Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Kievan in Response to POROSHENKO on His Agenda To Mobilize

A Kievan in Response to POROSHENKO on His Agenda To Mobilize

January 16, 2015

I am a very ordinary from Kievan. Not svidomye jumper, but also not a fan of Putin !!! Send me a summons from the recruiting office. 

  • A few simple questions to the President of Ukraine: 
  • Why do I have to go to war ...? 
  • Have we declared war on someone? No
  • Is it a war with Russia? No. 
  • Why die if nobody declared war? 
  • And if so, then why does Poroshenko shakes hands with Putin? What's that say?

I have no need to figure out the separatists, who have no other home, and who's it is or not. Maybe what we have here is a civil war? But why then, is this is not even declared? Why, then, do we not enter into a state of war? Because the IMF did won't give you loans? Yes for me you'll X on the dotted line for these loans! What are they to me? What is that it will go to my use ? 

When (90%) of these new loans - are payment of interest on debts we've previously taken! Me, you  sold... to them! Will the money go to buy gas? No! So now it is my family this winter that will be cold, yet I should have to fight for this loan ?!  And by the way, I have not even written in the military card that I took part in the hostilities! Because the"ATO" - a bloodbath  shall be deemed an illegal "war"! And so why then would I want shoot at civilians?! So if it's not a war, then you will make war while you still control the police right ?! And to avoid prison, I must fight? For Poroshenko? Fuck That!!! Not on your life ... for this fucking Oligarch President! And his henchmen,Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, and Klitschko, plus other hanger-oners and fat-cat bureaucrats - the same! Fuck You all!!! 

You Want us to die For Donetsk and Lugansk? We're already all told 100 times, that  more than half their population is against Ukraine's new Puppet Govt.. And fuck you, they aren't winning either. To them at the expense of their lives at least they have a state in which to restore as was already there. That is, is not at happening my expense! And you assholes would not go anyway, ... not one last deputy BP would fucking fight in the Donbas! No sir!!!. You just sit and bitch about not having patriots or what is called in the press death squads! Now why would I die in the east ??? Therefore, Mr. Pan Commissar -  you go on right ahead...! Don't shove me out in harms way for some US agenda. Still, even better yet,- let the US go there themselves, so they shall die, if they want Donbass so badly! And as for me - Kiss my ass goodbye..! Catch Me If You Can, you kiss ass"bootlickers». 

PS: And in general, as for the 1,000 hryvnia per day (with Gunpowder promises - promises, B ..., from the rostrum) and a million insurance?! You can Shove it Wherever deep, or however far up your ass ...? NAH !!!  You might enjoy that....

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