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Militias Uglegorsk are preparing another "pot" + Trophy BRDM tail number №134

Militias are preparing another "pot"

In the Donbas may receive another "pot", if the militia will be able to take the city Popasnaya Luhansk region. This statement was made on Friday 30 January the Ministry of Defense representative DNR Edward Basurin, RIA Novosti reported.

"If the militia LC take Popasnaya and go to Artemovsk (Donetsk region), there will be another" pot "north debaltsevskogo" boiler ". Now LC is already fighting for Popasnaya "- he said.

Basurin previously reported that the militia took control of the city Uglegorsk, which is on the reference height. DNR and LC joint action almost completed the encirclement Debaltsevskoy grouping security officials. Taking Debaltseve control of militias, first, connect the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic (currently connects only one road to the south of the city of Donbass through snowy), and secondly, protect from attack and shelling Gorlovka, Shahtersk DNR and other cities, Basurin sure.

Photo: AP

Militias Uglegorsk + trophy BRDM tail number №134

Ukraine & US Double Cross the EU

Ukraine & US Double Cross the EU

George Soros admitted that Russia has strengthened its position in the world. This is a well-known American financier said, speaking at the end of last week at a private dinner - the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"The ability of the West to provide financial support to Ukraine is a key test of strength" decaying Europe "opposed" resurgent Russia. " If 25 years ago the Soviet Union collapsed, and Europe combined, but today the situation - quite the opposite, "- reports the words of a famous billionaire investor and The Wall Street Journal.

Can somehow relate to Soros and his anti-Russian views, but the fact that he is a great financier, can not be questioned. Therefore - to his position worth considering if he cries out to Europe and panics, so bad case of the West.

The world economy is becoming increasingly pronounced a new trend: the industrial and financial center of the world is moving towards Asia and Russia. Yet to speak about serious success early, but the potential is there, and it scares the West. At this fright and displayed an urgent task of the day: to ensure the victory of Ukraine in the war against its own people. Of course, we need financial support, and such amounts to be enough and the war, and in order to fill the pockets of Kiev authorities.

But it seems that loans were late. Shortly before the last occurrence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass Soros visited Kiev. Being an expert in their field, it is certainly easy to assess the situation in the Ukrainian economy. Judging by the fact that the question of future financing of Ukraine is not considered, assessed correctly. Apparently, the situation is so bad that Soros adventurer known value for money in all post-Soviet fascist regimes and welcomed last year's coup in Kiev, recognized the senselessness of the idea.

According to his estimates, the resuscitation of the Ukrainian economy in 2015 will need at least $ 50 billion. Of course, such a sum Kiev nobody will. Even last year, when the US and the EU had for the new Ukrainian government hopes were allocated no more than $ 8 billion. Therefore, the word "only a miracle can save the" realistic.

But the "miracle" seems to be in no hurry with their occurrence. Finance appealed to the EU to help Ukraine, but something happened that for a long time could not get Russian Europeans suddenly "saw the light" and see the true picture of what is happening in the Donbas. Civil society organizations and the media in one voice that the Ukrainian government is at war with its own people, while respecting all the laws of warfare.

The logic is simple: it's time to save European taxpayers' money, the more that everybody understands: the debt Ukraine will never return. And besides, once again the failure of all the plans of the West.

President Poroshenko and other Ukrainian politicians often repeat that assistance "abroad" the country needs, because they are "waging a war for Europe." Only their own importance Kiev junta to overestimate the war are not they, and through them. West took advantage of Ukraine to implement its goals: to tear Ukraine away from Russia and NATO's eastward advance. The fate of the Ukrainian people - the "players" in the global chessboard - interested in the least. And Kiev politicians instead to cooperate with Russia, including in the process of Eurasian integration, ie, to do what is beneficial for the national economy, succumbed to the temptation of the "European choice".

As conceived by the West, the Ukrainians have to fight, and that the conflict should be prolonged. Funding, of course, also expected. US does not hide the fact that only the preparation and conduct "Maidan" has taken more than $ 5 billion, not to mention the war. Just West could not even imagine that a significant portion of the solution on the expanse of "independence" and explain what happened to the money, it will be impossible.

For Europe, the more American partners Kiev Ukrainian land, as well as the Ukrainian people, absolutely alien logos. About any "common European space" and can be no question. Fraternal people of Ukrainians believe Russia only. A mentality, values ​​of Europe other, it is not able to think and perceive the world as Russian. This is the problem: the strategy of war, written by the West, totally ignores the features of the "enemy".Apparently, the Kiev authorities believed that "Donbass - is Ukraine." Therefore, for many foreign mercenaries fighting in the Donbass, meeting with indigenous Russian population has become shocking. "Feel the back view of the enemy" - is not for the weak Western psyche.

It can be predicted that the Ukrainian armed forces in the Donbas not last long, especially the financial support for the war by the West every day waning. However, to cut off funding entirely Europe can not - she got into the American trap. According to Soros, if Ukraine "will be lost", this would entail the collapse of the European Union.

The latter, in fact, sought by Washington - not in his interest a strong united Europe. So he makes the EU states drag myself Ukrainian burden. Loans granted to Ukraine, of course, will not be invested in the intensive care unit of the economy, and leave "the war." At the same time, if you do not give a $ 20 billion immediately, the collapse is inevitable. Here's a surprise prepared for the European partners the White House, when the decision to deceive Ukraine "happy European future." The aim was, of course, the purpose and lick Russia - to slow down the pace of economic development, to temper the ambitions of the sovereign dignity, to belittle the political role on the international stage. But it is, ladies and gentlemen, is an impossible task, and can overstrain.

Anna Tereshina

"The United States will withdraw from the Ukraine. And try to leave as quietly as possible"

Political scientist James Kunstler: "The United States will withdraw from the Ukraine. And try to leave as quietly as possible"

Author of a number of political and social studies, which have become bestsellers in the US writer James Kunstler made ​​in the media as a surprise to American opinion. He said the United States will throw the Ukraine, and the losing party will be Europe, as Russia made ​​a turn to the east. In an exclusive interview with "Evening Moscow" writer gave his explanation of what is happening in the world of events. 

- Good afternoon, Mr. Kunstler, I am a journalist of the newspaper "Evening Moscow" ... 
 Yes, sir, your words even reached Russia. And I have some questions: 

-You say that America will abandon Ukraine in a difficult situation. How so? 

-- US Department of State during the Maidan promised support, and voiced specific amounts, Kiev was promised help in $ 19 billion. 

-Is Washington willing to turn away from their partners?

-- I really think so. America goes, because the project, which they started in the Ukraine proves unsuccessful. From what I can tell, the US lost interest in the situation in Ukraine and I do not think they want to become a nurse-maid for the country. - The whole nation, the Ukrainians believed in support from the United States, living people. 

-You say, "lost interest"?... 

-- Yes let us remember that Ukraine is in dire economic situation. I can assume that the Ukrainian people will take help from anyone who will offer it. From any geopolitical group from anyone who offers them money, they will help. But I think the point is that neither the US nor its European allies are not able to afford to continue to pump billions of dollars into what is becoming an economic "black hole". They will not last long, I think that the situation will not last more than a year. And in the long run it will be clear that Ukraine is and always has been in the Russian sphere of influence. 
Efforts to expand the American and European influence to Russia's borders were ill-conceived project. 

