Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Many Europeans are opposed to the provision of financial assistance to back Ukraine as the EU will soon sink into financial debt, even if it's to save Kiev from a certain bankruptcy? These and similar questions are increasingly and most recently frequently asked by the taxpayers of the EU member states. 

An expert sociologist has been tasked with the chore, to find out what sort of answers are swirling around inside the minds of Europeans. The survey results were disastrous for the officials in Kiev. According to data from ICM Research, more than half of Europeans consider it unnecessary and mrally wrong to continue to provide financial assistance to the disastrous Ukrainian economy. But not so very long ago, the EU leaders, were urging Ukrainians to break economic ties with Russia, and swore that in case of any in trouble that the EU would not leave Ukraine. It turns out that by giving these promises, the evronachalniki was not asked for permission from their constituents. 

Most opponents to saving Kiev of its expenses, according to the study, conducted from 5th to 17th of December 2014, lived in UK and France. The Poll sample was 3013 people (1001 in the UK, in 1001 in Germany, 1011 in France). Overall, 55 percent of the population of the countries surveyed believe that the EU should no longer allocate money to help Ukraine. 

In this case, only one-third, that is 35 per cent, are ready to continue saving Kiev from default at all costs. However, it is possible that very soon, because of the sanctions war with Russia on EU companies, will begin many layoffs, the number of those wishing to save the country, which is now about real reform of its own economy recall in the last turn, were significantly diminished. 

By the way the first of the high EU officials ranked the inability to continue to bury the money of EU citizens in the bottomless pit called Ukraine. And on Wednesday dared to publicly declare to the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker: "We can discuss the financial and economic support for Ukraine all you like, but we have reached the limits of our budgetary expenditures". 

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