Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First! Take Back Kharkov From the Banderastanazis

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 12:30 pm

First! Take Back Kharkov From the Banderastanazis 

_____________ As the situation on the fronts finally begans to change, let me say a few words about the prospects for new military confrontations. That is, first, the"truce" was a farce and only worsened the situation, as now almost all have agreed. Ukraine just built up over 4 months their strength and became again a more serious threat. After the resumption of the squalls of  shelling Donetsk, to many, this was to realize that the most had thought foolish, that what should be done - is to sit and wait for the junta, as sooner or later the reinforced troops would go on an offensive.

Donetsk therefore could easily become a Stalingrad-2. The prospect of becoming a great city in ruins, with countless victims is real - so why is it necessary Novorossia? In this situation, it was the only reasonable solution - that without waiting for an attack by the armed forces ukies, we shoould start a counterattack and drive away the punishers to at least 40 km from the demarcation line. And to do that we should have back in September, regardless. It is also true in the current situation there is one plus advantage. It's now became possible to completely  rout the punishers in this winter 2015 and a Victory without a hike to Kiev. 

Today, the Army is focusing all of the Ukraine forces available in the Donbass. All equipment from storage (storage bases armored vehicles), which could be reactivated and restored, repaired of the damage received in the fighting - Banderostan (junta occupied territory of Ukraine) has restored and pulled onto the Eastern Front. All human resources from those who are willing to fight one another are hastily trained, armed, and somehow put together and thrown into the Donbass. 

Reserves and other forces in the junta's command for now are just not there. Here is where a decisive defeat of the army ukrovermahta could put the record straight. The challenge now is to destroy not 75%, as was done in August, but 100% of their heavy equipment and maybe 80% of their personnel. Not to withdraw from this opportunity for a heavy blow, or to regroup, and retreat, and just go on and destroy everything, so to speak, right on the spot. 

The choice to again let them restore their army ukrovermahta after this debacle will be bad one when the absence of reserves, an exhausted source of money to fight any more is at hand. The economy in the spring will finally lose all its stability. This along with the rolling blackouts, the cold and hunger at this moment will be on the shoulders of half-dead, and disorderly while retreating from militia who cleans the entire territory of the DNI and the LC and takes Kharkov.This isn't an end to the war, because it becomes obvious in complete futility they will continue in attempts to create another army ukrovermahta, in fact, already a third Mobilization is scheduled, and again to attempt to storm the Donbass. 

It makes no sense to move deeper into Banderostana where VSN will meet punishers as occupiers and resistance embedded right now. We have to wait until Banderostan itself digests and recovers from austerity shock and other less communicable diseases and finally asks itself if crawling into Novorossia is worth the time and lives it takes . 

So, Why is it mentioned that in Kharkov we should move as the direction to occupy first rather than Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk? 


1. Reducing the front line. Kharkiv region covers Luhansk and provides a deep rears to Novorossia, this is very important for the normal functioning of the state. All parts of the sun ukrovermahta time not allocated to the west after the capture of Kharkov will be in the rear, in boilers, and will be forced to hurriedly leave the LC and DNR (Slavonic, Kramatorsk, Artemovsk) or find themselves in an extremely difficult position and destroyed without serious loss from the BCH forces DRGs. The liberation of the occupied territories will no bloody fighting on the territory of New Russia, without destroying the housing stock, without needless civilian casualties. 

2. Russia's support.Kharkiv region adjacent to the Russian Federation and by the shortest route can be supplied with all necessary. I hope to explain the importance of this factor is not necessary. From the north HNR is protected border with Russia due to its geographical position, which is important in the conduct of hostilities, as well as covered by the Russian air defense. 

3. Kharkiv - the largest tank factory Malyshev and Kharkov armored repair plant. Now in these plants, in three shifts are working the Sun ukrovermahta. After the capture of Kharkov production capacity and human resources will already work on BCH. Kharkiv - large industrial center of Ukraine and is qualitatively affect the whole economy of New Russia, sharply enhance its potential.Actually, no Kharkov Novorossia too Kuts and viable. It was a bunch of Donbass Kharkiv will ensure economic self-sufficiency of the region. 

4. Russian forces are strongest precisely in Kharkov. If you recall the events of March 2014, the pro-Russian sentiment in Kharkov were even stronger than in Donetsk. It can be expected that Kharkiv will meet tanks armor colors, but the Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye cause serious doubts. Guerrilla warfare in our rear and BCH meeting as occupiers - this is the last thing you need as Novorossia and Russia. 

5. Geography Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye very unfavorable for the offensive. Thrust into the center of Ukraine is no options to get hit in the flanks and reflect attempts to create a boiler for BCH. This will force to keep large forces on the flanks. In addition, Dnepropetrovsk protected Dnieper. Undermining the bridges will create a very great difficulties for the capture of the city. In fact, the examples do not have to walk far - enough to consider the German defense Dnieper abroad, known as "Oriental Shaft". With regard to the direction of Mariupol, Melitopol, Kherson, it is, in my opinion, should be considered only as a bonus to the Kharkov area. After the capture of Kharkov junta has almost all available forces in the Kiev area, since the direction of Kharkiv-Kiev will be the most dangerous to the junta, and only one Kiev is not going to pass, but after the defeat of the forces of Donetsk and Kharkov in the sun ukrovermahta remain extremely small.

6. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that in the south will have every opportunity to strike in the direction of Mariupol, Melitopol, Kherson (Great Kopan) that will finally corridor in Crimea (which has always been a natural way in the Russian Empire, and only by virtue of the absurd historical incidents faded). On the contrary the same - to begin an offensive from the south would be hardly reasonable, since the Southern Corridor would be broken, but forces on full North kick is not likely to remain, and the surprise will be lost, because again - direction Kharkiv-Kiev will be for the junta to protect the most dangerous and they are all his own. Of course, the implementation of certain Novorossia plans to a certain extent dependent on the will and determination of the Kremlin, which unfortunately has accumulated in recent years a lot of questions. 

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