-What seems to be the return of Ukraine to Russia

--To date, the government in Kiev is set extremely negative towards Moscow. They will wait for the next coup. We can see clearly how precarious a position is now the government of Ukraine. In fact, all of the state may be subject to collapse and reorganization. I do not rule out a new revolution or coup. The current government is not meant to be there forever. If they fail the economy, people get rid of them, or a certain part of this nation. I do not think the US or Europe have the physical capability to project power so far. Certainly not the United States. US only now beginning to learn the limits of their capabilities to project power around the world. They just closed several of their bases in Europe, and it seems to me that there is a likelihood that there will be even more closed of our bases around the world, simply because we can not afford them. I have written several books on these phenomena, one of them «Long Emergency» («Long catastrophe" - "VM") was published in 2005, its sequel «Too much magic» («Too much magic" - "VM") in 2012. In these books, I tried to make out a fairly simple idea. Global disposition changes, the global economy has lost control. The greatest nations of the world are retreating to their corners on the planet. And they will have fewer opportunities to project its power and strength than those abilities that they had in the past. Yes, there are still nuclear missiles. However, the likelihood of beneficial use is minimal. We are left with the conventional tools of power projection, which is very inconvenient for the US and the rest of Europe. Attempts to control the Middle East and their populations have been unsuccessful. All this has led only to a giant waste of our resources. I do not believe that we can continue to waste our resources in such a way, and we will not continue to do so. And stop trying to support Ukraine. It seems to me that we (the US - a comment. "VM") just quietly departed thence. And we will try to leave as quietly as possible. Sooner or later, it becomes obvious that Ukraine is in the interests of Russia. And, it is responsible for. Although, now that Russia would be extremely reluctant to help, only that the country has not collapsed. Moscow will remind people of Ukraine that from now on they are responsible for their own economic security. And we can assume that they will - the basis of Ukraine's economy will be the grain trade. Needless to say, because control over the east of the country is completely lost. Who can say what will happen with the industrial part of the country? The West will not be able to project its power there. 

- On the projection of force. NATO leaders announced the introduction of a rapid reaction corps in the Baltic countries, directly to the Russian border. Is there any chance the start of full-scale conflict? 

-- I think it's just a stupid theatrical performance. Perhaps, in order to save face and to restore confidence in NATO. I do not think that their actions pose a serious threat. This is an unfriendly gesture that will not bring any political gains. 

- Sir, finally, do you think that Russia and the United States will ever be able to restore good relations? 

-- I do not see why we need to be in such a tense relationship. I think that Barack Obama's policies are very poorly thought and calculated. No one really does not make a profit from this new cooling of relations. They came up against the idea that they will change the balance of power, which has existed for a very long time, and to project its power in remote corners of the planet. I'm talking about the US government projections, Russia and its former republics. It is obvious that the Crimea is a part of Russia. The idea that we have to put a spoke in the wheel of Russia, which is trying to stabilize the region is ridiculous. I think that the policy of the current US administration in the last two years, very stupid. And we are very quiet get away from Ukraine, because this whole situation - a humiliation for the United States. We have not achieved anything there, but managed to destroy the fragile stability of the region economically. In fact, we do not have the resources to support their economies. We can only make short-term gestures of support, but not in the long run. Ukraine will have to establish a fruitful relationship with their neighbors. Russia and Eastern Europe ... - But America - the richest country. They promised to those billions of Ukraine and the US economy as a whole is a tiny amount ... - Well, you could say that, but in fact America - bankrupt. We pretend that we have economic resources greater than it actually is. We can create new money on the computer and distribute them to other countries, and large banks. But, sooner or later it will become clear that the money - not real. In general, will soon re-evaluation of the value of currencies and the true value of things. At the moment, all in the global economy has erroneous value, including money. We do not even know whether these are real money. We can say that we will give Ukraine 20 billion. But if we give them every year, Every month, Sooner or later it will become clear that this money is not real. We can say that America - the richest country in the world and it really was a very wealthy. But today, she approached the limits of the possible in their own economy and financial system. And next year, perhaps these boundaries will be passed. 

SUMMARY James Howard Kunstler - American writer, blogger and social activist, author of several best-selling books on politics and on the topic of social urbanism USA. He is a regular columnist for The Rolling Stone magazine, The New York Times, has lectured at colleges and universities, including Cambridge and Yellen.

Pushilin: I have no words ...for MDA that then killed civilians? Again after truce ?????

Pushilin: DNI and LC are ready to talk with Kiev on ceasefire

15:47 01/30/2015 

Representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic will be expected in Minsk Kiev delegates at the talks of the contact group in Ukraine.

© RIA Novosti. Victor Talochka

MINSK, January 30 - RIA Novosti. DNR and LC are ready to talk with Kiev on a Ceasefire and abduction forces only at the actual line of contact with the security forces, said Denis Pushilin.

Ukrainian authorities began in April last year in the Donbass military operation against disgruntled occurred last February coup inhabitants of the region. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict have become more 5,000 civilians. 

In September, with the mediation of the OSCE and the Russian authorities of Ukraine and the militia and self-proclaimed DNR LC agreed a truce in Minsk. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian militia and security forces periodically accused each other of violating it, as a whole, and in the opinion of the parties in conflict, and OSCE observers observed the ceasefire.

However, since January 9, the intensity of attacks in the region has increased as the number of victims of the conflict. Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that the APU build up reserves in all the places where the fighting is. Militia, in turn, said that "pushed the front line" to avoid shelling residential areas of cities Ukrainian security forces. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the recent events in the Donbass confirm the most serious concerns about the intention of Kiev power way to resolve the situation in the Donbass.

Ukrainian crisis: The Chronicles of confrontation in January 2015

Kiev authorities began in April in eastern Ukraine military operation against the February coup disgruntled residents of the region. According to recent reports, the victims of the conflict began more than five thousand civilians cvyshe 10,000 were injured, about a million became refugees. Ninth of December in the Donbass in a coordinated militias and security forces mediated by the OSCE another truce. January 9, the intensity of the attacks in the region has increased, including shelling residential areas of Donetsk. Read more in Help RIA Novosti >>

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Desperate Blitzkrieg by Kiev and Washington's New "rapid reaction force"

New Russia Headlines
Today at 5:01 am

Desperate Blitzkrieg by Kiev and Washington's New "rapid reaction force"
Andrei Konstantinov,n A number of terrorist attacks against the civilian population (under Volnovaha in Donetsk, in the eastern districts of Mariupol), in which the accused Kiev DNR and Russia, have shown that they are closely linked. And focus on the failure of the settlement of internal Ukrainian crisis and increased pressure on Russia. 

This is also evidenced by the scale of foreign policy actions of Kiev. Already on January 24, Foreign Minister stole P.Klimkin stated: 

(1.) that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is working on an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, the Council of Ministers of the EU, the OSCE Permanent Council and consultation within the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. January 25 meeting was held NSDC 

(2.), who "ordered the government to start the application procedure in the Hague tribunal for crimes against humanity committed by terrorists against the Ukrainian people in 2014-2015, as well as recognizing the DNI and LC terrorist organizations." January 26 in Kiev, the head of the SBU briefed "Crimes against humanity, January 24, 2015 in Mariupol and other acts of military aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Federation "

(3.) January 27 the Verkhovna Rada, linking 

(4.) together "churning civil passenger aircraft flight MH17, tragedy Volnovakha, Donetsk and Mariupol ', adopted a declaration recognizing the Russian aggressor country. The same day, Ukrainian President made ​​a statement in Auschwitz 

(5.), in which, in particular, noted that "the threat of continental war now greater than ever. Let no one even questioned: ambitions and appetites of the aggressor greater than the dimensions of Ukraine. " And he called for "the whole world" "united front to confront the new imperial madness, new claims to supremacy in Europe." The activity of Kiev was observed on international markets. Number of affected European Kiev (PACE, the EU Council, the European Parliament) and Euro-Atlantic structures (NATO-Ukraine Commission) also confirms that it is an elaborate "impromptu." Particularly revealing this situation is an example of PACE, since the activity of Kiev "unexpectedly" coincided with the start of work her session. It is on this week had to review the decisions of PACE on the restrictions imposed on the Russian delegation after the Crimea to Russia. According to Ukrainian journalists 

(6.), a week before the event in Mariupol most of the members of the Assembly was set up by them to abandon the imposed sanctions in favor of dialogue: "We agreed that sanctions will be saved, but the amount will be agreed." Even an absolute majority of 27 January 

(7.) delegates held the position of the lifting of sanctions (at least partially) with Russia. PACE President A.Brasser about the events in Mariupol, against the wishes of Kiev, did not immediately blame the militia happening DNI or Russia, but called upon the parties to recall the responsibility of 

