Monday, December 8, 2014

Ukrainian Artillery Doesn't Stop | Attacks, all Day & Night Residents Flee "Peony" Shelling

War on the southern flank of the DNI: Telmanovo fire, residents flee to Novoazovsk

12/09/2014 - 0:51

Voenkory "Russian Spring" report that these days Telmanovo district center has become one of the most deprived settlements DNR. Ukrainian artillery does not stop its attacks, day or night.Only in recent years as a result of enemy fire repeatedly damaged gas distribution station and electrical substation.

Most of the time telmanovtsy are without heat and light. The classes stopped. Working in a hospital is extremely difficult. Residents fleeing the shelling and unbearable living conditions, running in a more quiet Novoazovsk.

Today Starobeshevo too was struck artillery strike. Because of fears of further attacks classes in schools were stopped.

In the area Volnovakha punishers fired powerful ACS "Peony". According to local residents povyletali windows in nearby localities within a radius of half a kilometer.

Continuous artillery fire could be heard in Shahtersk and Torez. Artillery duel continues northeast of Mariupol.

Full truce is possible only in the case of removal of Ukrainian artillery 30 kilometers. But, apparently, no one is going to do.

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