Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Putin is Shown With Latest Humanoid Military Fighting Robot - Avatar

Putin is Shown With Latest Humanoid Military Fighting Robot - Avatar 

In the first half of the day on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the site of the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (CRI TOCHMASH) acquainted with the modern and advanced weapons and military equipment. 

The most unusual party polygon firings became a combat robot, modeled by the human figure. At first he was placed on an ATV and a pistol, which he operated robotic arm, made five shots exactly on target. The robot then made a circle on an ATV on autodrome polygon. 

The peculiarity of this demonstration is that the combat robot - the so-called Avatars, and its action is controlled by special sensors mounted on the extremities, the operator, who was in one of the rooms of the test site. For design, the robot must have functionality comparable to those of men. Itself a work plan for the project is designed for implementation in several stages. As a result, should get a machine that can independently carry out effective interaction in the human infrastructure to move over rough terrain, provide first aid and operate a vehicle. 

The project is a joint development NGO "android technology" and the Foundation for Advanced Studies. Proving Ground is one of the most important structural units CRI TOCHMASH - its bench base is constantly being improved and, since 1948, is being tested all small arms are brought into service in the country. 

The Institute, which is part of the state corporation "Rostec", founded in 1944 and today is a leading enterprise in Russia to establish a military combat equipment. CRI also TOCHMASH known for its scientific and technical activities in the field of development and production of the most popular types of weapons and military equipment to various types of troops.


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