(8.) Ultimately, the PACE January 29 vote 

(9.) for the loss of voting rights of the Russian delegation in the Assembly until April (in response to Russia suspended its activities in the PACE until the end of the year). This sudden change of position of the PACE Ukrainian parliamentarians attributed to himself as merit. However, it is unlikely that the 12 Ukrainian deputies could half a day to change the point of view of more than 100 members of the Assembly on the issue. But it was the power of the US, which used a variety of leverage in European capitals (such as it happened with the leader of the EPP P.Agramuntom). At the request of the Ukrainian side on January 26 held an extraordinary meeting 

(10.) and the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament on the issue " aggravation of the situation in Ukraine in the context of terrorist attacks against innocent citizens of Ukrainian, Russian-backed militants carried out. " The meeting itself turned out to be the subject of only unsubstantiated accusations of Russia, which expressed by the representative of Ukraine to the EU K.Eliseevym and director of the European Commission for Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia T .Vigandom. In this case, the latter stated 

(11.) that if in February, "the situation improves" (without explaining what he meant), then will consider new sanctions. In this anti-Russian members of the committee were not limited only to its Committee on January 27 were 

(12.) at the European Parliament, demanding more and more new sanctions against Russia.Perhaps the most anticipated was announced on January 29 an extraordinary meeting of the European Council 

(13.) at the ministerial level Foreign Affairs. Recall Kiev insisted that it held on January 26 (Events in Mariupol January 24). After Poroshenko on Sunday (January 25) hastened to announce that at the meeting will be decided on the "increasing pressure on Russia." However, judging by the statements of European politicians, nothing like it was planned. It has been widely replicated only statement FW Steinmeier 

(14.) that the new sanctions are not excluded "in the event." However, he just said that to date the only challenge for the EU is to the east of Ukraine were completed military action. It goes a meeting of EU foreign ministers was influenced by the results of the elections in Greece. The new prime minister, and after him and Foreign Minister of Greece began to actively oppose Mogerini statements on the issue of sanctions against Russia. By the beginning of the meeting, according to experts, is nothing like the common position of the European countries on the issue of Ukraine and Russia was not even close. However, the EU Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs recommended the extension of sanctions against Russia until September. * * *Brussels manages to keep the unity of the EU with the help of the United States. This assistance is felt in the lion's share of "suddenly" change the decision or position of the Europeans. The other day V.Nuland said: "A free and peaceful Europe will rise or fall with Ukraine. Ukrainian fight for freedom for us not less "
(15.) She also stressed the importance of creating a new "rapid reaction force" "to accommodate all six countries in the front line." In the meantime, the United States, using the Kiev regime had blitzkrieg against Russia in Europe. And Kiev obviously do not care what the price.And when the Nazis disturbed people's lives? 

ONE HOMELAND 30/01/2015 

Positioning for VC: Novorossia-LC ------------------ 

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Posted by militia: "In the center of Donetsk shelling was hard..

Posted by Militia: "In the center of Donetsk shelling WAS hard. .
01.26.15. 23:44

"The shelling in Dokuchaevsk does not stop, a lot of destruction continues, just damaged was the Starobeshevskaya substation. - Now the entire city is without electricity. In Novotroitskaya, water pumps are smashed, now the district is without water and without heating respectively. The Ukainians are hammering our city from where one can step on mines. Cluster munitions and Grads have done a lot of destruction including casualties.

Women and children are sitting in basements and weeping. Constantly there are reports of Elenovka, of where there are bursting ukry brigades, but militia discourages their attempts. "Posted by militia:" In the center of Donetsk shelling was hard. The Nazis shelled the area of ​​Donetsk Airport with incendiary shells. Our soldiers from the airport reported the use of White phosphorus. Petrovka is under a terrible firefight.

In Donetsk, more than a hundred homes were left without electricity and water after the evening shelling of Grads. In Gorlovka the fire does not cease. In general, the situation is such that on one of our sites could begin actively to fire the M-103, making it difficult to communicate Debaltsevskoy groups. on the sand - most of them now control the enemy. Here our progress has risen. fights under Avdiyivka territories continue. "

Wage arrears in Ukraine have tripled

Wage arrears in Ukraine have tripled

The total amount of arrears of wages in Ukraine in 2014 increased by more than three times. These data are published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on Monday. According to the State Statistics Service, wage arrears as of January 1 of the current year amounted to 2.437 billion USD, or 7% of the monthly payroll for December.

In December 2014, wage arrears in the Donetsk region increased by 11.5% - up to 1.179 billion USD, Luhansk - by 4.9% to 347.561 million UAH. The growth of wage arrears recorded in Zhytomyr (19.6%), Odessa (6.2%), Lviv (5.9%) and Dnipropetrovsk (2.6%) regions.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, for the last month of the total debt in the industry increased to UAH 1.363 billion (5.9%), health care - up to 222.885 million UAH (15.4%), public administration, defense and compulsory social insurance - up to 55,491,000 UAH (7.2%), professional, scientific and technical activities - up to UAH 127.7 (3.9%), in the arts, sports, entertainment and recreation - to 26.129 million UAH (44.2%) , construction - up to 110.756 million UAH (1.4%).

Earlier, the Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that the salaries of servicemen in the armed conflict zone in the south-east of the country in the new budget increased more than 2-fold and up to 5,000 hryvnia.

We don't have terrorists in Donbass - all terrorists and Nazis are in Kiev Govt. Command

Civil war in Ukraine.
Horror in the center Europe...

We don't have terrorists in Donbass - all terrorists and Nazis are in Kiev Govt. Command
That's what happens when ardent nationalists came to power in Ukraine and they receiving support of the European Union and the United States.

People in the Donbass don't want join to the European Union and don't support Kiev nazis.

  • Why Kiev can not solve everything peacefully ?!
  • Why Kiev don't search snaiper from Maydan?
  • Why Kiev don't search killers from Odessa which was burn people alive?
  • Why after Maydan the money come to war but not to Ukrainian economic upgrade?
  • Why Poland forgot Rzeź wołyńska and support ukranian Bandera adept?
  • Why government of Europe mourn about 17 french people, but nobody mourn about every day killing people from Donbass?
  • Why government of Europe give money to war?
  • Why your (EU and USA) private military companies and mercenaries come to kill us?

Only residents of Donbass after Maidan (overthrow of President Yanukovych by nationalist groups) showed courage and said "No We Against to Nazism in Kiev" and after that Ukraine's new government start there a war against the population of Donbass.

Across Ukraine passes forced mobilization of soldiers (ordinary people) for the war in the Donbass. Although officially the war has not been declared. There is no enemy. It is called "anti-terrorist operation."

People in west and middle Ukraine are afraid to speak out against, otherwise they will be sent to war in Donbass as soldier or imprisoned, or will be tortured in the Security Service of Ukraine.

There is no freedom of speech.

We don't have terrorists in Donbass - all terrorists and monsters in Kiev government.

May be the main target of all last events in Ukraine is - isolation and crash of Russia and we (ukrainians) is only expendable material?

Help us! Support us! Our government is killing us!

Watch Video: 

APU soldiers surrendering in masses, many are fresh out of the "Debaltsevsky Boiler"

APU soldiers surrendering in masses, many are fresh out of the "Debaltsevsky Boiler"

Original:Ukraine 26.01.2015

It is clear that the news may be faked, I mean that part of it which relates to the transition to the side of VSN entire military unit APU. But the part that concerns the slamming closed the  Debaltsevskogo boiler already has been confirmed from other sources. However, as taking Red Plowman, that, in fact, is slamming the lid of the boiler. But back, actually, to the point news: In "Debaltsevskom pot," (we can safely call him that,) started to happen the most interesting things. Weak-willed army, recruited by force & mobilization by the criminal terrorists in Kiev, started to surrender. Even in captivity they give up ... and now are going to fight against the Nazi death squads "patriots".

