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Desperate Blitzkrieg by Kiev and Washington's New "rapid reaction force"

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Desperate Blitzkrieg by Kiev and Washington's New "rapid reaction force"
Andrei Konstantinov,n A number of terrorist attacks against the civilian population (under Volnovaha in Donetsk, in the eastern districts of Mariupol), in which the accused Kiev DNR and Russia, have shown that they are closely linked. And focus on the failure of the settlement of internal Ukrainian crisis and increased pressure on Russia. 

This is also evidenced by the scale of foreign policy actions of Kiev. Already on January 24, Foreign Minister stole P.Klimkin stated: 

(1.) that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is working on an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, the Council of Ministers of the EU, the OSCE Permanent Council and consultation within the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. January 25 meeting was held NSDC 

(2.), who "ordered the government to start the application procedure in the Hague tribunal for crimes against humanity committed by terrorists against the Ukrainian people in 2014-2015, as well as recognizing the DNI and LC terrorist organizations." January 26 in Kiev, the head of the SBU briefed "Crimes against humanity, January 24, 2015 in Mariupol and other acts of military aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Federation "

(3.) January 27 the Verkhovna Rada, linking 

(4.) together "churning civil passenger aircraft flight MH17, tragedy Volnovakha, Donetsk and Mariupol ', adopted a declaration recognizing the Russian aggressor country. The same day, Ukrainian President made ​​a statement in Auschwitz 

(5.), in which, in particular, noted that "the threat of continental war now greater than ever. Let no one even questioned: ambitions and appetites of the aggressor greater than the dimensions of Ukraine. " And he called for "the whole world" "united front to confront the new imperial madness, new claims to supremacy in Europe." The activity of Kiev was observed on international markets. Number of affected European Kiev (PACE, the EU Council, the European Parliament) and Euro-Atlantic structures (NATO-Ukraine Commission) also confirms that it is an elaborate "impromptu." Particularly revealing this situation is an example of PACE, since the activity of Kiev "unexpectedly" coincided with the start of work her session. It is on this week had to review the decisions of PACE on the restrictions imposed on the Russian delegation after the Crimea to Russia. According to Ukrainian journalists 

(6.), a week before the event in Mariupol most of the members of the Assembly was set up by them to abandon the imposed sanctions in favor of dialogue: "We agreed that sanctions will be saved, but the amount will be agreed." Even an absolute majority of 27 January 

(7.) delegates held the position of the lifting of sanctions (at least partially) with Russia. PACE President A.Brasser about the events in Mariupol, against the wishes of Kiev, did not immediately blame the militia happening DNI or Russia, but called upon the parties to recall the responsibility of 

(8.) Ultimately, the PACE January 29 vote 

(9.) for the loss of voting rights of the Russian delegation in the Assembly until April (in response to Russia suspended its activities in the PACE until the end of the year). This sudden change of position of the PACE Ukrainian parliamentarians attributed to himself as merit. However, it is unlikely that the 12 Ukrainian deputies could half a day to change the point of view of more than 100 members of the Assembly on the issue. But it was the power of the US, which used a variety of leverage in European capitals (such as it happened with the leader of the EPP P.Agramuntom). At the request of the Ukrainian side on January 26 held an extraordinary meeting 

(10.) and the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament on the issue " aggravation of the situation in Ukraine in the context of terrorist attacks against innocent citizens of Ukrainian, Russian-backed militants carried out. " The meeting itself turned out to be the subject of only unsubstantiated accusations of Russia, which expressed by the representative of Ukraine to the EU K.Eliseevym and director of the European Commission for Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia T .Vigandom. In this case, the latter stated 

(11.) that if in February, "the situation improves" (without explaining what he meant), then will consider new sanctions. In this anti-Russian members of the committee were not limited only to its Committee on January 27 were 

(12.) at the European Parliament, demanding more and more new sanctions against Russia.Perhaps the most anticipated was announced on January 29 an extraordinary meeting of the European Council 

(13.) at the ministerial level Foreign Affairs. Recall Kiev insisted that it held on January 26 (Events in Mariupol January 24). After Poroshenko on Sunday (January 25) hastened to announce that at the meeting will be decided on the "increasing pressure on Russia." However, judging by the statements of European politicians, nothing like it was planned. It has been widely replicated only statement FW Steinmeier 

(14.) that the new sanctions are not excluded "in the event." However, he just said that to date the only challenge for the EU is to the east of Ukraine were completed military action. It goes a meeting of EU foreign ministers was influenced by the results of the elections in Greece. The new prime minister, and after him and Foreign Minister of Greece began to actively oppose Mogerini statements on the issue of sanctions against Russia. By the beginning of the meeting, according to experts, is nothing like the common position of the European countries on the issue of Ukraine and Russia was not even close. However, the EU Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs recommended the extension of sanctions against Russia until September. * * *Brussels manages to keep the unity of the EU with the help of the United States. This assistance is felt in the lion's share of "suddenly" change the decision or position of the Europeans. The other day V.Nuland said: "A free and peaceful Europe will rise or fall with Ukraine. Ukrainian fight for freedom for us not less "
(15.) She also stressed the importance of creating a new "rapid reaction force" "to accommodate all six countries in the front line." In the meantime, the United States, using the Kiev regime had blitzkrieg against Russia in Europe. And Kiev obviously do not care what the price.And when the Nazis disturbed people's lives? 

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