Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Charlie" A satanic march for Poroshenko Donbas thousands died and people still died Today

01.11.15. Posted by bloggers. "Poroshenko in Paris among European heads of state as a participant in a march against terrorism! Then worthless this march, if it participates Poroshenko, gave the order to fire at civilian towns of Donbass artillery, "Grad" and even tactical missile , the person responsible for the lives of thousands of civilians. Then it's a satanic march for Poroshenko - Masov serial killer, and makes it the elements of diabolism. Therefore, the hypocrisy, the European Heads of State and indignant "public", not your march against terrorism, but only against terrorism directed at you! And you for terrorism directed against you "alien." And in another's "anyone you choose - a rogue country, Iraq, Libya, Syria, residents of Donbass. I have no doubt that you make in your column Poroshenko bloody hands. Donbas thousands died and people die. And where at that time was Charles? He painted funny caricatures of the prophets and the saints? The modern left-liberal journalists in general and cartoonists in particular - hungry mad dogs gnawing a bone thrown to them. Immoral senders of global capital, you do not notice a real hysterical pain and suffering of the innocent. "

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