In Red Plowman APU soldiers carrying military service took a defensive perimeter and began to be shot at from the fanatics coming from their own-army in their rear. Just arrived from the Trinity,with militia fighters now, they have joined forces, and helped cleared the dill. Rebels of the APU did not stop and now participate in the sweeps of the village Mironovsky.

In Lozovoi just not without incident. APU suicide squad sent the army to meet the New Russia, which have been customized machine guns in the back "fanatics" of the death squads. Shots were heard in the back then, but not sent back the soldiers, and in the back "fanatics." Who shot until we find out. Perhaps our subversive group, and possibly another revolt as part of the APU.

In Novoluganskom captured three APCs trophy and two tanks. In dolomite more trophies.

PS. In most convenient time came more information of the city Popasnaya was busy brigade Brain. Now produced by stripping from the remnants of the APU defectors.

It is worth noting that between Popasnaya and Artiomovskiy no defensive lines UkrosNazis.



January 26, 2015 

Published in the New Russia 

Vladislav Shurygina gave extremely interesting details about the "military trade workers." Since some time, after the recognition and acknowledgment of Zhuchkovskogo General Petrovsky was in charge then it all became an open secret, that such details from the participants and ownership of the subject, will appear more often. 

Men from the north We know for a long time. Ever since the war in Chechnya, which was probably why this conversation took place: ... Let's just agree on this, the number of questions, organizations and other "adjusting factors" we will put in the data reserve the brackets as follows. Russia in this war did not take part and does not participate to this point! Therefore, we call our structure "group
" North Men"," and I continue to call "a man from the north this." I will answersome questions that now are really very important for the future of New Russia, and all you who have "slave owners" as leaders ... our opponent. 

I am about him in high regard. How not cool yes, but the Ukrainians - is basically the same as ourselves. The same breed, the same ethnic composition. Of the strengths of persistence, and perseverance. Especially elite units Airborne, airmobile, " Special Forces ". 

Already defeated and already not fight it. Offered to surrender, lay down their arms and go - refused. Climb a breakthrough, without a chance. Therefore, and died without an account. So that we were no casualties, just covered with artillery and everything. It has been a couple of times - just passed not to arrange the shooting. Knew that all equipment already lost on the road. Why the extra corpses? It's someone's sons, husbands, fathers ... Of the weaknesses - command, command and control, disorganization. Their whole army of some vinaigrette. APU, the National Guard, volunteer battalions. No unified command. 

This division on the main offices is their big mistake. We have seen it even twenty years ago in the first Chechnya. And they are on the same rake only now climbed up and jumped. They the experience of others is not a decree. His blood is necessary to wash. Throughout the war they fill with battalion commanders, and there is already someone in that much. One says "Go!", The second says "Stand!", And the third at all "waste!". In order APU themselves more. Still felt the former Soviet school, "system" The accumulated decades. The interaction between the armed services, the organization of the fight, a reaction to the changing situation. But all this is frozen in the early 90s of the last century, and left. Felt that their army, they do not engage. 

The system remains, but the school had lost command and control. For combat arms: Airborne and "special forces" as elsewhere, the most battle-worthy. But their was battered in the battles and replenishment already much weaker than those who started the war. But their motivation high. Mainly due to corporate "courage." We're "special forces"! We're Airborne! In this case, our "northerners" was wild to see the burnt "Armorer" with exactly the same landing emblems, as we do, Airborne flags, portraits Margelov. But the enemies! Some Surrey ... Infantry - very weak! Most mobilized with desire to fight "zero", commanders often without any experience of command. Supply virtually any. Lived almost graze. Hungry, dirty, lousy, rotten in the form of - zombies! 

Only a few battalions were dressed in decent shape and ammunition, but the combat capability it is not added. Tanks - as an independent branch of service in this war is absent. In general, as a means of fire support of infantry. Therefore, the application went in small groups - up to a company. Hence, the level of losses - is extremely high. Infantry instead protect tanks and interact with them, pushed them in front of him. When saturation militia means VET it ended sadly. Artillery - the most "advanced" arm in MAT. Yet, like it or not, the Soviet artillery school was and remains the best in the world. 

The quality of teaching in post-Soviet artillery schools still remains very high. Ukrainian artillery quickly gone from slaboobuchennyh bullet in white light like a lot of money, gunners to the main factor of this war. In fact, artillery drags on the brunt of the war, offsetting weakness and frank infantry and a low level of command and control, and even a whole bunch of problems. Everything is compensated tons of shells and rockets, which are produced in the territory of Donbas. In the last week of our stay on the Ukrainian arms artillery stations appeared artillery reconnaissance, and she began to engage in effective kontrartilleriyskuyu struggle. The National Guard. Highly motivated, but poorly trained and poorly armed troops. 

Common name "battalions", but their number varies from two hundred fifty to seven hundred people. Commonly used as a light infantry or stripping occupied areas, but very weakly coordinated with the APU, so bear heavy losses. In a difficult situation prone to panic, may without the consent of the command to leave the position and retreat. High Command badly. Between ATO headquarters and troops just abyss. They are his troops as strangers paper soldiers run - operation figured out the problem set and go! Let's result! Does not work, the loss? You do not know how to fight! Ukraine is not Koch! Forward! And the fact that the task of initially unattainable, that the calculation of forces and means was not carried out and does not correspond to the problem - or anyone not Torquay. 

The staffs below the same. In general, the fundamental difference between the APU from the Russian army, which caught my eye - is the ratio of the soldier. In Russia, even in the most heinous nineties, during the war and the officers and generals of his soldiers valued and cherished as they could. Generals of that period all Russia remembers - Troshev, Shamans, Pulikovskiy, Rokhlin. And the Ukrainians? In the area of fighting was sitting alone commander of the Southern Operational Command, former commander of the Eighth Corps, General Homchak, taxied under Ilovaiskaya onset. And the dovoevalsya to full circle, from which, taking advantage of the ceasefire agreement, fled with the remnants of the staff and a couple dozen fighters. 

Then began to tell tales about the fact that Russian PEYRELEAU him four times more than he was a soldier. Yup! Well, that is if there under the command of General were a total of six thousand, the Russian, it turns out, there were already twenty-four thousand! Whole body! Imagination at Homchaka like Munchausen. However, other Ukrainian military leader, General Litvin with the threat environment just threw the troops fled from the "pot" and now, as far as I know, promoted to commander of the operational command. Ukrainian soldiers to command - no one! Sent into battle like a flock, and what will happen to them, how many will die, how many will - no one cares. 

The main problem to be solved. And if we defeat, so in general it is better that no one came, and then the defeat was not any. And people will write off as deserters. But consider that in the Ukrainian army given up silly. In it invested billions of dollars in the Ukrainian budget and foreign loans. Military assistance to Ukraine comes from a dozen NATO countries, and its own defense industry begins to revive. Now Ukrainian army started delivery of modern Western intelligence and communications equipment. Ukrainians loss to Poland and Germany retrained for NATO weapons. 

This means that soon it too will appear. On the Ukrainian landfills and training centers provide courses NATO and American instructors. Re-organized logistics. For the six - seven months APU will (if there is political will, help from the West and some other conditions) to go "reformatting, or, if you like - go to a different qualitative state. Draw conclusions from the defeats, change of command, to reorganize and then we will see another quality opponent. Therefore, to savor the last victory is just silly. About opponent can forget. We will not see him anymore. This is the past ... About militias 

The strong point of the militia, of course, is highly motivated. People are fighting for their homes, volunteers for the idea. Fighting valiantly, with passion. Stojko. Losses are as something for granted. Do not panic. Learn quickly. Before entering, I organized the training of specialists, and so, I had could only dream of such soldiers! People learned to literally fully. Artillery calculations, tank crews literally for days grasped something that usually takes a week. Absolute authority of commanders. For their commanders will go anywhere. Unlike MAT, where the nomination for any office is a complicated bureaucratic process often is not associated with any candidate's ability, but only with the proximity to the authorities or membership of a political group, to command positions militia put forward the most courageous and capable fighters, despite the rank and seniority. 

