Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ukraine has Antimaydan, and in Russia - it's the GCD

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 12:29 pm 30.12.

Ukraine has Antimaydan, and in Russia - it's the GCD. 

After the United States have begun to destroy Ukraine through the so-called "Euromaidan" appeared Resistance Front - Antimaydan. After today's events, it became obvious that in Russia this front is the GCD. Where Kurginyan and Suta-vremennisty? Where the Liberal Democratic Party? Where the communists? Where duginyantsy, gubarevtsy, Novorossiysk? 

Where all ??? Manezhku on, as opposed to zombies US State Department released only GCD.You will not believe, but only 10 people !! 1500 against the herd - only 10 people !!And these 10 people - have made ​​this evening! Girl with a poster on the video - of Nod, see how fiercely her hate the State Department zombies! What is the result of all this:
1. I do not want to offend or ashamed, Russian patriots from other movements. But the obvious - obvious. It patriots of Nod are now ready to actively oppose traitors.So - Patriots remaining movements, take note of this. 

2. Appeal to the GCD-y. Guys, I fully share your views and actions. You - the real heroes! A small group to go against the crowd and a half thousand zombakov. But, at the same time - please, as requested by Putin - do not touch until the Central Bank, while there is a war. Nationalize the Bank clearly needed, but as said Putin - not now. I have received many messages, both with Russia and with Ukraine - where you can join the GCD. 

Here is the official website: http://rusnod.ru there - all

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