Saturday, January 10, 2015

How many more children need to be murdered Poroshenko? | "We buried Timachka"

 How many more children need to be murdered Poroshenko? |  "We buried Timachka"

A shell explodes next to two brothers playing in a backyard in Shakhtersk, Donetsk Republic (video)

January 10, 2015

Ukrainian forces fired 22 times today at Donetsk, reported by local militia, according to Russian Channnel One news. OSCE confirmed over 50 occasions of violating the ceasefire per day. Shelling results in mass destruction of homes, during the coldest time of the year.

This is the first case in his practice, says the doctor at Donetsk Hospital about 8 year old Vania. Vania can hardly talk, his face has been punctured by 2.5-4 mm shrapnel. He lost both legs and a right arm while playing with his 5 year-old brother in his backyard in Shakhtersk. His brother took most of the shrapnel and died on the spot, his father-in-law was killed as well. Vania lost more then a liter of blood. He lost one eye, and the second can barely see the light. Doctors cannot yet tell whether he will recover his sight. His mom and dad are by his side.

Vania asked his dad where is his brother. "We buried Timachka" - told Vania his father.

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Translators note:

Donetsk and Lugansk regions held their referendums and marched and railed peacefully during March of 2014, asking the new self-appointed Kiev government for federalization, which would allow local elections, protection of Russian language and retaining the Russian holidays, which are part of the local culture of the majority Russian population, who did not want to be ukranized and forced to celebrate Ukrainian nationalists, responsible for mass murder of non-Ukrainians in Western Ukraine. When armed and specially trained neo-Nazi battalions were unleashed on the Eastern regions, locals were forced to defend themselves.

How many more children need to be murdered and disfigured before the Kiev government realizes the futility of their efforts to bomb the Eastern regions into submitting into a "unified Ukraine"?

Share this with all your Social Networks in the West who are out to Destroy innocent peaceful civilians with the funds they are giving to this illegal Neo-Nazi Junta they installed.

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