Natural selection, so to speak ... For combat arms. Infantry - perfectly motivated, but the level of training is poor. However, this is compensated by the courage and initiative. Tank units distributed among the troops. Trained well, but, as well as tank units APU used for fire support of infantry. In contrast to the APU militia cherish their tanks and infantry cover, so losses of military equipment incomparable. Artillery - highly trained, well-organized, which took a full course of training. Is responsible for this "northerners" and they did their job well. 

Operational command of the militia as well staffed by professionals who have special military training and experience of warfare in other hot spots. The headquarters is quite able to organize and conduct effective operations scale division - the case, but here and start weaknesses militia. The main weakness of the militia called the word "Makhnovshchina." At the time of my exit from the territory of the DNI is no unity of forces defending was not. And you have to give yourself a report that no "Army of New Russia" no. Instead, it has dozens of units of varying sizes, weapons and organization. Announcement of Donetsk militia regular army in fact nothing has changed. At the same time, often the number is not only and not so much an indicator of combat capability, as an indicator of the "weight" of a warlord in the controlled territory. 

As a consequence, each warlord alone solves the problems of supply of his party. Everyone is looking for, or arranges their channels receipts "humanitarian aid", and each builds its relations with "PX". And the "bigger" these channels than voluminous supply, the higher "rank" field commander, and the large territory it controls. The saddest thing is that this access to supply and control of the area are the main obstacles join forces. After all, some of the money on ammunition, food, communication, salaries and bonuses militias - all this for the most part "duty" to "earth" as cars, homes, stores and more. And good when it is done at least "amicably" - official taxes on local business, but more often just "spin" - robbery, quite simply. 

When I was there, "dungeon" for stubborn "sponsors" were almost obligatory attribute of most large staffs militias. To unite under a single beginning, then lose weight and lose supply channels and control over "the earth", which feeds almost all warlords. That is to lose a major source of contentment. But even worse is that under the guise of militia in the territory of New Russia are "Indians" - dozens of ordinary gangs who terrorize the local population literally. Under the flags of the DNI they create a complete mess - robbed, raped, murdered. There are entire villages that came under the control of "Indians" bespredelschik. And fight with them is not particularly conducted. Warlords not up to them, they are on their own territory share power and find out the relationship, and the police and prosecutors in the DNI and LC are not. 

Therefore, for a sufficiently large number of volunteers, and in August it was around about twenty thousand soldiers, their combat effectiveness is low. Militia good fight in the city, steadfastly defend, but because of the "land of psychology" and almost complete in coordination conduct a modern mobile warfare almost can not. Outside the cities and towns only militia led exploration and hold checkpoints on key roads, leaving without cover whole areas. Ukrainian command by the middle of July to clarify this weakness, then razvedreydami their BTG groping such "gaps" in the defense militias and local pursued offensive, wedging deep in defense militia. By mid-July, in fact, the entire territory of the DNI and the LC was like chunks "lobed" such attacks. 

Again, the only means of "northerners" turn these penetrations in the "boiler" for the APU, the militia themselves here only "cleaned out" after our work area, but smashed the retreating small detachments defeated APU. North Wind It is often said that "northerners" militia rescued from destruction. Like, reinforcements arrived when the APU to victory remained almost a matter of hours. This svidomye nonsense! The situation in mid-August was heavy but not critical. At this point, the APU used almost all their reserves, were bogged down and heavy fighting in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, near Ilovaysk and on the outskirts of Lugansk in the area Novosvetlovka-Lutunino. Forces to cut the territory of New Russia in the APU was gone, but the war is increasingly immersed in the bloody chaos - in the combat zone were the most densely populated areas of Donbass. 

The expense of civilian deaths went to a hundred. It was necessary to stop this massacre and to force Ukraine to the cessation of hostilities and peace negotiations. For this operation has been developed, and we have transgressed to its implementation. Except for minor flaws, then everything went without a hitch. The enemy could not just open our nomination and deployment, and found our presence only when we entered with him into direct contact. APU and could not open our forces and therefore to Ukrainian reports still walk the most fantastic figures. Some Ukrainian military leaders agreed to the fact that the territory of Ukraine has become as much a hundred thousand "northerners" that there is complete nonsense! 

No global challenges "to reach Kiev" we have not had. If you reduce everything to a single formula, the defeat and to create conditions for a cessation of hostilities and the start of negotiations. On the "Northerners" I am pleased with the actions of "northerners". I can say that they have demonstrated a high level of preparation and coordination. Worked fine intelligence, coped well with the objectives of the staffs at all levels, In fact, "northerners" demonstrated the kind of warfare that the west is called "network-centric war." Constant movement, constant exploration, early detection and timely goals of fire damage. Suffice it to say that, despite the very limited area area of ​​combat operations, "northerners" almost never engage with the APU in direct interaction, were not fighting, they say, "eye to eye", defeating remotely. 

Only a few times, they say, tied fights. The only case where a number of "northerners" were held captive by the APU, was the result of violations of combat documents and sloppiness junior commanders. On the "pot" under Ilovaiskaya. The blame for this destruction and huge loss lies entirely on the command ATO and the Southern sector - at first they just a "hole" drove the whole group, not covering the flanks. Then, bogged down in urban combat, instead of getting around the city, began pulling off under a new BTG, so, apparently, wanted to raise a flag over it. Well, when you got hit in the flank, and the bill went to watch, just confused, began to wait for instructions from "above", while the "pot" is not slammed. 

After that, no clear command we have not already seen. Inside the "pot" of methane bearing losses, the National Guard battalions and MAT, and outside the command did not even try to organize the blockade of his troops. And it was weird! We, frankly, preparing for what will keep the external front, but they do not even twitched. The impression that there struggling pretend that under Ilovaiskaya nothing happens and everything will somehow will resolve. Well resorbed ... We had an order - as far as possible to avoid more victims. Therefore, almost immediately to the commanders surrounded parts brought our ultimatum - to all who lay down their arms and leave the equipment, guaranteed life in and out of the boiler to his. 

Now "encircled" everywhere voice that de, they were deceived, they were promised a corridor, but instead gouging artillery. This, again, nonsense! Was a specific ultimatum - leave in place all heavy weapons and equipment, and vehicles in a certain order you leave. Instead, they started playing in the steep Rangers. Build a column for a breakthrough - with tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns. All that they could not take out, began to burn and disabling. We are behind all this closely watched. Exploration constantly report. Again came to them - not tricky! Do you want to live, condition, leave as defined - in the afternoon, without heavy equipment, as agreed and under control. 

All released! They again "Yes! - Yes! "But as dusk, rushed for a breakthrough, well, in fact, received. Almost no one left. Such a senseless loss of life, I could not imagine. Road death of some sort ... Why was not taken Mariupol? Most likely, just not enough time. But for me personally, one of the main problems was that it would take us, "northerners", with all the problems - loss of full "flare" of our participation, and all the "charm" of the storming of the city - the destruction, loss of peace residents. 

The Ukrainian side in Mariupol Mariupol and under were up to a thousand of every kind "siloviki". Militias same at that time barely enough for the nomination of checkpoints and organization of front-line offensive - in fact, intelligence, in which, moving forward militia "groping" centers of resistance, and then we moved up picks open these artillery units. In the open field, this tactic was effective, but in a big city already could hardly work. Therefore, for me personally, a truce was, to some extent, relieved. Yes, take the city like, but objectively assessing the strength, I knew it was not going to be very easy. Even on the environment and effective blockade forces lacked. Time or at the wrong time? It's hard to make such an assessment. Of course, we could more significantly expand the territory controlled by the militia. 

At the time of the stoppage of active hostilities almost all the available command ATO were either part of the heavy fighting, or were defeated, and to cover the gap, formed after the defeat of the boilers was just nothing. I think that fighting will last another week, and in front of Kiev would have stood up to his full height prospect of a military catastrophe, and only Ukrainian military commanders and political leaders knew the real state of affairs and to adequately assess the threat. 

