Monday, December 8, 2014

The truth about the situation in Zaporizhzhya

Stalker 3.0: The truth about the situation in Zaporizhzhya

Hiding from the international community the hard-hitting facts themselves has already become a kind of calling card Ukrainian government. Examples of this so that probably will be typed on a separate post. Why are only perennial and futile attempts to Ukrainian political elite to convince the EU to timely payment of debt on Russian gas? Or unwillingness to recognize the official Kiev blame for the downed Russian Tu-154 over the Black Sea? About fighting foreign gopak government Yatsenyuk can never say: here and Magically air conditioning in Lugansk, and Magically people in Odessa re-appear and Magically women in Donbas have back their loved ones...

Today, this "gentleman" is nothing but a set of lies, tricks and juggling with added attempts to hide the disaster at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Let me remind you that this story began with the fact that in Odessa they suddenly lost electricity. The official version of this happened on November 28 as a result of emergency shutdown of one of the blocks of Zaporizhzhya . However, local people write that problems with electricity in Odessa began three days earlier - the 25th day.

After analyzing the message inhabitants of Zaporozhye region,

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