Monday, January 26, 2015

APU soldiers surrendering in masses, many are fresh out of the "Debaltsevsky Boiler"

APU soldiers surrendering in masses, many are fresh out of the "Debaltsevsky Boiler"

Original:Ukraine 26.01.2015

It is clear that the news may be faked, I mean that part of it which relates to the transition to the side of VSN entire military unit APU. But the part that concerns the slamming closed the  Debaltsevskogo boiler already has been confirmed from other sources. However, as taking Red Plowman, that, in fact, is slamming the lid of the boiler. But back, actually, to the point news: In "Debaltsevskom pot," (we can safely call him that,) started to happen the most interesting things. Weak-willed army, recruited by force & mobilization by the criminal terrorists in Kiev, started to surrender. Even in captivity they give up ... and now are going to fight against the Nazi death squads "patriots".

In Red Plowman APU soldiers carrying military service took a defensive perimeter and began to be shot at from the fanatics coming from their own-army in their rear. Just arrived from the Trinity,with militia fighters now, they have joined forces, and helped cleared the dill. Rebels of the APU did not stop and now participate in the sweeps of the village Mironovsky.

In Lozovoi just not without incident. APU suicide squad sent the army to meet the New Russia, which have been customized machine guns in the back "fanatics" of the death squads. Shots were heard in the back then, but not sent back the soldiers, and in the back "fanatics." Who shot until we find out. Perhaps our subversive group, and possibly another revolt as part of the APU.

In Novoluganskom captured three APCs trophy and two tanks. In dolomite more trophies.

PS. In most convenient time came more information of the city Popasnaya was busy brigade Brain. Now produced by stripping from the remnants of the APU defectors.

It is worth noting that between Popasnaya and Artiomovskiy no defensive lines UkrosNazis.

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