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Pavel Gubarev about Russia, New Russia and the future of the Russian people

Kharkiv - New Russia

Pavel Gubarev about Russia, New Russia and the future of the Russian people 
Today at 10:20 am

_________________________________________ The leader of "New Russia" Pavel Gubarev in an exclusive interview with "" during the Christmas holidays told about the situation in the Donbass, the revival of New Russia and the future of the Russian people. In short, than for you 2014 was the last the year?The question, of course, fun. This year has changed my whole life. And for me, in some way, a threshold that separates life that was before, which was very simple, everyday - that is, the life of the layman interested in politics, businessman, father of many children of the family - and my life today. 

Today I lead a political life, and it is certainly a kind of unexpected one, and one I was not ready, neither I nor my family nor my friends who also now become my colleagues on the conviction. Today they are - also politicians, and for us it is - the reincarnation of living in a good way. Now, not only do we live in, we have a goal, we have a Russian mission, dare I say it, and we have built in this common mission of our people, which is to make the world more just. Perhaps not all hope is fulfilled, and 2014 The year still left very complicated. 

There is something that you now want to change, if you could go back? If I could go back, it would have been much more effective, but you know ... How this one old Jewish anecdote: "If I were as smart as my Sarah then. " Only in this sense. And so, if we talk about conceptual actions, then I probably would have done everything the same way.In principle, it is clear that we all look forward to in the coming new year - first of all, of course, peace. And what are you most afraid of? The worst thing for me is my region, my free independent Donbass, the bridgehead of New Russia - again, a part of Ukraine. Politically, this is for me the thing that would be considered a defeat. 

Yes, it is not just my loss, but for me it will be very painful blow. That is, if the New Russia will be held only as autonomy within the State in which they are essentially forced entry from 1991, you will find this crash, I understand correctly? Yes, that's right.That's just the Ukrainians do not so immediately complain traitors. They are traitors everywhere, if you listen to them, everywhere Russian agents, etc. By militias usually we do not hear this. People accustomed themselves responsible for their victories and their failures. But still, there are traitors? Maybe not in the army, and say, in the leadership of the Republic? I hope not. And the traitors in Moscow? 

Also I hope not.You know, it's conspiracy theories, then all we can say. If you listen to, for example, small, then there is generally some traitors. But wait. We do not give up, not left in the lurch. That is, you do not agree with this view that Novorossia drained? As long as I'm still no "plum" I do not notice. I see the reverse process, that everything is built exactly the way you want with a perfect view. Yes, it's not that fast. Yes, things are not so smooth. Yes, somewhere slip somewhere oligarchs try to recoup. But it is a natural process. I'm back in August at the rally said that the next threat to our people's revolution - a hardware counter-revolution. Today we know it and we will prevent it.You already mentioned Strelkov. 

Many militia say that without it there would be very militia. Others, on the contrary, condemn him for that dangerous moment, he still left the Donbass. How do you think? I must say that the arrow one acted. And plants his men, who became his first armed asset - this guys from "people's militia of Donbass", which, in general, in the first stage played a major role than Fusiliers. They just do not know today, not promoted, not raspiarili as Igor. While I certainly respect it. This knight, he exclusively ideological motives, to argue no one will. As for the people who condemn, I would have told them - you do as much as he, at least, and then begins to talk. In my opinion, this is not entirely correct - to criticize the man who did so much.Not to say that the New Russia - this is his project. 

This is a project of thousands of people. I would even say, tens of thousands. Today it can even be called a national idea. Novorossia - a new Russia. And of course, it involved many. And arrows Igor as well. What do you think about the recent events in Moscow? I understand the issue is probably not the key ... In fact it is just a key issue. I would say so. I read many statements trolls, pro-Kremlin basically what they say "collect three cripples, all choked, drowned." Danger "Maidan" in Russia is absolutely not be underestimated.Need to be prepared for this danger. Square we started with too small protests did not understand the students who "beat" employees "Berkut". 

