Monday, December 8, 2014

Enough fooling around, America!

Enough fooling around, America!

It is believed that the initiator of a new round of full-scale war in the south-east of Ukraine (if it will ever start) can only be the United States. Kiev mode too cowardly unpopular and helpless, on their own initiative to get into such an adventure. Russia and its ally Novorossia hurry especially nowhere - they can wait until the Ukraine, as overripe fruit, would fall into their hands. After all, this area is initially economically untenable. And it is only able to contain Russia, because only she can do it is not by calculation, but only of the fraternal feelings.

But the regime Poroshenko because of their faintness hardly dare not disobey the US, which, at first glance, seems to be no reason to be against the war, because it is their supposedly quite satisfied, because firmly connects Russia, promotes its internal destabilization facilitates access to its resources, which, like, good fit in terms of maintaining the pax Americana for a few more decades to come. Thus, psevdoukrainskaya army Kiev regime could get from Washington carte blanche for a new offensive.

However, there is one "but" in which, as the English say, you can put the whole of London. Vladimir Putin pointed out repeatedly, and most recently, for very dull, repeated with a clarity limit:

"Now, in eastern Ukraine occur fighting. The central authorities of Ukraine sent an army there, apply even ballistic missiles. Does anyone talking about it? Not a word. What does that mean? This is talking about? This indicates that you want the central authorities of Ukraine have destroyed all there, all his political enemies and opponents? You want it? We do not want. And will not allow. "

It is in this understanding of the algorithm within the capabilities of the Russian leadership concessions, the so-called "red line" in Ukraine, Moscow and acted in recent months. As a result, today accumulated in the Donbas militia forces and Russian volunteers enough for transient defeat the enemy army, and even to enter into a strategic counter-offensive. Count on the fact that after the next shipment to knock Bandera troops, and having before military and political vacuum up to the Polish border, the army regains Novorossia "stop order" and abandon the fruits of their victory is no longer necessary. Donbass today is not the same - it is fully grown, matured, became much more independent and are unlikely to agree to endlessly play the role of a punching bag. And for Russia, this eternal cycle of absolutely unacceptable.

What can the West to counter this? In addition to "Ukrainian", the army, which at that time will be utterly defeated, the United States has at hand, there is only a motley group of NATO forces in Europe, the fighting capacity of which, incidentally, raises many questions. Under the heart-rending cries Western media about the "Russian aggression", this "fire brigade" is thrown to the Ukraine in order to force of arms to keep her in the sphere of influence of the West?

Thus, America tries to fight in Ukraine hands of the same remnants of ukrorusskih, Poles, Romanians, the Baltic states, Albanians and other evroshantrapy servitude. The very same, according to his old custom, will revive its economy under the golden rain of military orders and enjoy the spectacle of another alien, distant and secure for her the war. But this theory. In practice, things may turn out quite differently.

Firstly, the EU further and serious all at odds with the United States on the issue of Ukraine. The tone of recent statements evroliderov is that it becomes clear - they are willing to almost anything to get rid of the Ukrainian painful splinters. In particular, the head of EU foreign policy Mogerini first urged Kiev to give real autonomy east of Ukraine. And German Foreign Minister Steinmeier and smeared all rulers of Kiev on the wall when bluntly stated that membership of the EU and NATO can not see them as their ears.

Against this gloomy backdrop for Washington, to convene in the entire European campaign Ukrainian army it will be very difficult. But if the input of NATO forces on the territory of Ukraine did become an accomplished fact (and it certainly is the transition of the same "red line", which Putin said), Moscow without hesitation lift the last restrictions on their own full-scale intervention in the events there. Just because no other way she will not. Sit back and watch as foreign troops devours part of historical Russia, no one will.

But it will be a totally different war. Russia - a country quite powerful weapons, with a solid, purposeful leadership and cohesive enough and still patriotic people. In any case, much more united and patriotic than the current evroglamurny "jelly". And fight she would no longer be anonymous, and quite openly, and as the saying goes - "with all the proletarian hatred."

NATO invasion of the Ukraine clearly perceive in Russia as a repetition evrogitlerovskoy aggression as a direct military assault to capture directly adjacent to Moscow bridgeheads and invaders will be collapsed retaliate maximum strength. Aggressor troops undergo merciless and total destruction of all weapons, except perhaps for strategic nuclear missile. 

Given the fact that Europe as a whole and Eastern Europe, in particular, and now do not show the slightest desire to fight in Ukraine and Ukraine, it is easy to imagine the consequences of such a blow to the Russian deliberately demoralized enemy who has to even half the military technology is not on the move, such as in the same Germany. I do not think it comes to the victorious march of Russian divisions up to the Channel. But the fact that NATO members together with their local servants in this case will be thrown out of the Ukraine, as well as other "buffer" ersatz countries (for example, from the Baltic states), can not be questioned.

With this evrorazgrome America necessarily have to "harness oneself" in full. That is, to declare a global campaign against the "bloodthirsty Russian bear", call for help the powers of heaven and all that jazz.

But there is no smell of the amendment of the financial health of the United States under the soothing rain of military orders, and the complete loss of the health effects of the inevitable in such a case of confrontation with Russia, up to the exchange of nuclear missile strikes. And no defense will not save them. And here there is a question of purely Odessa: America, but it you want? Not so bad this world to his early and leave so pointless ...

