Monday, January 26, 2015

Posted by militia: "In the center of Donetsk shelling was hard..

Posted by Militia: "In the center of Donetsk shelling WAS hard. .
01.26.15. 23:44

"The shelling in Dokuchaevsk does not stop, a lot of destruction continues, just damaged was the Starobeshevskaya substation. - Now the entire city is without electricity. In Novotroitskaya, water pumps are smashed, now the district is without water and without heating respectively. The Ukainians are hammering our city from where one can step on mines. Cluster munitions and Grads have done a lot of destruction including casualties.

Women and children are sitting in basements and weeping. Constantly there are reports of Elenovka, of where there are bursting ukry brigades, but militia discourages their attempts. "Posted by militia:" In the center of Donetsk shelling was hard. The Nazis shelled the area of ​​Donetsk Airport with incendiary shells. Our soldiers from the airport reported the use of White phosphorus. Petrovka is under a terrible firefight.

In Donetsk, more than a hundred homes were left without electricity and water after the evening shelling of Grads. In Gorlovka the fire does not cease. In general, the situation is such that on one of our sites could begin actively to fire the M-103, making it difficult to communicate Debaltsevskoy groups. on the sand - most of them now control the enemy. Here our progress has risen. fights under Avdiyivka territories continue. "

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