All this on a droplet, and after pressure points in Russia are many. And then do not have to troll, then you need to take the risk adequately. It is, it should not be underestimated. And you need to prepare an adequate resistance. Adequate resistance may have only organization built from the bottom, live, and every participant of this structure should be a high personal motivation and a very clear understanding of the goals and objectives until such global things, like Russia's place in the world, global structure of the world. That is, it must be a group of people who understand under them should be alive primary organizations. And only such a force, organized from below, once again, can resist that, in what is now our enemies are trying to plunge Russia. They try, they will do it on the basis of all of the internal contradictions that exist. 

A corrupt officials will work with any government. Even the liberal power that want to establish here are our enemies, the United States with their satellites, the officials will be exactly the same as the current power structure at the beginning of Vladimir Putin. So I would not seek to support these officials, the "party of power". Support must be sought only in the people. The same Yanukovych made ​​the most powerful error. He did not find support among the people. But it did not need to look for, it had to be taken, and it was. He did not build the organization, the self-organization from below ... and just left. Once we started talking about Russia's place in the world, and Russia as a whole, there are many things in the country that you, as a politician, would like to change already in Russia? 

On the problems of Russia, many argue. Even Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin constantly in his speeches is voiced. They are the country's leadership on all these issues knows to work on them. Not as fast as we would like, but they are solved.Today, perhaps, we can say that Russia's defense capability, and this is very important, and this cornerstone of sovereignty today in its place, it has become the foundation. Well, all the other problems, I hope, will be resolved, and soon we will see it, and they will be solved fundamentally, as a response to outside pressure. Russian authorities have to be very patriotic. Putin said in his speech very important word "autarky". 

This economic independence of certain agglomeration of people. He said: "It will be necessary - we will build autarky." He showed the willingness that any threat, no matter what the markets do not "cut", whatever sanctions are not introduced - to any such threat there is an adequate response. It will require sacrifices and colossal work, but the willingness to adequately respond to all threats - it is in the Russian leadership is, and the president of Russia has clearly understand their "overseas partners," as he puts it. Now in Russia, as you know, the three most popular politician - is Vladimir Putin, Sergei Shoigu and Ramzan Kadyrov. With the first two clear, but goes around Kadyrov huge number of rumors, and generally figure is very serious conflicts, disputes, conflicts. And what can you say? Who for you today Ramzan Kadyrov? I'll tell you what I think. 

I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to meet him. Ramzan - a man with a rod, which is the last 10 years very well cope with the management of such a difficult region as the Chechen Republic.And for that, he gained a lot of respect, not only among the Chechen people, but also among the Russians. And the last is the question. There, in Moscow, the nationalists often shouting "Russia for the Russian." And what about this slogan think here in the Donbass, where a Russian fighting not in word but in deed? Such a slogan - it's not a real Russian nationalism. Original Russian nationalism has no ethnic component.Russian nationalism - nationalism particular, nationalism spirit, great universal goal, nationalism civilization. 

For Russian nationalism brother and colleague - any person for whom Russia is the homeland, and who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the homeland. Those so-called "natsdemy" who say "do without Russian Caucasus" - the fools who do not understand the foundation, not understand that Russian nationalism - it's a great living space and Russian, and Russians. This universal world mission to establish justice in the world, Russian order, when we can talk about that all are equal in the world, and Russia in this equal competition of peoples and nations - a fair referee. 

I generally stick to the concept of people-both Russian army, which supports Russian aforementioned procedure worldwide. No wonder the Russian philosophers call the Russian great sderzhivatelem world from darkness into which it is trying to plunge the followers of liberal civilization. This civilization has reached an impasse, and the "end of history" Fukuyama wrote about, has not yet occurred. It will happen in the future, but in a different form, not as a triumph of liberal ideas. It is at an impasse. And the output can show only Russia and the Russian people, as a carrier of higher global justice.

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