But still, I think that the primary responsibility for the current state of affairs lies with those who held talks in Minsk. Position negotiators Donbass were far more profitable and stronger than in Kiev. Kiev, in fact, was forced to the world, and he beat them at that time was nothing. We had to accept any conditions, otherwise you could lose a lot more. On the other hand, Russia is under tremendous pressure from the West, and every day of the war only intensified it. It is clear that there is also put pressure on negotiators. As a result, signed what was signed. Oh, and perform signed, the Ukrainian side almost immediately did not hurry. 

What's next? In my opinion, today there was a "provocative" Kiev situation. Russia completes the withdrawal of its troops from the border areas in the RPE. And the threat hanging over Kiev seven months, ceases to be such. The combat capability of groups more or less restored. Defeated part again staffed with personnel and equipment. To carry out reforms in the rear. Established combat training. A technical equipment areas of concentration and the key nodes of Defense. And now to the political leadership of Ukraine and the command ATO faces a dilemma - to leave in the winter, to accept defeat in the spring and summer of the company, or try to warm in recent weeks to achieve at least some local victory but to balance its August rout. 

Plans a local operation indicates a sharp increase in group hanging over Lugansk, where intelligence reports now focused not less than six BTG, up to fifty to sixty tanks and guns and MLRS. Another group is concentrated in the region of Donetsk airport. There revealed to thirty to sixty tanks guns and MLRS, and up to two thousand infantry of different formats - from the "special forces" APU to "the National Guard." Shootings and constant attempts to squeeze Ukrainian militia units from the area of ​​the airport may well be used as an excuse to attack the local to the area. In my opinion, the most appropriate time - before election day. 

So as a result of the onset can be easily converted into a political "public relations", or immediately after them - to distract people from the results. But the constraint is though formal, but compliance with the terms of the ceasefire, as well as the fear that this attack, as well as the previous ones, will be destroyed and will end in defeat, as in Kiev there is no confidence in overcoming the consequences of the war crisis August- September . If until the second decade of November exacerbation does not happen, then we can expect the care of the conflict in "hibernation" - positional confrontation with artillery duels and vigorous activity reconnaissance and sabotage units. 

This period - until April next year, each party will use to strengthen its armed forces and to prepare for the new spring - summer company. But this is a very distant prospect. TML - Zinc PS. I think in the future will disclose other details imperceptibly, but effektivnoy work "employees PX" when poduvshy for a few weeks "north wind" led troops to heavy military junta disaster. Hopefully now my August post 1820.html will be more clear. 

Then you can only talk so now we can talk a little more, and after a few months or even years, will tell more. Certainly hard to keep quiet. when you know about such things, but people puzzled asked where then took a new BTR, or "what is there in the video flickers" but it is necessary to understand that the information war and military secret, require about certain things to keep quiet until a certain time. 

In fact, those who fought in the Donbas or those who provided logistical channels there, sooner or later learned that is not shown on TV and in the "Internet" on the "Voentorg" and his work. These are the actual features of "hybrid" or "network-centric" warfare that Russia now develops when news coverage and support, becoming one of the important parts of the military planning. 

The Americans in this great master, Russia in many studies just at them and the war against Georgia, and the Crimean Spring and "Voentorg in New Russia ", show that from a purely military point of view, our army is making good progress, although there are errors, the various flaws and shortcomings. And most importantly, officially no Russian troops on the territory of the DNI and the LC was not.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First! Take Back Kharkov From the Banderastanazis

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 12:30 pm

First! Take Back Kharkov From the Banderastanazis 

_____________ As the situation on the fronts finally begans to change, let me say a few words about the prospects for new military confrontations. That is, first, the"truce" was a farce and only worsened the situation, as now almost all have agreed. Ukraine just built up over 4 months their strength and became again a more serious threat. After the resumption of the squalls of  shelling Donetsk, to many, this was to realize that the most had thought foolish, that what should be done - is to sit and wait for the junta, as sooner or later the reinforced troops would go on an offensive.

Donetsk therefore could easily become a Stalingrad-2. The prospect of becoming a great city in ruins, with countless victims is real - so why is it necessary Novorossia? In this situation, it was the only reasonable solution - that without waiting for an attack by the armed forces ukies, we shoould start a counterattack and drive away the punishers to at least 40 km from the demarcation line. And to do that we should have back in September, regardless. It is also true in the current situation there is one plus advantage. It's now became possible to completely  rout the punishers in this winter 2015 and a Victory without a hike to Kiev. 

Today, the Army is focusing all of the Ukraine forces available in the Donbass. All equipment from storage (storage bases armored vehicles), which could be reactivated and restored, repaired of the damage received in the fighting - Banderostan (junta occupied territory of Ukraine) has restored and pulled onto the Eastern Front. All human resources from those who are willing to fight one another are hastily trained, armed, and somehow put together and thrown into the Donbass. 

Reserves and other forces in the junta's command for now are just not there. Here is where a decisive defeat of the army ukrovermahta could put the record straight. The challenge now is to destroy not 75%, as was done in August, but 100% of their heavy equipment and maybe 80% of their personnel. Not to withdraw from this opportunity for a heavy blow, or to regroup, and retreat, and just go on and destroy everything, so to speak, right on the spot. 

The choice to again let them restore their army ukrovermahta after this debacle will be bad one when the absence of reserves, an exhausted source of money to fight any more is at hand. The economy in the spring will finally lose all its stability. This along with the rolling blackouts, the cold and hunger at this moment will be on the shoulders of half-dead, and disorderly while retreating from militia who cleans the entire territory of the DNI and the LC and takes Kharkov.This isn't an end to the war, because it becomes obvious in complete futility they will continue in attempts to create another army ukrovermahta, in fact, already a third Mobilization is scheduled, and again to attempt to storm the Donbass. 

It makes no sense to move deeper into Banderostana where VSN will meet punishers as occupiers and resistance embedded right now. We have to wait until Banderostan itself digests and recovers from austerity shock and other less communicable diseases and finally asks itself if crawling into Novorossia is worth the time and lives it takes . 

So, Why is it mentioned that in Kharkov we should move as the direction to occupy first rather than Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk? 


1. Reducing the front line. Kharkiv region covers Luhansk and provides a deep rears to Novorossia, this is very important for the normal functioning of the state. All parts of the sun ukrovermahta time not allocated to the west after the capture of Kharkov will be in the rear, in boilers, and will be forced to hurriedly leave the LC and DNR (Slavonic, Kramatorsk, Artemovsk) or find themselves in an extremely difficult position and destroyed without serious loss from the BCH forces DRGs. The liberation of the occupied territories will no bloody fighting on the territory of New Russia, without destroying the housing stock, without needless civilian casualties. 

2. Russia's support.Kharkiv region adjacent to the Russian Federation and by the shortest route can be supplied with all necessary. I hope to explain the importance of this factor is not necessary. From the north HNR is protected border with Russia due to its geographical position, which is important in the conduct of hostilities, as well as covered by the Russian air defense. 

3. Kharkiv - the largest tank factory Malyshev and Kharkov armored repair plant. Now in these plants, in three shifts are working the Sun ukrovermahta. After the capture of Kharkov production capacity and human resources will already work on BCH. Kharkiv - large industrial center of Ukraine and is qualitatively affect the whole economy of New Russia, sharply enhance its potential.Actually, no Kharkov Novorossia too Kuts and viable. It was a bunch of Donbass Kharkiv will ensure economic self-sufficiency of the region. 

4. Russian forces are strongest precisely in Kharkov. If you recall the events of March 2014, the pro-Russian sentiment in Kharkov were even stronger than in Donetsk. It can be expected that Kharkiv will meet tanks armor colors, but the Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye cause serious doubts. Guerrilla warfare in our rear and BCH meeting as occupiers - this is the last thing you need as Novorossia and Russia. 