Yes, of course, Russia, too, will have hard times. But she just will not leave the choice and be forced to fight for life and death. America is not in such a situation. And although her position unenviable too, it still is not so desperate to pull up stakes to the heavens.

Thus, it turns out that if the White House orders to attack the New Russia Poroshenko again, the outcome of this attack will be quite predictable and not at all in favor of the West. It seems that in the US, too, are able to compare the obvious and make appropriate conclusions. But then is it worth it at all "fuss" and send former Ukrainian army in a suicide attack, which can be catastrophic for the entire NATO? It turns out that it is not necessary.

It seems that this understanding is now becoming more prevalent in the camp of the enemies of the Russian Federation. Although the Baltic puppet of Washington are tripping over themselves, portraying Russia "terrorist state", which most certainly should fight back, and Kiev authorities only do what they crucified their willingness to "total war" and 45millionah brave Ukrainians who allegedly torn in this war to take part, all of these shamanic rituals and spells are not able to hide the elementary fact that Kiev and Washington almost nothing to oppose Novorossia in case of transfer of its troops on the offensive. And not so much in terms of the number of tanks and soldiers as due to a catastrophic shortage of willing to fight and die for what is unclear.

Murder will out. And the absence of a fundamental strategy of the enemy and force of arguments that are adequate to the situation, sooner or later will become obvious. When in Moscow and in the Donbass feel it, it is unlikely to agree to indefinitely idle. Abandonment almost all of Ukraine in the hands of the enemy, who will do everything he likes, in a situation of neither peace nor war is not an option that can inspire them. With this Nazi ulcer, from which literally reeks of death, it is still something will have to do.Thus, the question of military solution may be adopted, and without regard to the actions of the junta and its backers. And then what will America taking into account the above joyless for her strategic vision?

Is that follow the experience of the French press of the early 19th century, which is very peculiar changes the focus as you move from Napoleon Bonaparte's place of exile on the Mediterranean island to Paris:

First day: "Corsican monster broke free!". Second day: "The usurper fled to the island of Elba." A few days later: "Bonaparte finds support in the province." Next step: "Napoleon had supported his army closer to the capital." And finally, the apotheosis: "Paris welcomes His Majesty the Emperor!"

It is likely in the near future strategic offensive army of New Russia, as we move this army to Kiev and Lviv, the ocean and can stop calling Russian aggression. Especially that it does not have absolutely no legal basis.

After all, the Americans just pretend they do not know what Terry criminality, thanks to them, runs today in Ukraine. Only officially fooling around, supposedly not realizing that the only truly legitimate power in Ukraine is just the power of New Russia, refused to recognize the coup in Kiev and in fact come to the defense of legality and constitutional order. Several reports CNN with a reminder of how the Kiev coup were the levers of power, and how friendly the population of Ukrainian cities meets Novorossia troops can deploy an ideological interpretation of vector Ukrainian events at 180 degrees. 

And then there's podospeyut long shot, but for the time being hoarded videos of terrible atrocities Kiev junta in the Donbas and more details about the strange flying Ukrainian fighters on the same route with the Malaysian "Boeing" and so much more.

Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk with their camarilla in this case escape to the West, of course, will not allow them to get dirty there. And, most likely, have agreed to their unintentional mercy of people in revolt on the same Maidan. What can you do - the inevitable excesses of the civil war ...

Further developments is quite amenable to prediction. Nedoushedshaya New Russia from Ukraine have nowhere to go, but rather fill a whole Ukraine. Including the west (well, not in Poland was she, in fact, run !?), and pereuchredit it on the basis of strict constitutional legality. What is even out of mothballs for a short time removed a political corpse Viktor Yanukovych - that he appointed all the necessary formalities for legal transfer of power.

US may well agree to such an option, because it actually returns the current state of the escheat of Ukraine in the real state of being (which is not bad for fixated on the idea of ​​"Ukraine - not Russia" of America).

Second, Russia is once again becoming the main sponsor of Ukraine, simply because no one else.

Third, the United States once again to make the best of a bad situation and turn to their advantage, it would seem obvious defeat. Yes, of course, Ukraine in this situation is still in a sense goes "under the Russian." But who said that a strong Russia so bad for the US? Especially given the disproportionately greater China, which alarmed Washington's ambitions are no less than Ebola, Russia and LIH together.

Finally, in the fourth - Washington will be much easier to keep a tight leash on the European Union due to the recovery in its eastern borders of a territorial similarity of the USSR.

Anyway, what would there not talking, the current US-Russian bickering over Ukraine literally pushes into the arms of Moscow Beijing. And it is in this regard had already gone too far, and not for the benefit of America.

So there is, in terms of the fundamental interests of Washington, the direct meaning in real reboot of US-Russian relations. Powerful Russia, Ukraine accreta, stop the wolf look at America, would lose a large extent the current strong impetus to the accelerated rapprochement with China and other BRICS and start spending more loyal to the West in the international policy arena. What the Americans, taking into account their own difficult financial and economic situation, "Ferguson factor" and the growing difficulties with maintaining their individual leadership, it is at hand.

Especially when you consider that the alternative to this embodiment, may well become a nuclear missile suicide US over Ukraine. A country that Americans by and large, and the gift is not necessary, and about which they have always known that this is just one part of Russia.


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