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Putin Won in a Survey of the Media | The President Most Ukrainians Trusted

Putin Won in a Survey of the Media | The President Most Ukrainians Trusted
Posted 11 January 2015 - 15:49

Edition "" offered a poll to answer the question: "Which presidents policies would they entrust the management of their country to?" And providing a list of the names of the politicians; Barack Obama, Viktor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, or Vladimir Putin. However, readers had the right to add to the list any of the names of those who perceive themselves to be the most suitable for Ukraine.

The results in both cases were for Ukrainian resource shocking. The first place by a wide margin took Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom currently have voted 85% of readers of Ukrainian media. In second place was the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, with 5% of the vote. The third place is shared by Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Chinese President Xi Jinping (2% of the vote). In Poroshenko 1% of the vote (almost as much as from German Chancellor Angela Merkel). But the main "patriots" of Ukraine for their fellow citizens were losers and outsiders. Yatsenyuk Kolomojsky Lyashko Tymoshenko et al. In the survey received no more than 0.5% at all ... And the main "democrat world" Barack Obama could not overcome the threshold of even 0.1%.

Recall Vladimir Putin headed the list of the most influential personalities of the outgoing year, compiled by the news agency Agence France-Presse. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin entered the short-list of candidates for the title of "Man of the Year," the magazine Time, which took third place. In 2014, the Russian president also the second year in a row was named the most influential person of the year by the magazine Forbes. According to VTs IOM, Putin called the man in 2014 more than 71% of Russians - and a half times more than in the past (44%).

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