is ready for a war with Kiev if necessary. I want to mention right quadrant is able to destabilize the situation of the contact line, and arranged provocations by shelling of residential areas, "- said the representative of the Staff of the DNI.

He also added that such actions will force the militias to protect people, to return fire on positions of security forces: "These attacks are captured on video, in which chased out by Right Sector are even Ukrainian media." According to a representative of Staff DNI, in this case if the media accuses militias of violation of the Minsk arrangements. He is convinced that Kiev never could disarm "Right Sector", and "as long as it is not profitable to them, they won't."

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