Sunday, January 11, 2015

Murder of Bednova Destroyed the faith of Volunteers in Mission

NOT to Combine and They're WAITING For... knock knock, do not Hesitate ... Butt.  Murder of the Leader of New Russia in the Absence of the mind.  (Or ... why are we Planting around His Neck Those WHO Tomorrow crucify us)?  .. So Let's sum up.  The Revolt, Which Were not Interested in Any "policy" in Russia, nor the Ukrainian Authorities, Which Began spontaneously, Mainly through the Efforts Strelkov, WHO appeared as A Catalyst for the uprising Which led to the actual defeat and Escape the Ukrainian Army WAS stopped by secret Agreement Russian "Politicians" with the Ukrainian oligarchy and the World Zionist kagalom.  Fixed intimidation, Bribery, compromising (and Physically) people's Leaders and Talented Commanders.  Administrative positions put Ordinary Bandits minded person, A paltry controlled.  Make A Show "Election" (Elections without Choice) to Give to Their Legitimacy "power".  Alternative Candidates are eliminated.  Separated Those WHO Could unite and fight back traitors Actually Generates Novorossia to Surrender.  Discredited the idea of the People's Republic. Destroyed the faith of Volunteers in Mission A clean of Liberation of Their Labor. Continues Annihilated and All That has Been Achieved in the Russian patriots, shaken confidence itself is Expected of Them something depends.  Results scary .... .  Murder Bednova Summed up the Last line Under the FACT That Sooner or later HAD to Happen, it WAS perfectly clear That Went for it.  holed up and Kept silent Warlords.  Although he Knew!  Reasons?  No mind Indecision and cowardice ...?  Sitting on the Sofa Easy is to criticize.  Psychology "soldier-Let Them I think Commanders, I Warlords - Let Them Decide think and Civil Servants and administrators, we did not Choose Them, well, maybe Yes Endure" - led at the time the Seizure of power by the Bolsheviks in Russia, later to rise to Government appointees World Zionist Kagan Under Yeltsin and Gorbachev Today Bandits in Lugansk and Donetsk.  The Conclusion is simple - While everyone Will shift to Other solutions and wait, Showing ITS SKUDOUMIE- Mr. Satan, the god of the Jews of Today, Will Rule the roost.  You Ask what's the Zionists?  I think the issue you just PROVE That Eternal Reason for the failure of good Initiatives, But alas, Nevertheless the simple (Dumb, Yes Yes. . it WAS Dumb) people Throughout the History of Russia is named correctly.  The Absence of Decisive Actions of each comrade Asking About That Yesterday Long Been to clear All the smart people in the World, there is ...  NOT !!!! SPAAAAT !!!!!!

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