5. Geography Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye very unfavorable for the offensive. Thrust into the center of Ukraine is no options to get hit in the flanks and reflect attempts to create a boiler for BCH. This will force to keep large forces on the flanks. In addition, Dnepropetrovsk protected Dnieper. Undermining the bridges will create a very great difficulties for the capture of the city. In fact, the examples do not have to walk far - enough to consider the German defense Dnieper abroad, known as "Oriental Shaft". With regard to the direction of Mariupol, Melitopol, Kherson, it is, in my opinion, should be considered only as a bonus to the Kharkov area. After the capture of Kharkov junta has almost all available forces in the Kiev area, since the direction of Kharkiv-Kiev will be the most dangerous to the junta, and only one Kiev is not going to pass, but after the defeat of the forces of Donetsk and Kharkov in the sun ukrovermahta remain extremely small.

6. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that in the south will have every opportunity to strike in the direction of Mariupol, Melitopol, Kherson (Great Kopan) that will finally corridor in Crimea (which has always been a natural way in the Russian Empire, and only by virtue of the absurd historical incidents faded). On the contrary the same - to begin an offensive from the south would be hardly reasonable, since the Southern Corridor would be broken, but forces on full North kick is not likely to remain, and the surprise will be lost, because again - direction Kharkiv-Kiev will be for the junta to protect the most dangerous and they are all his own. Of course, the implementation of certain Novorossia plans to a certain extent dependent on the will and determination of the Kremlin, which unfortunately has accumulated in recent years a lot of questions. 

A Kievan in Response to POROSHENKO on His Agenda To Mobilize

A Kievan in Response to POROSHENKO on His Agenda To Mobilize

January 16, 2015

I am a very ordinary from Kievan. Not svidomye jumper, but also not a fan of Putin !!! Send me a summons from the recruiting office. 

  • A few simple questions to the President of Ukraine: 
  • Why do I have to go to war ...? 
  • Have we declared war on someone? No
  • Is it a war with Russia? No. 
  • Why die if nobody declared war? 
  • And if so, then why does Poroshenko shakes hands with Putin? What's that say?

I have no need to figure out the separatists, who have no other home, and who's it is or not. Maybe what we have here is a civil war? But why then, is this is not even declared? Why, then, do we not enter into a state of war? Because the IMF did won't give you loans? Yes for me you'll X on the dotted line for these loans! What are they to me? What is that it will go to my use ? 

When (90%) of these new loans - are payment of interest on debts we've previously taken! Me, you  sold... to them! Will the money go to buy gas? No! So now it is my family this winter that will be cold, yet I should have to fight for this loan ?!  And by the way, I have not even written in the military card that I took part in the hostilities! Because the"ATO" - a bloodbath  shall be deemed an illegal "war"! And so why then would I want shoot at civilians?! So if it's not a war, then you will make war while you still control the police right ?! And to avoid prison, I must fight? For Poroshenko? Fuck That!!! Not on your life ... for this fucking Oligarch President! And his henchmen,Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, and Klitschko, plus other hanger-oners and fat-cat bureaucrats - the same! Fuck You all!!! 

You Want us to die For Donetsk and Lugansk? We're already all told 100 times, that  more than half their population is against Ukraine's new Puppet Govt.. And fuck you, they aren't winning either. To them at the expense of their lives at least they have a state in which to restore as was already there. That is, is not at happening my expense! And you assholes would not go anyway, ... not one last deputy BP would fucking fight in the Donbas! No sir!!!. You just sit and bitch about not having patriots or what is called in the press death squads! Now why would I die in the east ??? Therefore, Mr. Pan Commissar -  you go on right ahead...! Don't shove me out in harms way for some US agenda. Still, even better yet,- let the US go there themselves, so they shall die, if they want Donbass so badly! And as for me - Kiss my ass goodbye..! Catch Me If You Can, you kiss ass"bootlickers». 

PS: And in general, as for the 1,000 hryvnia per day (with Gunpowder promises - promises, B ..., from the rostrum) and a million insurance?! You can Shove it Wherever deep, or however far up your ass ...? NAH !!!  You might enjoy that....



Many Europeans are opposed to the provision of financial assistance to back Ukraine as the EU will soon sink into financial debt, even if it's to save Kiev from a certain bankruptcy? These and similar questions are increasingly and most recently frequently asked by the taxpayers of the EU member states. 

An expert sociologist has been tasked with the chore, to find out what sort of answers are swirling around inside the minds of Europeans. The survey results were disastrous for the officials in Kiev. According to data from ICM Research, more than half of Europeans consider it unnecessary and mrally wrong to continue to provide financial assistance to the disastrous Ukrainian economy. But not so very long ago, the EU leaders, were urging Ukrainians to break economic ties with Russia, and swore that in case of any in trouble that the EU would not leave Ukraine. It turns out that by giving these promises, the evronachalniki was not asked for permission from their constituents. 

Most opponents to saving Kiev of its expenses, according to the study, conducted from 5th to 17th of December 2014, lived in UK and France. The Poll sample was 3013 people (1001 in the UK, in 1001 in Germany, 1011 in France). Overall, 55 percent of the population of the countries surveyed believe that the EU should no longer allocate money to help Ukraine. 

In this case, only one-third, that is 35 per cent, are ready to continue saving Kiev from default at all costs. However, it is possible that very soon, because of the sanctions war with Russia on EU companies, will begin many layoffs, the number of those wishing to save the country, which is now about real reform of its own economy recall in the last turn, were significantly diminished. 

By the way the first of the high EU officials ranked the inability to continue to bury the money of EU citizens in the bottomless pit called Ukraine. And on Wednesday dared to publicly declare to the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker: "We can discuss the financial and economic support for Ukraine all you like, but we have reached the limits of our budgetary expenditures". 

Could Russia default if oil falls to $ 25 ?

Could Russia default if oil falls to $ 25 ?

Photo: iStockPhoto20.01.2015, 20:30 | Peter Orehin

Russia has reduced the national debt by a third in the past year, the central bank said today. Now he is about $ 52 billion, or about 5% of GDP. But the international rating agencies are preparing together to lower Russia's sovereign rating to "junk" level. This means that they are above the estimated probability of default on Russian debt."Times" versed in how can there be a default in the short term.

In January of this year, just two rating agencies of the "Big Three" - Fitch and Moody's - downgraded Russia's sovereign rating to "predmusornogo" level. Until the end of January, S & Palso should make your decision. And if the agency downgraded the rating, it will go into the speculative zone. Ratings are intended to provide guidance to investors and primarily reflect the probability of default on debt securities of the issuer.

However, the assessment of external debt, which is published today, the Central Bank does not give reasons for pessimism regarding the government's ability to service its debt. Here in the banking and corporate sectors can cause problems, analysts say. 

Russia's foreign debt at January 1, 2015 was $ 599.497 billion, a decline for the year to $ 129.4 billion, or 17.8%. In the fourth quarter of last year, domestic borrowers paid nearly $ 80 billion. The state debt (including obligations of the Central Bank) dropped even more - by 33.2%, to $ 51.9 billion. Of this amount, governments have to $ 41.516 billion for the Central Bank - $ 10.407 billion.

Based on the current dollar exchange rate of 65 rubles.and GDP in 2014 about 70 trillion rubles., the aggregate amount of external debt amounted to 1 January 2015, about 60% of GDP. The state should at least 5% of GDP.

Can the government to pay interest on this debt? Certainly. Analysts agree with the opinion of the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, who believes that a default is not possible, since the resources to pay the government more than enough.

Foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank, despite a marked reduction in the last year amounted to January 1, 2015 $ 385.46 billion. This amount covers, and the national debt, and annual imports ($ 308 billion in 2014, according to preliminary estimates of the Central Bank), while considered acceptable period of three months.

"Russia has substantial reserves, which fully cover the sovereign debt. The key question, whether the Government will continue to pursue a policy of the Central Bank and conservation reserves. While the rhetoric of the officials said that the Bank of Russia and the government against spending accumulated funds to support the national currency. Under these conditions, talk about the prospects of sovereign default within 2015 is hardly worth "- believes the head of" Analysis of the debt markets "analytical department of PSB Igor Golubev.

Another important point - despite the drop in oil prices, Russia maintains a positive trade and balance of payments. Current account surplus in 2014 reached $ 56.7 billion in the fourth quarter (ie even at oil prices around $ 60 per barrel) was plus $ 10.5 billion. The trade balance at the end of 2014 drawn up with a surplus of $ 185, 6 billion in the fourth quarter - $ 37.5 billion. The decrease of imports ahead of the fall in exports and allows you to save a positive foreign trade balance. This statistic means that the country continues to flow currency in large enough quantities.

With the price of oil at $ 50 a barrel, analysts believe that the current account and trade balance will remain positive.

"Overall, 2014 showed the flexibility of the external balance and the ability of Russia to achieve a positive balance of emergency" - analysts said Sberbank CIB. Analyst of "Alfa Capital" Andrew Schenck also says that "the current account surplus will remain, even though the decline in oil prices, as the decline in export earnings is offset by a decrease in the volume of imports, hence currency will be sufficient to repay the external liabilities."

Fiscal policy remains one of the problem areas, but there are reserves.

According to the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanova, the budget may be short of this year at current oil prices 3 trillion rubles. At the same time in the reserve fund in December of last year, according to the Ministry of Finance, was 4.4 trillion rubles. For the current year the agency is allowed to use only 500 billion rubles., But it is clear that the deterioration of the situation this boundary can be at any time to review.

For comparison, the Ukraine, the rating which is in the speculative zone and liabilities which analysts expect default this year (in particular, if Russia would require early repayment of $ 3 billion, issued by the government of Viktor Yanukovych in late 2013), has foreign exchange reserves of $ 7, 5 billion. That's enough for five weeks of imports. According to the officials and experts, the country need to pay this year's $ 11 billion. And you have to pay for imported gas, coal and electricity. Ukraine's GDP in the last year will drop by at least 5% (outcomes so far), the inflation rate was 25%. This year the situation better not be.

The Ukrainian government is negotiating with the IMF on a new loan tranche. The Foundation's mission in Kiev January 12 and is expected to leave the Ukrainian capital on January 29. International donors are not satisfied with the extremely slow pace of reform in Ukraine, so the decision yet. "I date (receipt tranche from the IMF) can not call because we really in a very difficult negotiation. 

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They are complex, because it is obvious that the world would like to see that we have cut their spending, especially social spending, even more than what has already been done. They would like to see an increase, for example, utility tariffs. We also want it from the point of view that economically is the right approach, "- said recently the new Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko.

Ukraine's public debt, according to Moody's, was 72.4% in 2014. Against this background, Russia's problems seem to be serious. Nevertheless, Russia's ratings are also close to speculative grade. Arguments for their reduction is not directly related to the amount of debt and the parameters of public finances.

Decisions of the Agency shall take the following reasons: the fall in oil prices, depreciation of the ruble, raising the key rate of the Central Bank to 17%, sanctions, capital flight ($ 151 billion last year), the expectation of a recession (agencies and international financial institutions - the IMF, World Bank EBRD - waiting for the fall of the Russian GDP to 3-5.5% in 2015), the reduction of budget revenues, high inflation (11.4% in 2014 and 10-15% of it), as well as the policy of the Central Bank to regulate the financial market (for example, the introduction of exchange controls will lead to an inevitable decline in ratings).
"The sharp drop in oil prices quickly consolidated view of all agencies on the key risks of the Russian Federation, with the result that all its ratings were at the lower end of the investment category," - says Alexander Kudrin of Sberbank CIB.

It is characteristic that, for example, Moody's notes that the Russian government's ability to maintain financial system remain wide. Important factor here is the low level of debt and the "prudent fiscal policy." Even with the significant weakening of the external reserves of the country's liquidity ratio remains very strong, recognize Moody's.

However, analysts do not rule out the development of events on the negative scenario, which is based on an even stronger decline in oil prices. "Russia's default on foreign debt in the coming years is almost impossible. Financial reasons for not default "- sums up the Head of Market Research IFD" Kapital "Konstantin Gulyaev. "Unless, of course, Russia itself does not impose a moratorium on its payments," - he adds.

"Of course, of no small importance is the situation in the oil market. If oil prices fell below $ 25 a barrel, that is the average cost of oil production in Russia, the probability of default increases, "- says Igor Golubev of PSB.

Although it considers such a scenario is not very likely. "However, once again the value of the reserves is quite weighty, and achieving such levels in oil prices is highly unlikely. Another important point, of course, is the geopolitical situation. Imposition of new sanctions, limitation of international payments, in theory, can cause technical default. But it is unlikely the Western countries are ready to go for it, "- he said.

In this case all analysts believe that problems may arise in the corporate sector, and do not exclude defaults there.

"It is worth saying a greater probability of growth of defaults on the part of the corporate segment. Stagnation housekeeper, weakening of the ruble, the rising cost of credit on the back of higher key rate say that in 2015 we can see a series of defaults on the part of the corporate segment, especially in industries with low marginality, "- says Igor Golubev. However, Andrew Schenck believes that the state does not leave in the lurch key players in strategic industries.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine legalize Buying out of the Army Mobilization...& Property Seizures

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine legalize Buying out of the Army  Mobilization...& Property Seizures

Ukrainian MPs plan to establish the amount of the official repurchase of a compulsory military service, that it was "not to be ashamed, of and will be regulated in the legislative field procedure." This is reported by local media today. 

According to legislators, this decision will allow those who really know how to make money an easy out, and instead of serving military service buy a personal finance contract. The Profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on National Security and Defence offers a set amount for the repurchase of this military service, equivalent to an annual or five-year financial support contractor. This was on the sidelines of the Ukrainian Parliament, said MP from the "Popular Front" Andrew Teteruk. 

"Today will be a meeting of the Committee of National Security and Defence, on which we will report to the head of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, who in turn will use additional solutions for the mobilization bill" - quoted by a deputy portal "It is the constitutional duty of citizens to defend their country. Two thousand dollars - is just a ridiculous amount and does not correspond to reality. 

What Mr Birch would like to offer over the figure, will be a five-year or annual financial security contractors pay, and not the $ 2 thousand. It should be a fairly substantial sum, which will allow only people who really make a lot of money able to pay it off. They should not be ashamed of it as it will be a regulated procedure of the legislative field, "- said Teteruk. It should be noted that previously deputy Rada Simon Semenchenko also proposed to define the amount of the repurchase of the army, equal to $ 2 thousand. 

As before it was War or prison. Meanwhile, Ukraine in 2015, will have three waves of mobilization. The corresponding documents, president Peter Poroshenko signed on January 14. He did it in the presence of regional governors of Ukraine. Earlier, First Deputy Chief of the Defence Planning and mobilization of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Vladimir Talalay said that evasion of military service in Ukraine is "a serious problem". In this regard, he proposed to introduce criminal responsibility for the offense to imprisonment for a term of two to five years. 

"If a citizen has openly declared his unwillingness to perform military service, criminal liability for it is supposed to be from 2 to 5 years in prison. For lighter violations - administrative responsibility, "- he said. The fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine will start on January 20, two more are planned in April and June. During mobilization is intended to draft around 50 thousand men. At the same time, as stated by Ukrainian military, if it becomes necessary to call more into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it will be for both men and women. 

A seizure of vehicles said Talalay is also needed for the army in the area of ​​military operations in the Donbass. From Ukrainian enterprises of all forms of ownership will be seizures of vehicles. "We plan in the next wave of mobilizing to seize thousands of vehicles and private equipment. It will be sent to specialized distribution centers throughout Ukraine, as well as engineering bases, so that we can take this technique out there quickly, if necessary, to serve and then have a right to carry out tasks, "- said Talalay. 

Equipment will be withdrawn not only from state-owned enterprises, but also private entrepreneurs. "Withdrawal of technology is expected in all kinds of enterprises," - said the representative of the General Staff, adding that the cabinet has set certain limits on the number of seized vehicles. "They are set to prevent the total destruction of farms and businesses. The technique is that all will be taken for free, but if it will be destroyed in the fighting, the government could compensate its value, "- said the decision of the Ukrainian government Talalay.